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Researchers discover protein protecting against chlorine

RidA protects intestinal bacteria from immune activity


Chlorine is a common disinfectant that is used to kill bacteria, for example in swimming pools and drinking water supplies. Our immune system also produces chlorine, which causes proteins in bacteria to lose their natural folding. These unfolded proteins then begin to clump and lose their ...


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Put algae in your tank

Novel LED technology enables detailed investigation of algae productivity


Because food crops are also used for energy production, millions of people are threatened by starvation. Algae could provide an alternative: They only need sunlight to grow, thrive in salty water on barren fields. But it is a major challenge to exactly reproduce sunlight in the laboratory. In ...


Genetic defect triggers endless recycling


Benign tumors in the pituitary gland are responsible when adrenal gland cells secrete the stress hormone cortisol unchecked. An international team of scientists has now succeeded in mapping out in detail the molecular processes that lie behind this. Patients suffering from Cushing’s syndrome are ...


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Close is not close enough

Scientists unravel important mechanism for fast communication between neurons


Avoiding hitting a running child on the street or reacting rapidly to an alarm call – timely reactions are only possible because our neurons communicate extremely fast with each other. Scientists from Braunschweig and Göttingen have now discovered a decisive mechanism that allows for such fast ...


Pieris Initiates Phase I Clinical Trial for Anticalin® to Treat Anemia


Pieris AG announced the initiation of a Phase I clinical trial with PRS-080, an anti-hepcidin Anticalin® therapeutic protein designed to treat anemia. The trial is a placebo-controlled, single ascending dose evaluation of the compound’s safety and tolerability in healthy volunteers. Conducted in ...


Merck Issues Euro Hybrid Bond Amounting to € 1.5 billion

Issuance important part of the financing of the proposed Sigma-Aldrich acquisition


Merck successfully issued a hybrid bond with a two-tranche structure amounting to € 1.5 bn. The issuance is part of the financing of the proposed acquisition of U.S.-based life science company Sigma-Aldrich , which was announced in September 2014. Both tranches have a maturity of 60 years. The ...


Carl Zeiss Meditec Posts Slight Revenue Growth

Currency effects and regional variations in business burden results


Carl Zeiss Meditec AG closed financial year 2013/2014 with a slight growth in revenue from € 906 million to € 909 million, in spite of unfavorable currency trends. Adjusted for currency effects, growth amounted to 3.0 percent. Earnings before taxes totaled € 120.7 million, which corresponds to an ...


Sigma-Aldrich Shareholders Approve Merger With Merck

78% of Sigma-Aldrich shareholders approve transaction


Merck achieved an important milestone in the process of acquiring U.S.-based life science company Sigma-Aldrich. The shareholders of Sigma-Aldrich approved the merger with Merck at a special meeting held at the Sigma-Aldrich Life Science and Technology Center in St. Louis, Missouri, USA. With ...


New research paves the way for nano-movies of biomolecules

Scientists use X-ray laser as ultra slow-motion camera


An international team, including scientists from DESY, has caught a light sensitive biomolecule at work with an X-ray laser. The study proves that X-ray lasers can capture the fast dynamics of biomolecules in ultra slow-motion, as the scientists led by Prof. Marius Schmidt from the University of ...


Merck Joins “Together for Sustainability” Network

Industry initiative aims to improve sustainability practices within the supply chain


Merck announced that it has joined the “Together for Sustainability” (TfS) network of multinational companies dedicated to improving the supply chain with respect to environmental, compliance and social standards. The objective of the network, which was established in 2011, is to harmonize ...


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