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Seperation problems? Find and compare online 60.000 HPLC-Columns by over 20 manufacturers

Find fast and easy suitable HPLC-Columns for each application with our Online-Configurator

You easily get lost in the huge HPLC-column range. Our column configurator guides You to the columns you’re looking for.

In our HPLC-column configurator you see HPLC-colums of 20 and more manufacturers at one glance

You can easily filter your results until you find the desired column.

A high quality and reasonable alternative to the high prized original columns are the HPLC-columns of our own label “Altmann Analytik”

Because of the huge range of available HPLC-Columns, researcher and buyers often got the problem: Which column is needed for my separation problem? Where do I get suitable HPLC-Columns? How much do I have to pay and are there (cheaper) alternatives?

You will get the answers by doing only a few clicks in our HPLC-Column Configurator. This selection guide makes finding and ordering HPLC-Columns very easy. Instead of asking different manufactures for prices or availability, you will find all current HPLC-Columns on one Website. You are also able to compare different manufacturers and prices.

Different Drop-Down-Buttons assist with filtering 60.000 available columns. You can use these individual configurations:

  1. Choose the packing of your column: e.g. Acclaim®, AccuCore®, Brownlee®, ChiralPak®, Kromasil®, LiChrosorb®, Nucleosil®, Symmetry®, Zorbax®, etc.
  2. Search for the material: e.g. C18, RP8, CN, Si, etc.
  3. Filter for the perfect dimension: length (e.g. 100 mmm or 250 mm), inner diameter (e.g. 2,0 mm or 4,6 mm)
  4. Choose your particle size: e.g. 1,8 µm or 5 µm
  5. Choose the USP number: e.g. L1, L20, etc.

As soon as all useful filters are activated, you get a list of suitable HPLC- and UHPLC-Columns by all available manufactures

We offer a wide range of high-quality labels and manufacturers.

  • Agilent Technologies
  • Chiral Technologies
  • GL Sciences
  • Grace
  • Hamilton
  • Imtakt
  • J.T. Baker
  • Macherey-Nagel
  • Merck
  • Restek
  • RSTech
  • SGE
  • Shodex
  • Thermo Fisher
  • Waters
  • YMC
  • and more

Without registration you can choose between 60.000 analytical, preparative and UHPLC-columns (and original UPLC-columns by Waters). By comparing prices of the columns to Refill-columns by famous manufacturers, you don’t have to ask for offers at different providers. As an alternative for expensive original columns, we offer our own label “Altmann-Analytik”. These columns are manufactured by best standards, so you can connect high-quality stainless steel tube and column head to 1/16-screwings (HYPERCHROME column system) We pack Altmann HPLC-columns and precolumns with all common packing material like Hypersil, Inertsil, Nucleosil, etc. We offer Altmann HPLC-colums in all sizes. Benefit from the high quality products of our own label. They are available at moderate prices and with a short delivery time of 3-4 workdays. Each Altmann HPLC-column is proofed separately and will be delivered with a column certificate.

You save money and time! Besides high quality products we offer reasonable prices. You get a 2% online-discount for all products. Although we got low delivery costs and free delivery for order values over 150€.

Another advantage is our short delivery time. At you can order HPLC-columns 24/7 and they will be delivered in 3-4 workdays in average.

You haven’t found the product you’re looking for? Feel free to contact our product experts, give us a call or write an email and we take care of your problems.

For further Information please visit our product website on the right hand side or download our product brochure!

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