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Identify All Kinds of Microorganisms

Comprehensive phenotypic characterization for a safe identification of the species

The Biolog ID System

GenIII Plate Layout

Simple Setup Protocol

Comprehensive Fungi Database

The Biolog ID system gives you not only a name to your isolate, but also provides a profound analysis of the metabolic properties. Using 95 different substrates and growth conditions Biolog creates a phenotypic profile of the analyzed strain. This ensures an alignment with the Biolog database with maximum reliability.

The Biolog system employs a universal reporter from cell respiration and is therefore capable of characterizing all kind of microorganisms. Apart from bacteria and yeast stains, it can also identify filamentous fungi. The comprehensive database with more than 2500 strains covers a broad range of organisms, which makes it equally suitable for applications in industrial quality control, environmental monitoring, research and ecology.

The preparation of Biolog microplate takes only a few minutes. No further pre-tests of Gram stains are required. Gram-positive and –negative bacteria can all be analyzed using the same plate.

With the manual ML-M system, the semi-automated MicroStation and the fully automated OmniLog, Biolog provides three systems for any kind of sample throughput. The optional trending and tracking software allows for a sustainable monitoring.

The use of the Biolog system goes beyond simple identification. A large panel of microplates offers you the possibility to thoroughly characterize the metabolic pathways of microbial strains and even eukaryotic cell lines. Ranging from knockout analysis and quality control of your strain collection to process optimization and drug research, the Biolog system proves to be a valuable tool in many different areas.

Biolog at a glance:

  • ID system for bacteria, yeasts and filamentous fungi
  • Comprehensive, biochemical characterization of the phenotype
  • No pre-tests or Gram-stains required
  • Quick sample preparation in a few minutes
  • Large database with over 2500 species
  • Three different systems for any throughput
  • Suitable for quality control, environmental monitoring and research
  • Phenotypic microarrays for a full characterization of microbes and eukaryotic cell lines

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