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The Stress Kinase p38{alpha} as a Target for Cancer Therapy

01.10.2015 | Ana Igea; Angel R. Nebreda, Cancer Research, 2015

p38α is a ubiquitous protein kinase strongly activated by stress signals, inflammatory cytokines, and many other stimuli, which has been implicated in the modulation of multiple cellular processes. There is good evidence in the literature that p38α plays an important tumor-suppressor role by ...


Freeze‐Drying of l‐Arginine/Sucrose‐Based Protein Formulations, Part 2: Optimization of Formulation Design and Freeze‐Drying Process Conditions for an l‐Arginine Chloride‐Based Protein Formulation System

30.09.2015 | Peter Stärtzel, Henning Gieseler, Margit Gieseler, Ahmad M. Abdul‐Fattah, Michael Adler, Hanns‐Christian Mahler, Pie ..., Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, 2015

We recently reported that the presence of chloride counter ions in freeze‐dried l‐arginine/sucrose formulations provided the greatest protein stability, but led to low collapse temperatures and glass transition temperatures of the freeze concentrates. The objectives of this study were to ...


Reduction in cadmium‐induced toxicity by c‐Jun modulation in mouse embryo limb bud cells

26.09.2015 | Carolyn M. Kapron, Le Cheng, Birth Defects Research Part A: Clinical and Molecular Teratology, 2015

Background While it is known that cadmium‐exposed embryonic cells have increased activation of c‐Jun N‐terminal kinase (JNK), the role of this stress signaling pathway in the embryotoxic response is not clear. Thus, the effects of modification of the transcription factor c‐Jun, one of the ...


Cell-Autonomous Gβ Signaling Defines Neuron-Specific Steady State Serotonin Synthesis in Caenorhabditis elegans

24.09.2015 | Lu Xu et al., PLoS Genetics, 2015

by Lu Xu, Sunju Choi, Yusu Xie, Ji Ying Sze Heterotrimeric G proteins regulate a vast array of cellular functions via specific intracellular effectors. Accumulating pharmacological and biochemical studies implicate Gβ subunits as signaling molecules interacting directly with a wide range of ...


Involvement of endogenous brain‐derived neurotrophic factor in hypothalamic‐pituitary‐adrenal axis activity

21.09.2015 | Gaëlle Naert, Charleine Zussy, Christophe Tran Van Ba, Nathalie Chevallier, Ya‐Ping Tang, Tangui Maurice, Laurent Gi ..., Journal of Neuroendocrinology, 2015

Abstract Brain‐derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) seems to be highly involved in hypothalamic‐pituitary‐adrenal (HPA) axis regulation during adulthood, playing an important role in homeostasis maintenance. The objective of this study was, via partial inhibition of this endogenous neurotrophin, ...


NF-{kappa}B: Regulation by Methylation

15.09.2015 | Tao Lu; George R. Stark, Cancer Research, 2015

In normal cells exposed to stress, the central transcription factor NF-κB is activated only transiently, to modulate the activation of downstream immune responses. However, in most cancers, NF-κB is abnormally activated constitutively, contributing thus to oncogenesis and tumor progression. ...


Phosphodiesterase MoPdeH targets MoMck1 of the conserved MAP kinase signaling pathway to regulate cell wall integrity in rice blast fungus Magnaporthe oryzae

07.09.2015 | Ziyi Yin, Wei Tang, Jingzhen Wang, Xinyu Liu, Lina Yang, Chuyun Gao, Jinlong Zhang, Haifeng Zhang, Xiaobo Zheng, Pin ..., Molecular Plant Pathology, 2015

Summary In the rice blast fungus Magnaporthe oryzae, the high‐affinity cAMP phosphodiesterase MoPdeH is important not only for cAMP signaling and pathogenicity but also for cell wall integrity (CWI) maintenance through an unknown mechanism. Utilizing affinity purification, we found that MoPdeH ...


Enhanced plant lipidomics method based on multiplexed LC‐MS reveals additional insights into cold and drought‐induced membrane remodeling

05.09.2015 | Pablo Tarazona, Kirstin Feussner, Ivo Feussner, The Plant Journal, 2015

Summary Within plants’ lipidome, a few bulk molecular species hamper the detection of the rest, which are present at relatively low levels. In addition, low abundant species are often masked by numerous isobaric interferences, such as those caused by iso‐elemental species and isotopologues. ...


Three Different Pathways Prevent Chromosome Segregation in the Presence of DNA Damage or Replication Stress in Budding Yeast

02.09.2015 | Gloria Palou et al., PLoS Genetics, 2015

by Gloria Palou, Roger Palou, Fanli Zeng, Ajay A. Vashisht, James A. Wohlschlegel, David G. Quintana A surveillance mechanism, the S phase checkpoint, blocks progression into mitosis in response to DNA damage and replication stress. Segregation of damaged or incompletely replicated chromosomes ...


Arbuscular mycorrhizal symbiosis induces strigolactone biosynthesis under drought and improves drought tolerance in lettuce and tomato

25.08.2015 | Juan Manuel Ruiz‐Lozano, Ricardo Aroca, Ángel María Zamarreño, Sonia Molina, Beatriz Andreo‐Jiménez, Rosa Porcel, Jo ..., Plant, Cell & Environment, 2015

ABSTRACT Arbuscular mycorrhizal (AM) symbiosis alleviates drought stress in plants. However the intimate mechanisms involved, as well as its effect on the production of signalling molecules associated to the host plant‐AM fungus interaction remains largely unknown. In the present work, the ...


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