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Corrigendum: Oxidant stress evoked by pacemaking in dopaminergic neurons is attenuated by DJ-1

21.05.2015 | Jaime N. Guzman; Javier Sanchez-Padilla; David Wokosin; Jyothisri Kondapalli; Ema Ilijic; Paul T. Schumacker; D. Jam ..., Nature, 2015

Corrigendum: Oxidant stress evoked by pacemaking in dopaminergic neurons is attenuated by DJ-1 Nature 521, 7552 (2015). doi:10.1038/nature14487 Authors: Jaime N. Guzman, Javier Sanchez-Padilla, David Wokosin, Jyothisri Kondapalli, Ema Ilijic, ...


Relationship Between Emotional Behavior in Mice and the Concentration of (+)‐α‐Santalol in the Brain

19.05.2015 | Tadaaki Satou, Yuko Ogawa, Kazuo Koike, Phytotherapy Research, 2015

We previously reported finding anxiolytic‐like activity for sandalwood oil after administration in mice. In this report, we further investigated the emotional behavior associated with inhaled or intraperitoneally administered (+)‐α‐santalol, the main component of sandalwood oil, in addition to ...


Quantitative Proteomics Analysis of Camelina sativa Seeds Overexpressing the AGG3 Gene to Identify the Proteomic Basis of Increased Yield and Stress Tolerance

19.05.2015 | Sophie Alvarez; Swarup Roy Choudhury; Kumaran Sivagnanam; Leslie M. Hicks; Sona Pandey, Journal of Proteome Research, 2015

Camelina sativa, a close relative of Arabidopsis, is an oilseed plant that is emerging as an important biofuel resource. The genome and transcriptome maps of Camelina have become available recently, but its proteome composition remained unexplored. A labeling LC-based quantitative proteomics ...


Hydrodynamic Effects on Drug Dissolution and Deaggregation in the Small Intestine—A Study with Felodipine as a Model Drug

16.05.2015 | Lennart Lindfors, Malin Jonsson, Emelie Weibull, James G. Brasseur, Bertil Abrahamsson, Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, 2015

The aim of this study was to understand and predict the influence of hydrodynamic effects in the small intestine on dissolution of primary and aggregated drug particles. Dissolution tests of suspensions with a low‐solubility drug, felodipine, were performed in a Couette cell under hydrodynamic ...


Steady‐state tilt has no effect on cerebrovascular CO2reactivityin anterior and posterior cerebral circulations

13.05.2015 | Michael M. Tymko, Rachel J. Skow, Christina M. MacKay, Trevor A. Day, Experimental Physiology, 2015

Cerebral autoregulation is a protective feature of the cerebrovasculature that maintains relatively constant cerebral perfusion in the face of static and dynamic fluctuations in mean arterial pressure (MAP). However, the extent to which the cerebrovasculature can autoregulate in the face of ...


Transcriptome-Wide Identification of Salt-Responsive Members of the WRKY Gene Family in Gossypium aridum

07.05.2015 | Xinqi Fan et al., PLoS ONE, 2015

by Xinqi Fan, Qi Guo, Peng Xu, YuanYong Gong, Hongmei Shu, Yang Yang, Wanchao Ni, Xianggui Zhang, Xinlian Shen WRKY transcription factors are plant-specific, zinc finger-type transcription factors. The WRKY superfamily is involved in abiotic stress responses in many crops including cotton, a ...


High‐density lipoprotein inhibits mechanical stress‐induced cardiomyocyte autophagy and cardiac hypertrophy through angiotensin II type 1 receptor‐mediated PI3K/Akt pathway

06.05.2015 | Li Lin, Xuebo Liu, Jianfeng Xu, Liqing Weng, Jun Ren, Junbo Ge, Yunzeng Zou, Journal of Cellular and Molecular Medicine, 2015

Abstract Mechanical stress triggers cardiac hypertrophy and autophagy through an angiotensin II (Ang II) type 1 (AT1) receptor‐dependent mechanism. Low level of high density lipoprotein (HDL) is an independent risk factor for cardiac hypertrophy. This study was designed to evaluate the effect ...


PERK Limits Drosophila Lifespan by Promoting Intestinal Stem Cell Proliferation in Response to ER Stress

06.05.2015 | Lifen Wang et al., PLoS Genetics, 2015

by Lifen Wang, Hyung Don Ryoo, Yanyan Qi, Heinrich Jasper Intestinal homeostasis requires precise control of intestinal stem cell (ISC) proliferation. In Drosophila, this control declines with age largely due to chronic activation of stress signaling and associated chronic inflammatory ...


A simple LC‐MS/MS method for quantitative analysis of underivatized neurotransmitters in rats urine: assay development, validation and application in the CUMS rat model

06.05.2015 | Xue‐jia Zhai, Fen Chen, Chao‐ran Zhu, Yong‐ning Lu, Biomedical Chromatography, 2015

Abstract Many amino acid neurotransmitters in urine are associated with chronic stress as well as major depressive disorders. To better understand depression, an analytical LC‐MS/MS method for the simultaneous determination of 11 underivatized neurotransmitters (4‐aminohippurate, 5‐HIAA, ...


Organelle DNA rearrangement mapping reveals U-turn-like inversions as a major source of genomic instability in Arabidopsis and humans [RESEARCH]

01.05.2015 | Zampini, E., Lepage, E., Tremblay-Belzile, S., Truche, S., Brisson, N., Genome Research, 2015

Failure to maintain organelle genome stability has been linked to numerous phenotypes, including variegation and cytosolic male sterility (CMS) in plants, as well as cancer and neurodegenerative diseases in mammals. Here we describe a next-generation sequencing approach that precisely maps and ...


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