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Changes in Organoleptic, Physicochemical and Nutritional Qualities of Shoots of an Edible Bamboo Dendrocalamus hamiltonii Nees and Arn. Ex Munro During Processing

22.04.2016 | Harjit Kaur Bajwa, C. Nirmala, Ashwani Koul, M.S. Bisht, Journal of Food Processing and Preservation, 2016

Abstract Bamboo shoot has attracted significant attention worldwide due to its nutritive value and health promoting properties. But, a limitation is the short shelf life of the shoots which requires the shoots to be processed for long‐term usage. Processing brings about changes in ...


Effects of Vacuum Impregnation with Sucrose Solution on Mango Tissue

22.04.2016 | Xian Lin, Cailian Luo, Yulong Chen, Journal of Food Science, 2016

Abstract The influences of vacuum impregnation (VI) on the tissue of mango cubes during atmospheric immersion in sucrose solution were investigated. Results showed that VI effectively facilitated water loss (WL) and sugar gain (SG) during the 300min immersion process, with increases of 20.59% ...


Ultraviolet‐C Light Sanitization of English Cucumber (Cucumis sativus) Packaged in Polyethylene Film

20.04.2016 | Abdussamad R. Tarek, Barbara. A. Rasco, Shyam S. Sablani, Journal of Food Science, 2016

Abstract Food safety is becoming an increasing concern in the United States. This study investigated the effects of ultraviolet‐C (UV‐C) light as a postpackaging bactericidal treatment on the quality of English cucumber packaged in polyethylene (PE) film. Escherichia coli k‐12 was used as a ...


Suppression of gyrase-mediated resistance by C7 aryl fluoroquinolones

20.04.2016 | Muhammad Malik; Arkady Mustaev; Heidi A. Schwanz; Gan Luan; Nirali Shah; Lisa M. Oppegard; Ernane C. de Souza; Hiros ..., Nucleic Acids Research, 2016

Fluoroquinolones form drug-topoisomerase-DNA complexes that rapidly block transcription and replication. Crystallographic and biochemical studies show that quinolone binding involves a water/metal-ion bridge between the quinolone C3-C4 keto-acid and amino acids in helix-4 of the target proteins, ...


Stimuli-Responsive Cellulose Nanocrystals for Surfactant-Free Oil Harvesting

19.04.2016 | Juntao Tang; Richard M. Berry; Kam C. Tam, Biomacromolecules, 2016

Cellulose nanocrystals with grafted binary polymer brushes (CNC-BPB), poly(oligoethylene glycol) methacrylate (POEGMA) and poly(methacrylic acid) (PMAA), were prepared by cerium-mediated polymerization in aqueous solution. The physical properties of CNC-BPB can be controlled by external triggers, ...


Marine Drugs, Vol. 14, Pages 79: Physicochemical and Biological Characterization of Fucoidan from Fucus vesiculosus Purified by Dye Affinity Chromatography

15.04.2016 | Zayed, Ahmed ; Muffler, Kai ; Hahn, Thomas ; Rupp, Steffen ; Finkelmeier, Doris ; Burger-Kentischer, Anke ; Ulber, R ..., Marine Drugs, 2016

A comparative study concerning the physicochemical, monomeric composition and biological characters among different fucoidan fractions is presented. Common purification techniques for fucoidan usually involve many steps. During these steps, the important structural features might be affected and ...


The Hypolipidemic Effect of Total Saponins from Kuding Tea in High‐Fat Diet‐Induced Hyperlipidemic Mice and Its Composition Characterized by UPLC‐QTOF‐MS/MS

13.04.2016 | Chengwu Song, Qingsong Yu, Xiaohua Li, Shuna Jin, Sen Li, Yang Zhang, Shuailong Jia, Cheng Chen, Yi Xiang, Hongliang ..., Journal of Food Science, 2016

Abstract Kuding tea are used as a traditional tea material and widely consumed in China. In this study, total saponins (TS) from water extract of Kuding tea was prepared by D101 macroporous resins and analyzed by UPLC‐QTOF‐MS/MS. Then the hypolipidemic effect of TS extract was investigated in ...


Recent developments in biological water oxidation

09.04.2016 | Author(s): Montserrat Pérez-Navarro, Frank Neese, Wolfgang Lubitz, Dimitrios A Pantazis, Nicholas Cox, Current Opinion in Chemical Biology, 2016

Publication date: April 2016 Source:Current Opinion in Chemical Biology, Volume 31 Author(s): Montserrat Pérez-Navarro, Frank Neese, Wolfgang Lubitz, Dimitrios A Pantazis, Nicholas Cox Rapid progress has been made in the last five years towards resolution of the structure of ...


Using Liquid Smoke to Improve Mechanical and Water Resistance Properties of Gelatin Films

08.04.2016 | Wenwang Wang, Cong Li, Hongjie Zhang, Yonghao Ni, Journal of Food Science, 2016

Abstract Improvement of mechanical and water barrier properties is critical for gelatin films when applied to edible food packaging. A liquid smoke (LS) obtained from hawthorn nucleus was used to improve the performance of gelatin film based on its abundant compounds. Through SPME‐GC‐MS ...


Moisture profiles of wheat noodles containing hydroxypropylated tapioca starch

05.04.2016 | Soma Fukuzawa, Takenobu Ogawa, Kyuya Nakagawa, Shuji Adachi, International Journal of Food Science & Technology, 2016

Summary Wheat noodles were prepared using flour to which hydroxypropylated tapioca starch was added, and the effect of this addition on the moisture distribution within the noodles during cooking was examined using a digital image processing technique. The addition of the modified starch ...


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