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Neurobehavioral perspectives on the distinction between fear and anxiety [REVIEWS]

01-Sep-2015 | Jennifer N. Perusini; Michael S. Fanselow, Learning & Memory, 2015

In this review, we discuss the usefulness of the distinction between fear and anxiety. The clinical use of the labels is ambiguous, often defining one in terms of the other. We first consider what a useful, objective, and scientifically valid definition would entail and then evaluate several ...


Developmental consequences of behavioral inhibition: a model in rhesus monkeys (Macaca mulatta)

26-Aug-2015 | Katie Chun, John P. Capitanio, Developmental Science, 2015

Abstract In children, behavioral inhibition is characterized by a disposition to withdraw in the presence of strangers and novel situations. Later in life, behavioral inhibition can result in an increased risk for anxiety and depression and a decrease in social behavior. We selected rhesus ...


Exploring the Structure of Human Defensive Responses from Judgments of Threat Scenarios

21-Aug-2015 | Laura A. Harrison et al., PLoS ONE, 2015

by Laura A. Harrison, Curie Ahn, Ralph Adolphs How humans react to threats is a topic of broad theoretical importance, and also relevant for understanding anxiety disorders. Many animal threat reactions exhibit a common structure, a finding supported by human evaluations of written threat ...


Pregnant patients' risk perception of prenatal test results with uncertain fetal clinical significance: ultrasound versus advanced genetic testing

20-Aug-2015 | Elliott G. Richards, Haleh Sangi‐Haghpeykar, Amy L. McGuire, Ignatia B. Van den Veyver, Gary Fruhman, Prenatal Diagnosis, 2015

Abstract Objective A common concern of utilizing prenatal advanced genetic testing is that a result of uncertain clinical significance will increase patient anxiety. However, prenatal ultrasound may also yield findings of uncertain significance, such as "soft markers" for fetal aneuploidy, ...


Metabolic and Behavioural Phenotypes in Nestin-Cre Mice Are Caused by Hypothalamic Expression of Human Growth Hormone

14-Aug-2015 | Jeroen Declercq et al., PLoS ONE, 2015

by Jeroen Declercq, Bas Brouwers, Vincent P. E. G. Pruniau, Pieter Stijnen, Geoffroy de Faudeur, Krizia Tuand, Sandra Meulemans, Lutgarde Serneels, Anica Schraenen, Frans Schuit, John W. M. Creemers The Nestin-Cre driver mouse line has mild hypopituitarism, reduced body weight, a metabolic ...


Migraine: treatments, comorbidities, and quality of life, in the USA

12-Aug-2015 | Journal of Pain Research, 2015

This study sought to characterize the experience of stress, treatment patterns, and medical and disability profile in the migraineur population to better understand how the experience of migraines impacts the social and psychological functioning of this group. A 30-minute self-report survey was ...


Angiotensin Type 1a Receptors on Corticotropin‐Releasing Factor Neurons Contribute to the Expression of Conditioned Fear

10-Aug-2015 | Robert C. Hurt, Jacob C. Garrett, Orion P. Keifer, Andrea Linares, Leena Couling, Robert C. Speth, Kerry J. Ressler, ..., Genes, Brain and Behavior, 2015

Abstract Although generally associated with cardiovascular regulation, angiotensin II receptor type 1 (AT1aR) blockade in mouse models and humans has also been associated with enhanced fear extinction and decreased post‐traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) symptom severity, respectively. The ...


[Developmental Biology] Functional Differentiation of Adult-Born Neurons along the Septotemporal Axis of the Dentate Gyrus

01-Aug-2015 | Melody V. Wu; Amar Sahay; Ronald S. Duman; René Hen, CSH Perspectives, 2015

Over the past several decades, the proliferation and integration of adult-born neurons into existing hippocampal circuitry has been implicated in a wide range of behaviors, including novelty recognition, pattern separation, spatial learning, anxiety behaviors, and antidepressant response. In this ...


Psychopathological comorbidities in medication‐overuse headache: a multicentre clinical study

31-Jul-2015 | P. Sarchielli, I. Corbelli, P. Messina, L. M. Cupini, G. Bernardi, G. Bono, V. Di Piero, B. Petolicchio, P. Livrea, ..., European Journal of Neurology, 2015

Background and purpose In medication‐overuse headache (MOH) patients, the presence of psychopathological disturbances may be a predictor of relapse and poor response to treatment. This multicentre study aimed to assess the occurrence of psychopathological disorders in MOH patients by comparing ...


Reflex antenatal DNA screening for Down's syndrome

25-Jul-2015 | Nicholas J. Wald, Wayne J. Huttly, Jonathan P. Bestwick, Joe Aquilina, Elisabeth Peregrine, Prenatal Diagnosis, 2015

What's already known about this topic? Modelling has shown the efficacy of reflex DNA screening for Down syndrome The DNA test can be triggered (ie. reflexed) by a risk estimate from a conventional test such as the Combined test using a plasma sample collected at the same time as the ...


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