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Cells from cow knee joints used to grow new cartilage tissue in laboratory


In an effort to develop a method for cartilage tissue engineering, researchers at Umeå University in Sweden successfully used cartilage cells from cow knee joints. By creating a successful method with conditions conducive to growing healthy cartilage tissue, the findings could help lead to a new ...


Sobi's Orfadin® oral suspension granted European patent


Swedish Orphan Biovitrum AB (publ) (Sobi) today announced that the European Patent Office (EPO) has decided to grant a European patent for the Orfadin® (nitisinone) oral suspension formulation, which was approved by the European Commission for the treatment of Hereditary Tyrosinaemia type-1 ...


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Electronic plants developed


Researchers at Linköping University in Sweden have created analog and digital electronics circuits inside living plants. The group at the Laboratory of Organic Electronics (LOE), under the leadership of Professor Magnus Berggren, have used the vascular system of living roses to build key ...


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New technique could prevent dangerous biofilms on catheters


Biofilms frequently coat the surfaces of catheters, and of various medical implants and prostheses, where they can cause life-threatening infections. New research at the Sahlgrenska Academy show that coating implants with a certain ”activator” can prevent Staphylococcus aureus, the leading cause ...


Mechanical heart valve prosthesis superior to biological


A mechanical valve prosthesis has a better survival record than a biological valve prosthesis, according to a large registry study from Sweden’s Karolinska Institutet. The finding can be highly significant, since the use of biological valve prostheses has increased in all age groups in recent ...


Why is osteoarthritis more common among athletes?


Osteoarthritis and reduced range of motion in the hip and groin are more common among athletes and other people who engage in strenuous physical activity. The cause may be microscopic injuries due to high load on the hips and subsequent joint changes. A PhD thesis at Sahlgrenska Academy studied ...


Studies question the treatment of female infertility with stem cells


Researchers have long hoped that stem cells could generate new egg cells that can be used to treat infertility in women. “Since 2004, there have been researchers who have claimed in their studies that they found egg stem cells in both mice and humans. A new treatment has even been launched by ...


A molecular switch to stop inflammation


Our immune system is vital to us and can sometimes overreact causing chronic illnesses, such as for instance rheumatism and allergy. Now, researchers from Umeå University and University of Gothenburg have identified a molecular switch - MYSM1 - that can suppress such an overreaction and avoid ...


One step closer to a new drug for alcohol dependence


Researchers at Karolinska Institutet and the Sahlgrenska Academy in Sweden might be one step closer to finding an effective drug for alcohol dependence. In two separate studies, they show that the dopamine stabilizer OSU6162 can reduce the craving for alcohol in alcohol dependent people and ...


Breakthrough for electrode implants in the brain


For nearly nine years, researchers at Lund University have been working on developing implantable electrodes that can capture signals from single neurons in the brain over a long period of time - without causing brain tissue damage. They are now one big step closer to reaching this goal. This ...


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