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A Revolution in Protein Stability Analysis

Prometheus, powered by nanoDSF, is the instrument of choice for the easy, rapid and precise analysis of protein stability and aggregation more

Taking Weighing to New Limits – 0.5μl Resolution

With the model XPR6UD5, Mettler-Toledo presents the first ultra-micro balance on the market, delivers unique 0.5μl resolution more

New: Hot MolTaq 16S/18S – DNA-Free

Hot MolTaq 16S/18S reduces unspecific amplification and allows PCR setup at ambient temperature. The enzyme is free of contaminating microbial DNA more

Microplate Reader – No Longer Choose between Performance and Flexibility

A powerful multimode microplate reader with Advanced LVF Monochromators, highly sensitive filters and an ultra-fast spectrometer more

Optimize Your Sample Preparation

PFA labware reduces blanks and other influences that disturb your analysis results more

Robust and Cost-effective Equipment for Standard Fat Extraction

Offering extractors from 30 to 1000 ml, max. 8 sample places and accessories for hydrolysis behr provides solutions for the fat extraction in the lab more

Benchtop Freezer for the Lab

Cold boxes: quiet, 35 l volume, temperature to -85 ° C, also available with touchscreen, installation directly on the user's desktop more

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