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  • 'Flipping the switch' reveals new compounds with antibiotic potential

    Researchers at Oregon State University have discovered that one gene in a common fungus acts as a master regulator, and deleting it has opened access to a wealth of new compounds that have never before been studied – with the potential to identify new antibiotics. The finding was announced in the jo more

  • What is it about your face?

    The human face is as unique as a fingerprint, no one else looks exactly like you. But what is it that makes facial morphology so distinct? Certainly genetics play a major role as evident in the similarities between parents and their children, but what is it in our DNA that fine-tunes the genetics so more

  • Different neuronal groups govern right-left alternation when walking

    Scientists at Karolinska Institutet in Sweden have identified the neuronal circuits in the spinal cord of mice that control the ability to produce the alternating movements of the legs during walking. The study, published in the journal Nature, demonstrates that two genetically-defined groups of ner more

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  • Build your next breakthrough using next-generation cloning

    A significant amount of time could be saved by cutting out the unnecessary steps from traditional cloning and moving into gene synthesis. Gene synthesis has become a costeffective, time- and resource-saving method for obtaining nearly any desired DNA construct with 100% accuracy. It outperforms conv more

  • Don’t miss this free webinar about optimizing protein expression

    You’re invited to join our gene-to-protein webinar, one in a series of synthetic biology webinars. In this webinar, Dr. Michael Liss, Research and Development manager at Thermo Fisher Scientific, discusses how to conveniently and rapidly obtain optimized synthetic genes from electronic sequence dat more

  • Don’t miss this free webinar about using the online GeneArt® portal

    You’re invited to join our Syn Bio webinar “The GeneArt® Online Portal: The most convenient way to order custom DNA services ranging from Gene Synthesis to customized tools for genetic engineering.” In this webinar, Dr. David Raab, Research and Development manager at Thermo Fisher Scientific, discu more

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Allotopic expression

Allotopic expression Allotopic expression (AE) refers to expression from the nuclear genome of genes that normally are expressed only from the mitochondrial genome . Biomedically engineered AE has been suggested as a possible future tool in g ... more


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