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Socioeconomic status as a factor in Indigenous and non-Indigenous children with hearing loss: analysis of national survey data

23-Sep-2016 | ie=edge, Australian Journal of Primary Health, 2016

Andrea Simpson, Joanne C. Enticott, Jacinta Douglas


Findings from a clinical audit in regional general practice of management of patients following acute coronary syndrome

20-Sep-2016 | ie=edge, Australian Journal of Primary Health, 2016

Mithilesh Dronavalli, Manavi M. Bhagwat, Sandy Hamilton, Marisa Gilles, Jacquie Garton-Smith, Sandra C. Thompson


Home care packages: insights into the experiences of older people leading up to the introduction of consumer directed care in Australia

16-Sep-2016 | ie=edge, Australian Journal of Primary Health, 2016

Jenny Day, Ann Clare Thorington Taylor, Peter Summons, Pamela Van Der Riet, Sharyn Hunter, Jane Maguire, Sophie Dilworth, Helen Bellchambers, Sarah Jeong, Gunilla Haydon, Margaret Harris, Isabel Higgins


Hyperspectral imaging reveals the effect of sugar beet quantitative trait loci on Cercospora leaf spot resistance

14-Sep-2016 | ie=edge, Functional Plant Biology, 2016

Marlene Leucker, Mirwaes Wahabzada, Kristian Kersting, Madlaina Peter, Werner Beyer, Ulrike Steiner, Anne-Katrin Mahlein, Erich-Christian Oerke


The emergence of integrated approaches to worker health, safety and wellbeing in Australia

08-Sep-2016 | ie=edge, Australian Journal of Primary Health, 2016

Nerida Joss, Eliette Dupré-Husser, Amanda Cooklin, Brian Oldenburg


Perspectives of Australian general practitioners on shared care for paediatric patients

05-Sep-2016 | ie=edge, Australian Journal of Primary Health, 2016

Erin Turbitt, Marina Kunin, Sarah Gafforini, Lena Sanci, Neil Spike, Gary L. Freed


Stress-induced changes in carbon allocation among metabolite pools influence isotope-based predictions of water use efficiency in Phaseolus vulgaris

05-Sep-2016 | ie=edge, Functional Plant Biology, 2016

Erin Lockhart, Birgit Wild, Andreas Richter, Kevin Simonin, Andrew Merchant


How often should general practitioners provide nutrition care to patients? A forecasting activity to determine the target frequency for chronic-disease management in Australia

05-Sep-2016 | ie=edge, Australian Journal of Primary Health, 2016

Lauren Ball, Patricia Lee, Gina L Ambrosini, Kyra Hamilton, Haitham Tuffaha


Weak co-ordination between vein and stomatal densities in 105 angiosperm tree species along altitudinal gradients in Southwest China

31-Aug-2016 | ie=edge, Functional Plant Biology, 2016

Wan-Li Zhao, Ya-Jun Chen, Timothy J. Brodribb, Kun-Fang Cao


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