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Arginine methylation and citrullination of splicing factor proline- and glutamine-rich (SFPQ/PSF) regulates its association with mRNA [ARTICLES]

01.03.2015 | Ambrosius P. Snijders; Guillaume M. Hautbergue; Alex Bloom; James C. Williamson; Thomas C. Minshull; Helen L. Philli ..., RNA, 2015

Splicing factor proline- and glutamine-rich (SFPQ) also commonly known as polypyrimidine tract-binding protein-associated-splicing factor (PSF) and its binding partner non-POU domain-containing octamer-binding protein (NONO/p54nrb), are highly abundant, multifunctional nuclear proteins. However, ...


Functional Conservation of Both CDS- and 3′-UTR-Located MicroRNA Binding Sites between Species

01.03.2015 | Guojing Liu; Rui Zhang; Jin Xu; Chung-I Wu; Xuemei Lu, Molecular Biology and Evolution, 2015

MicroRNAs (miRNAs) mediate gene regulation posttranscriptionally through pairing of their seed (2–7 nt) to 3'-untranslated regions (3'-UTRs) or coding regions (coding sequences [CDSs]) of their target genes. CDS target sites generally show weaker repression effects than 3'-UTR sites. However, ...


The reverse transcriptase–RNase H: from viruses to antiviral defense

19.02.2015 | Karin Moelling, Felix Broecker, Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, 2015

Ubiquitous, reverse transcriptase may have contributed to the transition from the RNA to the DNA world, a transition that also involved RNase H–like activities. Both enzymes shaped various genomes and antiviral defense systems as endogenous retroviruses (ERVs) and transposable elements (TEs). A ...


PU.1 antisense lncRNA against its mRNA translation promotes adipogenesis in porcine preadipocytes

18.02.2015 | N. Wei, Y. Wang, R.‐X. Xu, G.‐Q. Wang, Y. Xiong, T.‐Y. Yu, G.‐S. Yang, W.‐J. Pang, Animal Genetics, 2015

Summary Antisense long non‐coding RNAs (AS lncRNAs) play important roles in refined regulation of animal gene expression. However, their functions and molecular mechanisms for domestic animal adipogenesis are largely unknown. Here, we found a novel AS lncRNA transcribed from the porcine PU.1 ...


The principal mRNA nuclear export factor NXF1:NXT1 forms a symmetric binding platform that facilitates export of retroviral CTE-RNA

18.02.2015 | Shintaro Aibara; Jun Katahira; Eugene Valkov; Murray Stewart, Nucleic Acids Research, 2015

The NXF1:NXT1 complex (also known as TAP:p15) is a general mRNA nuclear export factor that is conserved from yeast to humans. NXF1 is a modular protein constructed from four domains (RRM, LRR, NTF2-like and UBA domains). It is currently unclear how NXF1:NXT1 binds transcripts and whether there is ...


Detecting riboSNitches with RNA folding algorithms: a genome-wide benchmark

18.02.2015 | Meredith Corley; Amanda Solem; Kun Qu; Howard Y. Chang; Alain Laederach, Nucleic Acids Research, 2015

Ribonucleic acid (RNA) secondary structure prediction continues to be a significant challenge, in particular when attempting to model sequences with less rigidly defined structures, such as messenger and non-coding RNAs. Crucial to interpreting RNA structures as they pertain to individual ...


OCRL-mutated fibroblasts from patients with Dent-2 disease exhibit INPP5B-independent phenotypic variability relatively to Lowe syndrome cells

15.02.2015 | Rodrick Montjean; Rifdat Aoidi; Pierrette Desbois; Julien Rucci; Michaël Trichet; Rémi Salomon; John Rendu; Julien F ..., Human Molecular Genetics, 2015

OCRL mutations are associated with both Lowe syndrome and Dent-2 disease, two rare X-linked conditions. Lowe syndrome is an oculo-cerebro-renal disorder, whereas Dent-2 patients mainly present renal proximal tubulopathy. Loss of OCRL-1, a phosphoinositide-5-phosphatase, leads in Lowe patients' ...


The Exosome Component Rrp6 Is Required for RNA Polymerase II Termination at Specific Targets of the Nrd1-Nab3 Pathway

13.02.2015 | Melanie J. Fox et al., PLoS Genetics, 2015

by Melanie J. Fox, Hongyu Gao, Whitney R. Smith-Kinnaman, Yunlong Liu, Amber L. Mosley The exosome and its nuclear specific subunit Rrp6 form a 3’-5’ exonuclease complex that regulates diverse aspects of RNA biology including 3’ end processing and degradation of a variety of noncoding RNAs ...


ABCE1 Is a Highly Conserved RNA Silencing Suppressor

06.02.2015 | Kairi Kärblane et al., PLoS ONE, 2015

by Kairi Kärblane, Jelena Gerassimenko, Lenne Nigul, Alla Piirsoo, Agata Smialowska, Kadri Vinkel, Per Kylsten, Karl Ekwall, Peter Swoboda, Erkki Truve, Cecilia Sarmiento ATP-binding cassette sub-family E member 1 (ABCE1) is a highly conserved protein among eukaryotes and archaea. Recent ...


Geranylgeranyltransferase Cwg2‐Rho4/Rho5 module is implicated in the Pmk1 MAP kinase‐mediated cell wall integrity pathway in fission yeast

05.02.2015 | Akira Doi, Ayako Kita, Yuki Kanda, Takaya Uno, Keita Asami, Ryosuke Satoh, Kentaro Nakano, Reiko Sugiura, Genes to Cells, 2015

Pmk1, a fission yeast homologue of mammalian ERK MAPK, regulates cell wall integrity, cytokinesis, RNA granule formation and ion homeostasis. Our screen for vic (viable in the presence of immunosuppressant and chloride ion) mutants identified regulators of the Pmk1 MAPK signaling, including Cpp1 ...


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