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Generic Testing Market Report: 2012 Edition

Genetic testing, which is also known as DNA testing, is the latest innovation in the field of molecular diagnostics. The genetic testing market segment represents the highest growth opportunity compared to other segments within the molecular diagnostics market. The growth of the market is backed ...


Global Biosimilars Market Report: 2012 Edition

The biosimilar market is presently a small segment of the pharmaceutical industry. However, in the years to come, the market for biosimilars has huge growth opportunity despite of the high entry barriers. The governments in the developed countries are desperately trying to control their national ...


Global Molecular Diagnostics Market Report: 2012 Edition

Human being has evolved with an unending quest for exploration. With constant research in medical and other sciences, molecular diagnostic tools and techniques were developed. Besides providing the medical work and a wider spectrum and accuracy of test findings, these tests have also enabled ...


Global Eyewear Market Report: 2012 Edition

The global eyewear market can be segmented into ophthalmic or corrective lenses market, contact lenses market, and sunglasses market. The global ophthalmic lenses market has experienced significant growth in the past, and it is expected that in the coming years, the market will continue to grow ...


Robotic Surgery Market Report - 2012 Edition

Many scientific discoveries and new technologies have affected the course of human existence on this planet. One such technical advancement has been the development of next generation or robotic surgical equipments and treatment options. The advent of robotic surgery has significantly altered the ...


Sports Medicine Market Report: 2012 Edition

A major breakthrough achieved in the field of orthopedics with special application and usage in the sports medicine segment, is the recent advancements in arthroscopy techniques i.e. the development of minimally invasive surgery techniques. Over the past couple of decades, the research and ...


Global Clinical Laboratory Testing Market Report: 2012 Edition

Clinical laboratory testing market is one of the prime segments of healthcare industry. The market for clinical laboratory testing has seen significant growth in the recent years and it is expected that the market will continue to grow even further in near future. The growth of the market is ...


Global Renal Denervation Market Report: 2012 Edition

Affecting the lives of millions of people across the globe, hypertension is a chronic medical condition which substantially raises the risk of cardiac malfunction, kidney diseases and insulin resistance. However if the condition is tamed by managing the blood pressure, it suppresses the risk of ...


Global Hemophilia Market Report: 2012 Edition

With an ever changing technological environment and an unstable economic scenario, many scientific studies are being conducted which are leading to the discovery of new coagulation factors, proteins and plasma concentrates used for treating chronic diseases and medical conditions. The market for ...


Global Intravenous (IV) Iron Drugs Market: 2011 Edition

Iron is one of the most important minerals present in the human body and performs the task of carrying oxygen throughout the body through blood, which is then further utilized by the cells to get energy. Decline in iron can therefore lead to certain major problems. Although oral iron supplements ...


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