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100% Inspection of Each Device Linked to Device Serial Numbers

Pall Life Sciences presents its new Kleenpak Presto sterile connectors for the sterile connection of two fluid paths even in uncontrolled environments more

Speed and Sensitivity for Your High-Throughput-Screening

BMG LABTECH’s new PHERAstar FSX, a HTS-dedicated microplate reader, combining sensitivity, high speed and unmatched flexibility more

Assure Your Pipetting Quality throughout the Year

The described protocol checks pipette functionality and provides a solid indication of its actual performance more

Single-Use Bioreactors for Cell Culture Technology

The AllegroTM STR 1000 single-use bioreactor represents a re-invention of the single-use bioreactor for cell culture processing more

Nucleic Acid Extraction with Superb Yields in Quality and Quantity

The use of innovatively modified surfaces for the binding of nucleic acids (“Smart Modified Surfaces”) forms the basis of the technology more

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