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  • 'Flipping the switch' reveals new compounds with antibiotic potential

    Researchers at Oregon State University have discovered that one gene in a common fungus acts as a master regulator, and deleting it has opened access to a wealth of new compounds that have never before been studied – with the potential to identify new antibiotics. The finding was announced in the jo more

  • What is it about your face?

    The human face is as unique as a fingerprint, no one else looks exactly like you. But what is it that makes facial morphology so distinct? Certainly genetics play a major role as evident in the similarities between parents and their children, but what is it in our DNA that fine-tunes the genetics so more

  • Different neuronal groups govern right-left alternation when walking

    Scientists at Karolinska Institutet in Sweden have identified the neuronal circuits in the spinal cord of mice that control the ability to produce the alternating movements of the legs during walking. The study, published in the journal Nature, demonstrates that two genetically-defined groups of ner more

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  • Advances in Transfection Technologies: Using FuGENE® HD Transfection Reagent with PCR Constructs

    With recent advances in molecular biology, it is now possible to construct genomic sequences and then evaluate the protein produced by those sequences. Ever-increasing portions of the genome are being investigated for their functions or for the effec more

  • Real-time and Dynamic Monitoring of Virus-mediated Cytopathogenicity

    To understand overall infectivity, virus progression and disease onset it is important to perform a detailed examination of cytopathic effects. Depending on the type of viruses and cells, different cytopathic effects might be observed dependent on the timepoint of infection (e.g., during the growth or stationary phase) and the amount of virus used. One of the most common methods for measuring lysogenic/lytic activity of viruses is the plaque test [1]. In this assay culture plates with confluent cells that are sensitive towards the specific virus type/strain are used. Lytic activity of a virus is detected by macroscopic analysis of plaques in a confluent cell layer after staining (e.g., with crystal violet). This technique is an end-point assay and it is well-suited to determine viral titers; however, it provides no information about the onset of cytopathic effects and kinetics of the viral replication. Moreover, infection with a number of viruses (e.g., attenuated mutants) leads to the formation of small and more

  • New Application for the LightCycler® 480 System: qPCR-based microRNA-Profiling

    Recent studies indicate that microRNAs (miRNAs) are mechanistically involved in the development of various human malignancies and therefore represent a promising new class of biomarkers. Quantitative PCR-based technologies are emerging as the gold standard for miRNA profiling. Here, a commercially available miRNA assay was used to measure and compare the expression levels of 154 miRNAs of seven lymph node samples using the LightCycler® 480 Instrument and a competitor real-time PCR system. We observed highly similar results for 134 miRNAs (87%) and some larger deviations (20 ­miRNAs/13%). In addition to large-scale miRNA profiling, it is also possible to use the LightCycler® 480 System in the assessment of miRNA expression in small sample sizes. We have conclusively demonstrated that miR-205 can be detected in a dose-dependent manner in a dilution series of 50, 10, 5, and 1 cell(s) of the KU19-19 cell line. more

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    Products Technology Support Contact News Company   Sequence Capture Enrich thousands of targeted loci from complex genomic DNA with programmable Sequence Capture microarrays for sequencing on the GS FLX Sequencer from 454 Life Sciences.   CGH Measure DNA copy number differences between a test an more

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Allotopic expression

Allotopic expression Allotopic expression (AE) refers to expression from the nuclear genome of genes that normally are expressed only from the mitochondrial genome . Biomedically engineered AE has been suggested as a possible future tool in g ... more


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