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Indications for distinct pathogenic mechanisms of asbestos and silica through gene expression profiling of the response of lung epithelial cells

01.03.2015 | Timothy N. Perkins; Paul M. Peeters; Arti Shukla; Ingrid Arijs; Julie Dragon; Emiel F.M. Wouters; Niki L. Reynaert; ..., Human Molecular Genetics, 2015

Occupational and environmental exposures to airborne asbestos and silica are associated with the development of lung fibrosis in the forms of asbestosis and silicosis, respectively. However, both diseases display distinct pathologic presentations, likely associated with differences in gene ...


Steady Shear Flow Behavior and Thixotropy of Wheat Starch Gel: Impact of Chemical Modification, Concentration and Saliva Addition

16.02.2015 | A.R. Yousefi, S.M.A. Razavi, Journal of Food Process Engineering, 2015

Abstract The rheological properties of native wheat starch (NWS), cross‐linked wheat starch (CLWS) and hydroxypropylated wheat starch (HPWS) gels at two concentrations (8 and 12%) and in the presence and absence of saliva at 37C were investigated. More decrease in viscosity was observed for ...


OCRL-mutated fibroblasts from patients with Dent-2 disease exhibit INPP5B-independent phenotypic variability relatively to Lowe syndrome cells

15.02.2015 | Rodrick Montjean; Rifdat Aoidi; Pierrette Desbois; Julien Rucci; Michaël Trichet; Rémi Salomon; John Rendu; Julien F ..., Human Molecular Genetics, 2015

OCRL mutations are associated with both Lowe syndrome and Dent-2 disease, two rare X-linked conditions. Lowe syndrome is an oculo-cerebro-renal disorder, whereas Dent-2 patients mainly present renal proximal tubulopathy. Loss of OCRL-1, a phosphoinositide-5-phosphatase, leads in Lowe patients' ...


Tissue-Specific Accumulation and Regulation of Zeaxanthin Epoxidase in Arabidopsis Reflect the Multiple Functions of the Enzyme in Plastids

01.02.2015 | Nadine Schwarz; Ute Armbruster; Tim Iven; Lena Brückle; Michael Melzer; Ivo Feussner; Peter Jahns, Plant and Cell Physiology, 2015

The enzyme zeaxanthin epoxidase (ZEP) catalyzes the conversion of zeaxanthin to violaxanthin, a key reaction for ABA biosynthesis and the xanthophyll cycle. Both processes are important for acclimation to environmental stress conditions, in particular drought (ABA biosynthesis) and light ...


The Yin and Yang of Cell Wall Integrity Control: Brassinosteroid and FERONIA Signaling

01.02.2015 | Herman Höfte, Plant and Cell Physiology, 2015

Understanding how developmental and environmental signals control plant cell expansion requires an intimate knowledge of the architecture of the primary cell wall and the chemo-rheological processes that underlie cell wall relaxation. In this review I discuss recent findings that reveal a more ...


Molecular Mechanisms of Acrolein Toxicity: Relevance to Human Disease

01.02.2015 | Akshata Moghe; Smita Ghare; Bryan Lamoreau; Mohammad Mohammad; Shirish Barve; Craig McClain; Swati Joshi-Barve, Toxicological Sciences, 2015

Acrolein, a highly reactive unsaturated aldehyde, is a ubiquitous environmental pollutant and its potential as a serious environmental health threat is beginning to be recognized. Humans are exposed to acrolein per oral (food and water), respiratory (cigarette smoke, automobile exhaust, and ...


Evidence for multiple, distinct ADAR-containing complexes in Xenopus laevis [ARTICLES]

01.02.2015 | Caterina T.H. Schweidenback; Amy B. Emerman; Ashwini Jambhekar; Michael D. Blower, RNA, 2015

ADAR (adenosine deaminase acting on RNA) is an RNA-editing enzyme present in most metazoans that converts adenosines in double-stranded RNA targets into inosines. Although the RNA targets of ADAR-mediated editing have been extensively cataloged, our understanding of the cellular function of such ...


Hydrostatic Pressure Does Not Cause Detectable Changes in Survival of Human Retinal Ganglion Cells

30.01.2015 | Andrew Osborne et al., PLoS ONE, 2015

by Andrew Osborne, Amal Aldarwesh, Jeremy D. Rhodes, David C. Broadway, Claire Everitt, Julie Sanderson Purpose Elevated intraocular pressure (IOP) is a major risk factor for glaucoma. One consequence of raised IOP is that ocular tissues are subjected to increased hydrostatic pressure (HP). The ...


Arthritis Induces Early Bone High Turnover, Structural Degradation and Mechanical Weakness

24.01.2015 | Bruno Vidal et al., PLoS ONE, 2015

by Bruno Vidal, Rita Cascão, Ana Catarina Vale, Inês Cavaleiro, Maria Fátima Vaz, José Américo Almeida Brito, Helena Canhão, João Eurico Fonseca Background We have previously found in the chronic SKG mouse model of arthritis that long standing (5 and 8 months) inflammation directly leads to ...


Assessment of oxidative damage to DNA, transcriptional expression of key genes, lipid peroxidation and histopathological changes in carp Cyprinus carpio L. following exposure to chronic hypoxic and subsequent recovery in normoxic conditions

01.01.2015 | Sanaa A. Mustafa; Sahar S. Karieb; Simon J. Davies; Awadhesh N. Jha, Mutagenesis, 2015

In fish, a complex set of mechanisms deal with environmental stresses including hypoxia. In order to probe the hypothesis that hypoxia-induced stress could be manifested in varieties of pathways, a model species, mirror carp (Cyprinus carpio), were chronically exposed to hypoxic condition ...


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