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Modulation of cell morphogenesis by Tousled‐like kinase in the Drosophila follicle cell

16.05.2015 | Tsung‐Han Yeh, Shu‐Yu Huang, Wan‐Yu Lan, Gwo‐Jen Liaw, Jenn‐Yah Yu, Developmental Dynamics, 2015

Abstract Background: Tousled‐like kinase (Tlk) is a conserved Serine/Threonine kinase regulating DNA replication, chromatin assembly, and DNA repair. Previous studies have suggested that Tlk is involved in cell morphogenesis in vitro. In addition, tlk genetically interact with Rho1, which ...


Subunits of the Pyruvate Dehydrogenase Cluster of Mycoplasma pneumoniae Are Surface-Displayed Proteins that Bind and Activate Human Plasminogen

15.05.2015 | Anne Gründel et al., PLoS ONE, 2015

by Anne Gründel, Kathleen Friedrich, Melanie Pfeiffer, Enno Jacobs, Roger Dumke The dual role of glycolytic enzymes in cytosol-located metabolic processes and in cell surface-mediated functions with an influence on virulence is described for various micro-organisms. Cell wall-less bacteria of ...


PsHint1, associated with the G‐protein alpha subunit PsGPA1, is required for the chemotaxis and pathogenicity of Phytophthora sojae

15.05.2015 | Xin Zhang, Chunhua Zhai, Chenlei Hua, Min Qiu, Yujuan Hao, Pingping Nie, Wenwu Ye, Yuanchao Wang, Molecular Plant Pathology, 2015

Summary Zoospore chemotaxis to soybean isoflavones is essential in the early stages of infection by the oomycete pathogen Phytophthora sojae. We previously identified a G‐protein α subunit encoded by PsGPA1 that regulates the chemotaxis and pathogenicity of P. sojae. In the present study, we ...


Characterization of mitochondrial FOXRED1 in the assembly of respiratory chain complex I

15.05.2015 | Luke E. Formosa; Masakazu Mimaki; Ann E. Frazier; Matthew McKenzie; Tegan L. Stait; David R. Thorburn; David A. Stro ..., Human Molecular Genetics, 2015

Human mitochondrial complex I is the largest enzyme of the respiratory chain and is composed of 44 different subunits. Complex I subunits are encoded by both nuclear and mitochondrial (mt) DNA and their assembly requires a number of additional proteins. FAD-dependent oxidoreductase ...


ADME SARfari: comparative genomics of drug metabolizing systems

15.05.2015 | Mark Davies; Nathan Dedman; Anne Hersey; George Papadatos; Matthew D. Hall; Lourdes Cucurull-Sanchez; Phil Jeffrey; ..., Bioinformatics, 2015

Motivation: ADME SARfari is a freely available web resource that enables comparative analyses of drug-disposition genes. It does so by integrating a number of publicly available data sources, which have subsequently been used to build data mining services, predictive tools and visualizations for ...


NLR-parser: rapid annotation of plant NLR complements

15.05.2015 | Burkhard Steuernagel; Florian Jupe; Kamil Witek; Jonathan D.G. Jones; Brande B.H. Wulff, Bioinformatics, 2015

Motivation: The repetitive nature of plant disease resistance genes encoding for nucleotide-binding leucine-rich repeat (NLR) proteins hampers their prediction with standard gene annotation software. Motif alignment and search tool (MAST) has previously been reported as a tool to support ...


Varicella Viruses Inhibit Interferon-Stimulated JAK-STAT Signaling through Multiple Mechanisms

14.05.2015 | Marieke C. Verweij et al., PLoS Pathogens, 2015

by Marieke C. Verweij, Mary Wellish, Travis Whitmer, Daniel Malouli, Martin Lapel, Stipan Jonjić, Juergen G. Haas, Victor R. DeFilippis, Ravi Mahalingam, Klaus Früh Varicella zoster virus (VZV) causes chickenpox in humans and, subsequently, establishes latency in the sensory ganglia from where ...


Rosetta comparative modeling for library design: Engineering alternative inducer specificity in a transcription factor

14.05.2015 | Ramesh K. Jha, Subhendu Chakraborti, Theresa L. Kern, David T. Fox, Charlie E. M. Strauss, Proteins: Structure, Function, and Bioinformatics, 2015

Abstract Structure‐based rational mutagenesis for engineering protein functionality has been limited by the scarcity and difficulty of obtaining crystal structures of desired proteins. On other hand, when high throughput selection is possible, directed‐evolution based approaches for gaining ...


Viruses, Vol. 7, Pages 2378-2403: Influence of Cellular Trafficking Pathway on Bluetongue Virus Infection in Ovine Cells

13.05.2015 | Bhattacharya, Bishnupriya ; Celma, Cristina C.; Roy, Polly, Viruses, 2015

Bluetongue virus (BTV), a non-enveloped arbovirus, causes hemorrhagic disease in ruminants. However, the influence of natural host cell proteins on BTV replication process is not defined. In addition to cell lysis, BTV also exits non-ovine cultured cells by non-lytic pathways mediated by ...


Systems biology approach reveals possible evolutionarily conserved moonlighting functions for enolase

10.05.2015 | Author(s): Gabriela Prado Paludo , Karina Rodrigues Lorenzatto , Diego Bonatto , Henrique Bunselmeyer Ferreira, Computational Biology and Chemistry, 2015

Publication date: Available online 21 April 2015 Source:Computational Biology and Chemistry Author(s): Gabriela Prado Paludo , Karina Rodrigues Lorenzatto , Diego Bonatto , Henrique Bunselmeyer Ferreira Glycolytic enzymes, such as enolase, have been described as multifunctional complex ...


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