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Mass spectrometric analysis of synaptosomal membrane preparations for the determination of brain receptors, transporters and channels

19-Oct-2016 | Fernando J. Sialana, Peter Gulyassy, Peter Májek, Evelina Sjöstedt, Viktor Kis, André C. Müller, Elena L. Rudashevsk ..., PROTEOMICS, 2016

The molecular composition of synaptic signal transduction machineries shapes synaptic neurotransmission. The repertoire of receptors, transporters and channels (RTCs) comprises major signaling events in the brain. RTCs are conventionally studied by candidate immunohistochemistry and ...


Seasonal Control of Mammalian Energy Balance: Recent advances in the understanding of daily torpor and hibernation

18-Oct-2016 | Martin Jastroch, Sylvain Giroud, Perry Barrett, Fritz Geiser, Gerhard Heldmaier, Annika Herwig, Journal of Neuroendocrinology, 2016

Abstract Endothermic mammals and birds require intensive energy turnover to sustain high body temperatures and metabolic rates. To cope with energetic bottlenecks associated with the change of seasons, and to minimise energy expenditure, complex mechanisms and strategies, such as daily torpor ...


The Ebola Virus VP30-NP Interaction Is a Regulator of Viral RNA Synthesis

18-Oct-2016 | Robert N. Kirchdoerfer; Crystal L. Moyer; Dafna M. Abelson; Erica Ollmann Saphire, PLoS Pathogens, 2016

by Robert N. Kirchdoerfer, Crystal L. Moyer, Dafna M. Abelson, Erica Ollmann Saphire Filoviruses are capable of causing deadly hemorrhagic fevers. All nonsegmented negative-sense RNA-virus nucleocapsids are composed of a nucleoprotein (NP), a phosphoprotein (VP35) and a polymerase (L). However, ...


An extra virgin olive oil‐rich diet intervention ameliorates the non‐alcoholic steatohepatitis induced by a high‐fat “Western type” diet in mice

17-Oct-2016 | Enrique Jurado‐Ruiz, Lourdes M. Varela, Amparo Luque, Genoveva Berná, Gladys Cahuana, Enrique Martinez‐Force, Rocío ..., Molecular Nutrition & Food Research, 2016

Scope We evaluated the protective effect of extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) in high‐fat diets (HFDs) on the inflammatory response and liver damage in a non‐alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) mouse model. Methods and results C57BL/6J mice fed a standard diet or a lard‐based HFD (HFD‐L) ...


A teaching approach from the exhaustive search method to the Needleman–Wunsch algorithm

14-Oct-2016 | Zhongneng Xu, Yayun Yang, Beibei Huang, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Education, 2016

Abstract The Needleman–Wunsch algorithm has become one of the core algorithms in bioinformatics; however, this programming requires more suitable explanations for students with different major backgrounds. In supposing sample sequences and using a simple store system, the connection between ...


Redox-assisted regulation of Ca2+ homeostasis in the endoplasmic reticulum by disulfide reductase ERdj5 [Biochemistry]

11-Oct-2016 | Ryo Ushioda; Akitoshi Miyamoto; Michio Inoue; Satoshi Watanabe; Masaki Okumura; Ken-ichi Maegawa; Kaiku Uegaki; Shoh ..., Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences current issue, 2016

Calcium ion (Ca2+) is an important second messenger that regulates numerous cellular functions. Intracellular Ca2+ concentration ([Ca2+]i) is strictly controlled by Ca2+ channels and pumps on the endoplasmic reticulum (ER) and plasma membranes. The ER calcium pump, sarco/endoplasmic reticulum ...


Mammalian Period represses and de-represses transcription by displacing CLOCK-BMAL1 from promoters in a Cryptochrome-dependent manner [Biochemistry]

11-Oct-2016 | Yi-Ying Chiou; Yanyan Yang; Naim Rashid; Rui Ye; Christopher P. Selby; Aziz Sancar, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences current issue, 2016

The mammalian circadian clock is based on a transcription-translation feedback loop (TTFL) consolidated by secondary loops. In the primary TTFL, the circadian locomotor output cycles kaput (CLOCK)–brain and muscle Arnt-like protein-1 (BMAL1) heterodimer acts as the transcriptional activator, and ...


Structure-guided enzymology of the lipid A acyltransferase LpxM reveals a dual activity mechanism [Biochemistry]

11-Oct-2016 | Dustin Dovala; Christopher M. Rath; Qijun Hu; William S. Sawyer; Steven Shia; Robert A. Elling; Mark S. Knapp; Louis ..., Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences current issue, 2016

Gram-negative bacteria possess a characteristic outer membrane, of which the lipid A constituent elicits a strong host immune response through the Toll-like receptor 4 complex, and acts as a component of the permeability barrier to prevent uptake of bactericidal compounds. Lipid A species ...


Tyrosine phosphorylation stimulates activity of human RAD51 recombinase through altered nucleoprotein filament dynamics [Biochemistry]

11-Oct-2016 | Shyamal Subramanyam; Mohammed Ismail; Ipshita Bhattacharya; Maria Spies, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences current issue, 2016

The DNA strand exchange protein RAD51 facilitates the central step in homologous recombination, a process fundamentally important for accurate repair of damaged chromosomes, restart of collapsed replication forks, and telomere maintenance. The active form of RAD51 is a nucleoprotein filament that ...


[Perspective] Roger Y. Tsien (1952–2016)

07-Oct-2016 | Stephen J. Lippard, Science , 2016

The world of biological chemistry lost one of its most creative pioneers when Roger Y. Tsien died on 24 August 2016 at the age of 64 while biking on a challenging trail in Eugene, Oregon, where he and his wife Wendy had their home. Tsien, who shared the 2008 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, was a ...


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