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Global Hemophilia Market Report: 2012 Edition

With an ever changing technological environment and an unstable economic scenario, many scientific studies are being conducted which are leading to the discovery of new coagulation factors, proteins and plasma concentrates used for treating chronic diseases and medical conditions. The market for ...


Global Dialysis Market Report: 2012 Edition

With the fast pace evolution of technology, economy, lifestyle and every other aspect of the surrounding environment, the most affected part of our lives is the health and the vital organs of body are the ones who bear the brunt. Uncertain lifestyle, bad eating habits are few such factors which ...


Global Blood Plasma Market Report: 2011 Edition

Recent scientific studies are leading to the discovery of new proteins in the blood plasma and their uses to treat hitherto unresolved medical conditions. The market for blood plasma products has shown continuous growth in the past years growing at a CAGR of around 10% during 2001-10 and is ...


Human Albumin and Factor Vlll (FVIII) Markets: An Analysis

Introduction The global blood plasma-derived products market has shown consistent growth over the period 2002-2009 and the rapid increase in cases of Hemophilia, low treatment cost to patients and rising ageing population are the major factors that will be driving the market for plasma-derived ...


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