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Product Catalogue: Drying Ovens, CO2-Incubators, Cooling Incubators or Constant Climate Chambers

Simulation chambers for various environmental conditions for microbiology, cell and tissue cultures

BINDER for Science – Cover Sheet

BINDER for Science – Table of Contents

BINDER for Science – ULTRA.GUARD™ ultra low temperature freezer product details

BINDER for Science – ULTRA.GUARD™ ultra low temperature freezer product details

As the world’s largest specialist for simulation chambers, the BINDER catalogue presents its comprehensive product portfolio for the scientific laboratory from drying ovens, CO2 incubators, and cooled incubators to constant climate chambers on more than 100 pages.

Specific examples of use lead to the appropriate product. Under the heading "What you should know", the user can learn about the particular features of the product series. Furthermore, detailed technical data helping identify the appropriate chamber. In addition to its standard products, BINDER offers a number of options and accessories, which complement the units perfectly which are clearly presented in the catalogue based on product groups.

BINDER has the solution even for special requirements. BINDER INDIVIDUAL can be used to customize series units based on the customer's requirement.

The catalogue contains the complete range of products for the following applications:

  • Cell and tissue cultures
  • Microbiology
  • In vivo und In vitro cultures
  • Sample storage
  • Drying and heat storage
  • Temperature testing
  • Vacuum drying
  • Safety drying
  • Constant climate testing

For further information request the printed catalog now or download our pdf catalog.

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