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Scientists discover genetic mechanism essential to ovary development


Scientists at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem's Faculty of Medicine have announced a discovery that is expected to allow doctors to diagnose a disease causing infertility and lack of puberty in women, with implications for the development of future treatment options. The mammalian ovary ...


Sniffing out cancer with improved 'electronic nose' sensors


Scientists have been exploring new ways to "smell" signs of cancer by analyzing what's in patients' breath. One team now reports new progress toward this goal. The researchers have developed a small array of flexible sensors, which accurately detect compounds in breath samples that are specific ...


Candidate genes were discovered utilizing microbial database and dedicated computational platform


Evogene Ltd. announced a key milestone in its insect control program with the successful completion of the first computational discovery round for microbial genes with insecticidal properties. The discovery round utilized a unique computational technology infrastructure consisting of a ...


BGU and University of Colorado Researchers Develop Novel “Smart” Drug that Targets and Reduces Site-Specific Inflammation


Ben-Gurion University of the Negev and University of Colorado researchers have used a highly novel approach to create a dynamic ‘smart’ drug that is attentive to the degree of the inflammation. The three describe a novel creative development of an anti-inflammatory engineered protein in the ...


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Angel or devil? For cancer, not all neutrophils are created equal

Research provides evidence of neutrophil subtypes with conflicting functions and neutrophil plasticity


New research from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem shows that the most common form of white blood cells, called neutrophils, contain many different subtypes, of which some fight the development of cancer and others promote its progression. The research could help pave the way to new therapies ...


Evogene and Marrone Bio Innovations Sign Multi-Year Collaborative Agreement

Joint Discovery Efforts to Lead to Novel Insect Control Solutions


Evogene Ltd. and Marrone Bio Innovations Inc. announced the signing of a multiyear collaborative agreement targeting the joint discovery of novel modes of biological action for insect control, followed by the development and commercialization of new insect control products by each of the ...


PolyPid Announces US Patent Allowance for Sustained Release of Nucleic Acid Matrix Compositions


PolyPid announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has issued a Notice of Allowance for U.S. application Serial Number 13/574,040, a patent covering compositions for sustained and/or controlled release of nucleic acid agents. A Notice of Allowance is the formal USPTO ...


Increased levels of carbon dioxide could threaten zinc and iron levels in plants

Study by BGU researcher and colleagues on most significant health threat from climate change featured in Nature


Crops that provide a large share of the global population with most of their dietary zinc and iron will have significantly reduced concentrations of those nutrients at the elevated levels of atmospheric CO2 anticipated by around 2050, according to research published in Nature. Given that an ...


'Seeing' bodies with sound (no sight required)


People born unable to see are readily capable of learning to perceive the shape of the human body through soundscapes that translate images into sound, according to researchers who report their findings in the Cell Press journal Current Biology on March 6. With a little training, soundscapes ...


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New hope for Gaucher patients


What causes brain damage and inflammation in severe cases of Gaucher disease? Little is known about the events that lead to brain pathology in some forms of the disease, and there is currently no treatment available – a bleak outlook for sufferers and their families. Now, scientists at the ...


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