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Characterization of new Myoviridae bacteriophage WZ1 against multi‐drug resistant (MDR) Shigella dysenteriae

02.01.2015 | Muhsin Jamal, Waqas Nasir Chaudhry, Tahir Hussain, Chythanya Rajanna Das, Saadia Andleeb, Journal of Basic Microbiology, 2015

Shigella dysenteriae is a normal inhabitant of the human gastrointestinal tract, but sometimes it causes severe infection known as shigellosis (bacillary dysentery). Bacteriophages are considered very safe and effective agents for controlling bacterial infections and contaminations. In this ...


Formation of a Protein Corona on Silver Nanoparticles Mediates Cellular Toxicity via Scavenger Receptors

01.01.2015 | Jonathan H. Shannahan; Ramakrishna Podila; Abdullah A. Aldossari; Hilary Emerson; Brian A. Powell; Pu Chun Ke; Appar ..., Toxicological Sciences, 2015

Addition of a protein corona (PC) or protein adsorption layer on the surface of nanomaterials following their introduction into physiological environments may modify their activity, bio-distribution, cellular uptake, clearance, and toxicity. We hypothesize that silver nanoparticles (AgNPs) will ...


Seasonal Photochemical Transformations of Nitrogen Species in a Forest Stream and Lake

31.12.2014 | Petr Porcal et al., PLoS ONE, 2014

by Petr Porcal, Jiří Kopáček, Iva Tomková The photochemical release of inorganic nitrogen from dissolved organic matter is an important source of bio-available nitrogen (N) in N-limited aquatic ecosystems. We conducted photochemical experiments and used mathematical models based on ...


Pulsed‐CO2 Laser Beam Photothermal Technology Combined with Conjugated Gold Nanoparticles for the Selective Elimination of Surface Escherichia Coli K12 from Fresh Fruits

29.12.2014 | Grace Chee, Timothy Shafel, Sung Hee Park, Soojin Jun, Journal of Food Process Engineering, 2014

Abstracts Postharvest methods for microbial decontamination of fresh produce are limited, and chemical treatment is less popular with growing concerns over toxic residues. A photothermal guiding system was developed with a pulsed‐CO2 laser and adjustable two‐ZnSe lens beam expander. The ...


Novel co‐enrichment method for isolation of magnetotactic bacteria

28.12.2014 | Ajay M. Sorty, Nasir R. Shaikh, Journal of Basic Microbiology, 2014

A novel co‐enrichment technique was designed for enrichment of magnetotactic bacteria from soil, water, and sediments. Delayed addition of iron uptake inducer and the iron source proved amenable to induce magnetosome synthesis by MTB followed by their separation from consortium using magnetic ...


Energies, Vol. 8, Pages 154-171: A Novel Constant-Pressure Pumped Hydro Combined with Compressed Air Energy Storage System

26.12.2014 | Yao, Erren ; Wang, Huanran ; Liu, Long ; Xi, Guang, Energies, 2014

As intermittent renewable energy is receiving increasing attention, the combination of intermittent renewable energy with large-scale energy storage technology is considered as an important technological approach for the wider application of wind power and solar energy. Pumped hydro combined with ...


Modeling the Drug Release from Hydrogel-Based Matrices

23.12.2014 | Diego Caccavo; Sara Cascone; Gaetano Lamberti; Anna Angela Barba, Molecular Pharmaceutics, 2014

In this work the behavior of hydrogel-based matrices, the most widespread systems for oral controlled release of pharmaceuticals, has been mathematically described. In addition, the calculations of the model have been validated against a rich set of experimental data obtained working with tablets ...


Effect of waxy flour blends on dough rheology and bread quality

22.12.2014 | Laura H. Blake, Colin F. Jenner, Andrew R. Barber, Robert A. Gibson, Brian K. O'Neill, Q. Dzuy Nguyen, International Journal of Food Science & Technology, 2014

Summary Although much research has been conducted on wheat flour dough rheology, the principal focus has been the role of the protein fraction. Starch is the main component of flour and plays a key role in dough dynamic properties, particularly during heating. This study assesses the effect of ...


Cyanobacterial Distributions along a Physico‐chemical Gradient in the Northeastern Pacific Ocean

19.12.2014 | Sebastian Sudek, R. Craig Everroad, Alyssa‐Lois M. Gehman, Jason M. Smith, Camille L. Poirier, Francisco P. Chavez, ..., Environmental Microbiology, 2014

Summary The cyanobacteria Prochlorococcus and Synechococcus are important marine primary producers. We explored their distributions and co‐variance along a physico‐chemical gradient from coastal to open ocean waters in the Northeastern Pacific Ocean. An interannual pattern was delineated in ...


Carbon Monoxide and Nitric Oxide interactions in Magnocellular Neurosecretory Neurons during Water Deprivation

13.12.2014 | Wagner L. Reis, Vinicia C. Biancardi, Sookjin Son, Jose Antunes‐Rodrigues, Javier E. Stern, Journal of Neuroendocrinology, 2014

Abstract Nitric oxide (NO) and carbon monoxide (CO) are diffusible gas messengers in the brain. Previously, we have shown their independent involvement in central fluid/electrolyte homeostasis control. Here, we investigated a possible functional interaction between NO/CO in the regulation of ...


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