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Glycine supplementation in vitro enhances porcine preimplantation embryo cell number and decreases apoptosis but does not lead to live births

27.01.2016 | Bethany K. Redel, Lee D. Spate, Kiho Lee, Jiude Mao, Kristin M. Whitworth, Randall S. Prather, Molecular Reproduction and Development, 2016

Abstract Most in vitro culture conditions are less than optimal for embryo development. Here, we used a transcriptional‐profiling database to identify culture‐induced differences in gene expression in porcine blastocysts compared to in vivo‐produced counterparts. Genes involved in glycine ...


Passiflora incarnata L. Improves Spatial Memory, Reduces Stress, and Affects Neurotransmission in Rats

27.01.2016 | Katarzyna Jawna‐Zboińska, Kamilla Blecharz‐Klin, Ilona Joniec‐Maciejak, Adriana Wawer, Justyna Pyrzanowska, Agnieszk ..., Phytotherapy Research, 2016

Passiflora incarnata L. has been used as a medicinal plant in South America and Europe since the 16th century. Previous pharmacological studies focused mainly on the plant's sedative, anxiolytic, and anticonvulsant effects on the central nervous system and its supporting role in the treatment of ...


Acute stress and episodic memory retrieval: neurobiological mechanisms and behavioral consequences

21.01.2016 | Stephanie A. Gagnon, Anthony D. Wagner, Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, 2016

Episodic retrieval allows people to access memories from the past to guide current thoughts and decisions. In many real‐world situations, retrieval occurs under conditions of acute stress, either elicited by the retrieval task or driven by other, unrelated concerns. Memory under such conditions ...


Cognitive load and autonomic response patterns under negative priming demand in Depersonalisation‐Derealisation Disorder

21.01.2016 | Erwin Lemche, Mauricio Sierra‐Siegert, Anthony S. David, Mary L. Phillips, David Gasston, Steven C.R. Williams, Vinc ..., European Journal of Neuroscience, 2016

Abstract Previous studies have yielded evidence for cognitive processing abnormalities and alterations of autonomic functioning in Depersonalization‐Derealization Disorder (DPRD). However multimodal neuroimaging and psychophysiology studies have not yet been conducted to test for functional ...


NEDD4-mediated HSF1 degradation underlies {alpha}-synucleinopathy

15.01.2016 | Eunhee Kim; Bin Wang; Namratha Sastry; Eliezer Masliah; Peter T. Nelson; Huaibin Cai; Francesca-Fang Liao, Human Molecular Genetics, 2016

Cellular protein homeostasis is achieved by a delicate network of molecular chaperones and various proteolytic processes such as ubiquitin–proteasome system (UPS) to avoid a build-up of misfolded protein aggregates. The latter is a common denominator of neurodegeneration. Neurons are found to be ...


Functional proteomics within the genus Lactobacillus

14.01.2016 | Maria Angelis, Maria Calasso, Noemi Cavallo, Raffaella Di Cagno, Marco Gobbetti, PROTEOMICS, 2016

Lactobacillus are mainly used for the manufacture of fermented dairy, sourdough, meat and vegetable foods or used as probiotics. Under optimal processing conditions, Lactobacillus strains contribute to food functionality through their enzyme portfolio and the release of metabolites. An extensive ...


Maize ZmVPP5 is a truncated Vacuole H+‐PPase that confers hypersensitivity to salt stress

05.01.2016 | Xiaoliang Sun, Weiwei Qi, Yihong Yue, Huiling Ling, Gang Wang, Rentao Song, Journal of Integrative Plant Biology, 2016

In plants, Vacuole H+‐PPases (VPPs) are important proton pumps and encoded by multiple genes. In addition to full‐length VPPs, several truncated forms are expressed, but their biological functions are unknown. In this study, we functionally characterized maize vacuole H+‐PPase 5 (ZmVPP5), a ...


Tunable osteogenic differentiation of hMPCs in tubular perfusion system bioreactor

01.01.2016 | Bao‐Ngoc B. Nguyen, Henry Ko, John P. Fisher, Biotechnology and Bioengineering, 2016

Abstract The use of bioreactors for bone tissue engineering has been widely investigated. While the benefits of shear stress on osteogenic differentiation are well known, the underlying effects of dynamic culture on subpopulations within a bioreactor are less evident. In this work, we explore ...


Folliculin, a tumor suppressor associated with Birt–Hogg–Dubé (BHD) syndrome, is a novel modifier of TDP-43 cytoplasmic translocation and aggregation

01.01.2016 | Qin Xia; Guanghui Wang; Hongfeng Wang; Qingsong Hu; Zheng Ying, Human Molecular Genetics, 2016

TDP-43 was identified as the major component of ubiquitin and autophagosome-positive cytoplasmic inclusions in neurons in the large majority of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and frontotemporal lobar dementia (FTLD) patients. It has been shown that a loss of nuclear TDP-43 in combination ...


The DEAD-Box RNA Helicase AtRH7/PRH75 Participates in Pre-rRNA Processing, Plant Development and Cold Tolerance in Arabidopsis

01.01.2016 | Chun-Kai Huang; Yu-Lien Shen; Li-Fen Huang; Shaw-Jye Wu; Chin-Hui Yeh; Chung-An Lu, Plant and Cell Physiology, 2016

DEAD-box RNA helicases belong to an RNA helicase family that plays specific roles in various RNA metabolism processes, including ribosome biogenesis, mRNA splicing, RNA export, mRNA translation and RNA decay. This study investigated a DEAD-box RNA helicase, AtRH7/PRH75, in Arabidopsis. Expression ...


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