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PlateMaster - 96 channel pipetting for 96 and 384 well plates

For a Fraction of the Cost of a Pipetting Robot

Manual 96-channel pipetting system PlateMaster

Manual 96-channel pipetting system PlateMaster

PlateMaster is an amazingly easy to use, accurate solution for high throughput pipetting of 96 and 384 well plates.  Its compact and ergonomic design means it can be used anywhere and by anyone for fast, effortless and reproducible pipetting of 96 channels.  PlateMaster costs only a fraction of a pipetting robot and helps save valuable time, money and resources in the lab

Simple Operation

The manual 96-channel pipetting PlateMaster can easily be operated by everyone after an introduction of just 5 minutes. Being a manually controlled instrument there is no complicated and time-consuming programming. The operation is as easy and intuitive as with a manual pipette.

Fill a plate in a single dispense!

Filling of a 96-well plate requires less than 10 seconds. Loading of 384-well plates is possible without any problems in only four pipetting steps. For the first time high-throughput experiments can be performed by avoiding high costs and saving staff resources.

High Accuracy and Safety

By using high quality Pipetman tips an accuracy and precision level equalling an 8- or 12- channel pipette is achieved in a single motion. Additionally, the risk of double-pipetting entire rows or columns is avoided.

A tailored fit

Through a variety of accessories such as adapters for loading 384-well plates, reagent reservoirs or sample heater blocks, the PlateMaster can be fully adapted to your needs.

Diamond Quality Tips

Accuracy and precision of a pipetting system are significantly determined by the quality of the tips in use. Only the certified PIPETMAN Diamond tips can ensure an optimal performance of the Plate Master system. With a Gilson Diamond pipette tip (D300/DF300st) the whole volume range is covered without the need for an adjustment of the equipment.

Best Price

PlateMaster comes at a fraction of the cost for a pipetting  robot. It is ready for use by anyone with a little training, thus saving expensive resources for programming and operation

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