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Comparison of ground cover estimates from experiment plots in cotton, sorghum and sugarcane based on images and ortho-mosaics captured by UAV

24-Nov-2016 | ie=edge, Functional Plant Biology, 2016

Tao Duan, Bangyou Zheng, Wei Guo, Seishi Ninomiya, Yan Guo, Scott C. Chapman


Warming alters the positive impact of elevated CO 2 concentration on cotton growth and physiology during soil water deficit

23-Nov-2016 | ie=edge, Functional Plant Biology, 2016

Katrina J. Broughton, Renee A. Smith, Remko A. Duursma, Daniel K. Y. Tan, Paxton Payton, Michael P. Bange, David T. Tissue


The half-life of the cytochrome bf complex in leaves of pea plants after transfer from moderately-high growth light to low light

22-Nov-2016 | ie=edge, Functional Plant Biology, 2016

Hui Zhu, Ling-Da Zeng, Xiao-Ping Yi, Chang-Lian Peng, Wang-Feng Zhang, Wah Soon Chow


Osmotic adjustment of young sugar beets (Beta vulgaris) under progressive drought stress and subsequent rewatering assessed by metabolite analysis and infrared thermography

14-Nov-2016 | ie=edge, Functional Plant Biology, 2016

Rita Wedeking, Anne-Katrin Mahlein, Ulrike Steiner, Erich-Christian Oerke, Heiner E. Goldbach, Monika A. Wimmer


The advantages of functional phenotyping in pre-field screening for drought-tolerant crops

14-Nov-2016 | ie=edge, Functional Plant Biology, 2016

Boaz Negin, Menachem Moshelion


Rapid changes in root HvPIP2;2 aquaporins abundance and ABA concentration are required to enhance root hydraulic conductivity and maintain leaf water potential in response to increased evaporative demand

09-Nov-2016 | ie=edge, Functional Plant Biology, 2016

Dmitry S. Veselov, Dmitry S. Veselov, Guzel V. Sharipova, Guzel V. Sharipova, Stanislav Yu. Veselov, Stanislav Yu. Veselov, Ian C. Dodd, Ian C. Dodd, Igor Ivanov, Igor Ivanov, Guzel R. Kudoyarova, Guzel R. Kudoyarova


Obesity management in Australian primary care: where has the general practitioner gone?

07-Nov-2016 | ie=edge, Australian Journal of Primary Health, 2016

Elizabeth Ann Sturgiss, Chris van Weel, Lauren Ball, Sarah Jansen, Kirsty Douglas


Barriers and enablers to malnutrition screening of community-living older adults: a content analysis of survey data by Australian dietitians

27-Oct-2016 | ie=edge, Australian Journal of Primary Health, 2016

Dana L. Craven, Fiona E. Pelly, Elisabeth Isenring, Geoff P. Lovell


Effects of drought stress on morphological, physiological and biochemical characteristics of wheat species differing in ploidy level

27-Oct-2016 | ie=edge, Functional Plant Biology, 2016

Jian Yong Wang, Neil C. Turner, Ying Xia Liu, Kadambot H. M. Siddique, You Cai Xiong


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