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mosaiques and U.S. FDA sign contract for collaboration in discovery and validation of biomarkers for assessment of drug toxicity


mosaiques diagnostics and therapeutics AG announced the signing of a collaborative agreement with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. The aim of this collaborative project is the identification and validation of protein- and peptide biomarkers for drug toxicity in urine. Based on preliminary experiments, it is anticipated that toxic effects of drugs will result in indicative changes in the proteome of bodyfluids, before gross pathological changes become apparent.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration will contribute know how on drugs, expected drug toxicities, as well as conduction animals studies. mosaiques diagnostics will contribute know how on proteome analysis (especially preparation of urine and capillary electrophoresis coupled mass spectrometry) and on data evaluation, calibration and multivariate statistics. It is anticipated that these biomarkers, once validated, will enable a more accurate assessment of potential drug toxicity, consequently identification of potentially serious side effects of therapeutics at an early stage of development and before actual pathological changes.

mosaiques’ founder and CSO, Prof. Dr. Dr. Harald Mischak adds: “Our progress over the last five years has been remarkable. Our method is unlike any other currently available. We are aiming to reduce or even prevent adverse effects of drugs by implementing our technology in (pre)clinical testing. This agreement with the FDA underlines the potential of the protein pattern technology for modern medicine and appropriate treatment.”

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