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Shimadzu LC-30A Nexera: UHPLC without compromises

Unsurpassed in high-speed and high-resolution analysis and productivity

UHPLC systems represent the latest development in liquid chromatography instrumentation.

Beside enhancements necessary to operate with sub 2 µm particle columns, they differ from each other through their versatility in handling various applications on the same instrument without any changes.

The LC-30A Nexera delivers high-speed and high-resolution analysis without sacrificing basic performance parameters such as excellent precision, near-zero carryover, good linearity, stability and ruggedness.

Offering these attributes enables Nexera to provide superior performance in various fields, covering high-resolution and high-speed separation, as well as high-sensitivity detection.

  • Nexera pumps offer a flow range from 0.0001 ml/min up to 3ml/min with 130 MPa pressure and from 3.0001 up to 5 ml/min with 80 MPa pressure. This allows the use of longer columns for covering fast LC with high flow rates and short columns as well as highest resolution using long columns.
  • The new developed micro-reactor based mixer supports a small system volume and very short gradient delays.
  • The Nexera autosampler provides reduced carryover compared to the previous instruments by keeping the direct injection with isolated metering system principle using 3 rinse solvents, various rinsing modes and design changes at needle and needle seal. To increase the throughput overlapping pre-treatment can be used. The pre-treatment capabilities expand the application range of this instrument.
  • For high-temperature LC analysis up to 150 °C, Nexera offers efficient pre-heating for solvents to enable stable and reliable conditions. The advanced Intelligent Heat Balancer (IHB) minimizes band broadening during high-temperature analysis through the use of independently controlled heat zones within the column compartment, ensuring accurate column temperature regardless of flow rate. The post-column cooler can reduce detector noise when equipped for high-temperature analysis.
  • In addition to UV and PDA detectors, the brand-new and worldwide most sensitive and fastest RF-20A/20AXS fluorescence detectors can be applied with Nexera.

LC-30A Nexera can be used for semi-micro, conventional and UHPLC methods without changes on the flowline. It fulfils the demands of an all-round LC system with high reliability and robustness.

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