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Andromeda Biotech, wholly owned by Clal Biotechnology Industries, is focused on development of innovative treatment for autoimmune diabetes. The company lead product is DiaPep277, currently in phase III clinical studies, is a novel therapeutic approach in treating type 1 diabetes (T1D). It is a unique peptide derived from the human protein, HSP60, which immunomodulates the immune system, prevents the destruction of pancreatic cells that secrete insulin and preserves their natural function.

To date, there is no therapy that could stop the destruction of insulin secreting beta cells. Initially, DiaPep277 is designed to treat newly diagnosed type 1 diabetes adult patients with residual insulin secreting cells. Other potential target populations are type 1 diabetic children, patients with high risk of T1D, T1D patients with slow progressing disease and T2D patients with auto-antibodies. The annual potential drug market is estimated to be more than half a billion dollars.

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