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Mikrochip Elektrophoresis System for DNA/RNA Analysis

The full automated electrophoresis system MultiNA from Shimadzu quickly and easily performs DNA and RNA nucleic acid size confirmation and quantit ... more

Automated DNA Extraction

For the processing of human whole blood, plasma, serum, urine, cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), swabs, liquid biopsy more

Environmentally-friendly Reagent Reservoirs Save Money & Space

Unlike traditional reagent reservoirs, INTEGRA offers a range of high quality multichannel reservoirs that feature reusable bases more

Know Your Biobanking Samples Are Safe

Greiner Bio-One offers innovative solutions for cryo storage in large biorepositories: tubes, racks, scanner, handheld decapper more

GPP – Good Pipetting Practice – to Improve the Accuracy and Reproducibility of Your Results

Optimal pipetting needs precise pipettes, quality tips, proper maintenance and calibration of equipment as well as correct user technique – just GPP more

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