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MBE Citation Classics (2018 Edition)

22-Dec-2017 | Kumar S, Rowe H., Molecular Biology and Evolution, 2017

Molecular Biology and Evolution (MBE) is pleased to release a list of “Citation Classics” to celebrate and highlight the diversity and impact of MBE publications in molecular evolutionary research. “Early” (1983–2012) and “Recent” (2013–2017) Citation Classics are selected separately. This year, ...


DJ-1 is a redox sensitive adapter protein for high molecular weight complexes involved in regulation of catecholamine homeostasis

21-Dec-2017 | Piston D, Alvarez-Erviti L, Bansal V, et al., Human Molecular Genetics, 2017

Human Molecular Genetics, 2017, 26(20), 4028-4041. doi: 10.1093/hmg/ddx294 The authors wish to apologize for an error in the reported affiliation of Vikas Bansal and Stefan Bonn, who were originally listed under the affiliation ‘German Centre for Neurodegenerative Diseases (DZNE), Bonn, Germany’ ...


The Island of Alternatives: Power, Medical Science, and “Gentle Birthing” in Socialist Czechoslovakia

14-Dec-2017 | Hrešanová E., Journal of the History of Medicine and Allied Sciences, 2017

Abstract Beginning in the early 1980s, medical experts and birthing women increasingly voiced criticism of what had long been the technocratic, depersonalized nature of obstetric treatment in Czechoslovakia, despite the limited opportunities for them to do so publicly. A few maternity hospitals ...


Risk and Reputation: Obstetricians, Cesareans, and Consent

12-Dec-2017 | Wolf J., Journal of the History of Medicine and Allied Sciences, 2017

Abstract When physicians performed cesarean sections in the nineteenth century, they customarily sought agreement from all present before proceeding. In contrast, after the introduction of electronic fetal monitoring in the late 1960s, obstetricians obtained permission for a cesarean by offering ...


Back to Bed: From Hospital to Home Obstetrics in the City of Chicago

11-Dec-2017 | Kline W., Journal of the History of Medicine and Allied Sciences, 2017

Abstract This article analyzes the role of doctors and activists in Chicago who successfully redefined the practice and politics of childbirth both locally and ultimately nationwide. It begins with the story of Joseph DeLee’s Chicago Maternity Center, responsible for supervising over 100,000 home ...


DNAAF1 links heart laterality with the AAA+ ATPase RUVBL1 and ciliary intraflagellar transport

07-Dec-2017 | Hartill V, van de Hoek G, Patel M, et al., Human Molecular Genetics, 2017

Abstract DNAAF1 (LRRC50) is a cytoplasmic protein required for dynein heavy chain assembly and cilia motility, and DNAAF1 mutations cause primary ciliary dyskinesia (PCD; MIM 613193). We describe four families with DNAAF1 mutations and complex congenital heart disease (CHD). In three families, ...


Meta-analysis of genome-wide association studies identifies 8 novel loci involved in shape variation of human head hair

06-Dec-2017 | Liu F, Chen Y, Zhu G, et al., Human Molecular Genetics, 2017

Abstract Shape variation of human head hair shows striking variation within and between human populations, while its genetic basis is far from being understood. We performed a series of genome-wide association studies (GWASs) and replication studies in a total of 28 964 subjects from 9 cohorts ...


Downregulation of Survivin contributes to cell-cycle arrest during postnatal cardiac development in a severe spinal muscular atrophy mouse model

06-Dec-2017 | Sheng L, Wan B, Feng P, et al., Human Molecular Genetics, 2017

Abstract Spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) is the leading genetic cause of infant mortality, characterized by progressive degeneration of spinal-cord motor neurons, leading to atrophy of skeletal muscles. However, accumulating evidence indicates that it is a multi-system disorder, particularly in its ...


Ciliopathy-associated mutations of IFT122 impair ciliary protein trafficking but not ciliogenesis

06-Dec-2017 | Takahara M, Katoh Y, Nakamura K, et al., Human Molecular Genetics, 2017

Abstract The intraflagellar transport (IFT) machinery containing the IFT-A and IFT-B complexes mediates ciliary protein trafficking. Mutations in the genes encoding the six subunits of the IFT-A complex (IFT43, IFT121, IFT122, IFT139, IFT140, and IFT144) are known to cause skeletal ciliopathies, ...


Exploring an Ancient Event in Pumpkin, Gourd, and Melon Evolution

01-Dec-2017 | Caspermeyer J., Molecular Biology and Evolution, 2017

The next time you bite into that perfect, sweet, and succulent watermelon, you may want to appreciate that it is a product of millions of years of evolution in the making.


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