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X chromosome-linked intellectual disability protein PQBP1 associates with and regulates the translation of specific mRNAs

15.08.2015 | Didi Wan; Zi Chao Zhang; Xiaoyan Zhang; Qian Li; Junhai Han, Human Molecular Genetics, 2015

X chromosome-linked intellectual disability is a common developmental disorder, and mutations of the polyglutamine-binding protein 1 (PQBP1) gene have been linked to this disease. In addition to existing in the nucleus as a splicing factor, PQBP1 is also found in cytoplasmic RNA granules, where ...


SAMHD1 is a single-stranded nucleic acid binding protein with no active site-associated nuclease activity

27.07.2015 | Kyle J. Seamon; Zhiqiang Sun; Luda S. Shlyakhtenko; Yuri L. Lyubchenko; James T. Stivers, Nucleic Acids Research, 2015

The HIV-1 restriction factor SAMHD1 is a tetrameric enzyme activated by guanine nucleotides with dNTP triphosphate hydrolase activity (dNTPase). In addition to this established activity, there have been a series of conflicting reports as to whether the enzyme also possesses single-stranded DNA ...


RNautophagy/DNautophagy possesses selectivity for RNA/DNA substrates

27.07.2015 | Katsunori Hase; Yuuki Fujiwara; Hisae Kikuchi; Shu Aizawa; Fumihiko Hakuno; Shin-Ichiro Takahashi; Keiji Wada; Tomoh ..., Nucleic Acids Research, 2015

Lysosomes can degrade various biological macromolecules, including nucleic acids, proteins and lipids. Recently, we identified novel nucleic acid-degradation systems termed RNautophagy/DNautophagy (abbreviated as RDA), in which RNA and DNA are directly taken up by lysosomes in an ATP-dependent ...


A cis-encoded sRNA, Hfq and mRNA secondary structure act independently to suppress IS200 transposition

27.07.2015 | Michael J. Ellis; Ryan S. Trussler; David B. Haniford, Nucleic Acids Research, 2015

IS200 is found throughout Enterobacteriaceae and transposes at a notoriously low frequency. In addition to the transposase protein (TnpA), IS200 encodes an uncharacterized Hfq-binding sRNA that is encoded opposite to the tnpA 5'UTR. In the current work we asked if this sRNA represses tnpA ...


Hairless Streaks in Cattle Implicate TSR2 in Early Hair Follicle Formation

23.07.2015 | Leonardo Murgiano et al., PLoS Genetics, 2015

by Leonardo Murgiano, Vera Shirokova, Monika Maria Welle, Vidhya Jagannathan, Philippe Plattet, Anna Oevermann, Aldona Pienkowska-Schelling, Daniele Gallo, Arcangelo Gentile, Marja Mikkola, Cord Drögemüller Four related cows showed hairless streaks on various parts of the body with no ...


Advanced Proteogenomic Analysis Reveals Multiple Peptide Mutations and Complex Immunoglobulin Peptides in Colon Cancer

21.07.2015 | Sunghee Woo; Seong Won Cha; Stefano Bonissone; Seungjin Na; David L. Tabb; Pavel A. Pevzner; Vineet Bafna, Journal of Proteome Research, 2015

Aiming toward an improved understanding of the regulation of proteins in cancer, recent studies from the Clinical Proteomic Tumor Analysis Consortium (CPTAC) have focused on analyzing cancer tissue using proteomic technologies and workflows. Although many proteogenomics approaches for the study ...


DsrA regulatory RNA represses both hns and rbsD mRNAs through distinct mechanisms in Escherichia coli

14.07.2015 | David Lalaouna, Audrey Morissette, Marie‐Claude Carrier, Eric Massé, Molecular Microbiology, 2015

Abstract The 87 nucleotide long DsrA sRNA has been mostly studied for its translational activation of the transcriptional regulator RpoS. However, it also represses hns mRNA, which encodes H‐NS, a major regulator that affects expression of nearly 5% of Escherichia coli genes. A speculative ...


Plant Mediator complex and its critical functions in transcription regulation

14.07.2015 | Yan Yang, Ling Li, Li‐Jia Qu, Journal of Integrative Plant Biology, 2015

Abstract The Mediator complex is an important component of the eukaryotic transcriptional machinery. As an essential link between transcription factors and RNA polymerase II, the Mediator complex transduces diverse signals to genes involved in different pathways. The plant Mediator complex ...


N protein from lambdoid phages transforms NusA into an antiterminator by modulating NusA-RNA polymerase flap domain interactions

13.07.2015 | Saurabh Mishra; Ranjan Sen, Nucleic Acids Research, 2015

Interaction of the lambdoid phage N protein with the bacterial transcription elongation factor NusA is the key component in the process of transcription antitermination. A convex surface of E. coli NusA-NTD, located opposite to its RNA polymerase-binding domain (the β-flap domain), directly ...


Multivalent ion-mediated nucleic acid helix-helix interactions: RNA versus DNA

13.07.2015 | Yuan-Yan Wu; Zhong-Liang Zhang; Jin-Si Zhang; Xiao-Long Zhu; Zhi-Jie Tan, Nucleic Acids Research, 2015

Ion-mediated interaction is critical to the structure and stability of nucleic acids. Recent experiments suggest that the multivalent ion-induced aggregation of double-stranded (ds) RNAs and DNAs may strongly depend on the topological nature of helices, while there is still lack of an ...


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