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Danish researchers behind vaccine breakthrough


The next generation of vaccines may soon see the light of day, because Danish researchers have discovered a completely new and simple method which sets new standards for the development of vaccines. "The major research breakthrough is that we have created a general and user-friendly platform for ...


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Biotech breakthrough: Sunlight can be used to produce chemicals and energy


Researchers at the University of Copenhagen have discovered a natural process they describe as reverse photosynthesis. In the process, the energy in solar rays breaks down, rather than builds plant material, as is the case with photosynthesis. The sunlight is collected by chlorophyll, the same ...


QIAGEN to submit conditional voluntary takeover offer for shares of Exiqon A/S


QIAGEN N.V. announced that it has decided to submit a conditional voluntary takeover offer to the shareholders of Exiqon A/S to purchase all shares in Exiqon. The acquisition is expected to expand QIAGEN’s leadership position in Sample to Insight solutions for RNA analysis. This announcement is ...


Paradigm shift: 'We need to study lumps of bacteria'


Research from the University of Copenhagen reveals that bacteria which agglutinate before entering the body are far more resistant than single-celled bacteria. This may be the cause of chronic infections. Since the discovery of bacteria researchers have primarily studied bacteria as organisms ...


Are some people more likely to develop adverse reactions to nanoparticle-based medicines?


The complement system, the human body's first line of defense against blood-borne intruders, is blamed for infusion-related reactions to nanomedicines, but the conventional models used to predict the risk of cardiopulmonary side effects in response to nanopharmaceuticals might not well represent ...


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New patent on fast measurements in liquids


A new invention will open the doors for an entirely new way of measuring properties within liquids. The invention, a sol-gel matrix, will make it possible to perform measurements that are reliable, incredibly rapid and can be conducted over extended periods of time. The development will be a boon ...


Researchers develop novel cell line for screening of brain drugs


Researchers from the Department of Pharmacy at the University of Copenhagen have developed a cell line, which may be used to investigate new drugs and help predict whether they are able to enter the brain. The brain is protected by the so-called blood-brain barrier, a practically impermeable wall ...


Textbooks on cells should be rewritten


Ground-breaking new Danish research has shown that the current scientific description of the human cell cycle needs to be revised. These findings could also lead to the development of new therapeutic approaches to target an Achilles' heel in different types of cancers. All science students learn ...


Personally tailored diabetes care reduces mortality in women but not men


A follow-up study to assess the effects of personally tailored diabetes care in general practice has revealed that such care reduces mortality (both all-cause and diabetes-related), in women, but not men. The study is by Dr Marlene Krag, The Research Unit for General Practice, Department of ...


Genmab achieves USD 45 million milestone

Milestone triggered by first commercial sale of DARZALEX in the United States


Genmab A/S announced it has achieved a USD 45 million milestone in its DARZALEX™ (daratumumab) collaboration with Janssen Biotech, Inc. The milestone payment was triggered by the first commercial sale of DARZALEX in the United States. "Today marks a significant moment in the history of Genmab - ...


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