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Similarity of Crocodilian and Avian Lungs Indicates Unidirectional Flow Is Ancestral for Archosaurs

01.12.2015 | C. G. Farmer, Integrative and Comparative Biology, 2015

Patterns of airflow and pulmonary anatomy were studied in the American alligator (Alligator mississippiensis), the black caiman (Melanosuchus niger), the spectacled caiman (Caiman crocodilus), the dwarf crocodile (Osteolaemus tetraspis), the saltwater crocodile (Crocodylus porosus), the Nile ...


Nuclear‐localized AtHSPR links Abscisic Acid‐dependent salt tolerance and antioxidant defense in Arabidopsis

25.11.2015 | Tao Yang, Liang Zhang, Hongyan Hao, Peng Zhang, Haowei Zhu, Wei Cheng, Yongli Wang, Xinyu Wang, Chongying Wang, The Plant Journal, 2015

Summary Salt stress from soil or irrigation water limits plant growth. A T‐DNA insertion mutant in C24, named athspr (Arabidopsis thaliana heat shock protein‐related), showed several phenotypes, including reduced organ size and enhanced sensitivity to environmental cues. The athspr mutant is ...


Toxicity Minimized Cryoprotectant Addition and Removal Procedures for Adherent Endothelial Cells

25.11.2015 | Allyson Fry Davidson et al., PLoS ONE, 2015

by Allyson Fry Davidson, Cameron Glasscock, Danielle R. McClanahan, James D. Benson, Adam Z. Higgins Ice-free cryopreservation, known as vitrification, is an appealing approach for banking of adherent cells and tissues because it prevents dissociation and morphological damage that may result ...


Optimization of Ultrasound‐Assisted Stabilization and Formulation of Almond Milk

20.11.2015 | Yahya Maghsoudlou, Mehran Alami, Mana Mashkour, Masoud Hashemi Shahraki, Journal of Food Processing and Preservation, 2015

Abstract Almond extract has unique nutritional properties and it can be used as a nutritive beverage. One of the most important problems in the formulation of almond milk is the physical stability of the final product. In this study, the response surface methodology was used to optimize ...


Effect of Protein Addition on the Physicochemical and Sensory Properties of Fruit Bars

20.11.2015 | Masooma Munir, Muhammad Nadeem, Tahir Mahmood Qureshi, Saqib Jabbar, Farhan Ahmad Atif, Xiaoxiong Zeng, Journal of Food Processing and Preservation, 2015

Abstract In the present study, fruit bars were prepared using eggs, skim milk, whey powder, legumes and char magaz (pumpkin seed, cucumber seed, muskmelon seed and watermelon seed). The effects of these protein sources on firmness, fractureability, water activity, proximate composition and ...


Self‐Degradation of Sea Cucumber Body Wall Under 4C Storage Condition

20.11.2015 | Tiejun Chen, Zhe Peng, Jiaohan Lu, Bafang Li, Hu Hou, Journal of Food Processing and Preservation, 2015

Abstract Sea cucumbers treated by high pressure steam (HPSC) could degrade during storage at 4C. Texture profile analysis was explored, and it showed that after 160 days the hardness and chewiness decreased dramatically from 295.85 to 15.67 gf and from 227.08 to 9.18 gf2 s, respectively. The ...


Syntheses of halogen derivatives of L‐tryptophan, L‐tyrosine and L‐phenylalanine labeled with hydrogen isotopes

20.11.2015 | Małgorzata Pająk, Katarzyna Pałka, Elżbieta Winnicka, Marianna Kańska, Journal of Labelled Compounds and Radiopharmaceuticals, 2015

Halogenated, labeled with tritium and doubly with deuterium and tritium, derivatives of L‐tryptophan, i.e. 5′‐bromo‐[2‐3H]‐, 5′‐bromo‐[2‐2H/3H]‐, 5′‐fluoro‐[2‐3H]‐5′‐fluoro‐[2‐2H/3H]‐, 6′‐fluoro‐[2‐3H]‐, 6′‐fluoro‐[2‐2H/3H]‐L‐tryptophan, as well as, L‐tyrosine, i.e. 3′‐fluoro‐[2‐3H]‐, ...


Effect of Sodium Chloride on the Properties of Ready‐to‐Eat Pressure‐Induced Gel‐Type Chicken Meat Products

19.11.2015 | Tianyue Guo, Siwen Xue, Yufeng Zou, Minyi Han, Xinglian Xu, Guanghong Zhou, Journal of Food Process Engineering, 2015

Abstract Pressurized meat foods are increasingly being accepted by consumers nowadays. Unlike in thermal processing, the salt content required for pressure‐induced gelation of muscle proteins is not clear. Sodium chloride levels of 0.6, 0.8, 1.0, 1.2 and 1.4% were used to prepare ready‐to‐eat ...


Energies, Vol. 8, Pages 12917-12928: Sodium Tetraethylenepentamine Heptaacetate as Novel Draw Solute for Forward Osmosis—Synthesis, Application and Recovery

16.11.2015 | Long, Qing Wu; Wang, Yan, Energies, 2015

Osmotic energy, as a sustainable energy source with little environmental impact, has drawn much attention in both academia and industry in recent years. Osmotically driven membrane processes can harvest the osmotic energy and thus have great potential to produce sustainable clean water or ...


Phospholipid-based solid drug formulations for oral bioavailability enhancement: A meta-analysis

15.11.2015 | Author(s): Sophia Yui Kau Fong, Martin Brandl, Annette Bauer-Brandl, European Journal of Pharmaceutical Science, 2015

Publication date: 1 December 2015 Source:European Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Volume 80 Author(s): Sophia Yui Kau Fong, Martin Brandl, Annette Bauer-Brandl Low bioavailability nowadays often represents a challenge in oral dosage form development. Solid formulations composed of ...


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