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The apical ectodermal ridge of the mouse model of ectrodactyly Dlx5;Dlx6−/− shows altered stratification and cell polarity, which are restored by exogenous Wnt5a ligand

15.02.2016 | Daniele Conte; Giulia Garaffo; Nadia Lo Iacono; Stefano Mantero; Stefano Piccolo; Michelangelo Cordenonsi; David Per ..., Human Molecular Genetics, 2016

The congenital malformation split hand/foot (SHFM) is characterized by missing central fingers and dysmorphology or fusion of the remaining ones. Type-1 SHFM is linked to deletions/rearrangements of the DLX5–DLX6 locus and point mutations in the DLX5 gene. The ectrodactyly phenotype is reproduced ...


Delayed astrocytic contact with cerebral blood vessels in FGF‐2 deficient mice does not compromise permeability properties at the developing blood‐brain barrier

06.02.2016 | Norman R. Saunders, Katarzyna M. Dziegielewska, Klaus Unsicker, C. Joakim Ek, Developmental Neurobiology, 2016

Abstract The brain functions within a specialised environment tightly controlled by brain barrier mechanisms. Understanding the regulation of barrier formation is important for understanding brain development and may also lead to finding new ways to deliver pharmacotherapies to the brain; ...


Flow cytometry as an improved method for the titration of Chlamydiaceae and other intracellular bacteria

05.02.2016 | T. Käser, J. A. Pasternak, G. Hamonic, M. Rieder, K. Lai, M. Delgado‐Ortega, V. Gerdts, F. Meurens, Cytometry Part A, 2016

Abstract Chlamydiaceae is a family of intracellular bacteria causing a range of diverse pathological outcomes. The most devastating human diseases are ocular infections with C. trachomatis leading to blindness and genital infections causing pelvic inflammatory disease with long‐term sequelae ...


A Stable Pyrophosphoserine Analog for Incorporation into Peptides and Proteins

05.02.2016 | Lisa M. Yates; Dorothea Fiedler, ACS Chemical Biology, 2016

Protein pyrophosphorylation is a covalent modification of proteins, mediated by the inositol pyrophosphate messengers. Although the inositol pyrophosphates have been linked to a range of cellular processes, the role of protein pyrophosphorylation remains minimally characterized in vivo. The ...


Interpretation of Ocular Melanin Drug Binding Assays. Alternatives to the Model of Multiple Classes of Independent Sites

05.02.2016 | José A. Manzanares; Anna-Kaisa Rimpelä; Arto Urtti, Molecular Pharmaceutics, 2016

Melanin has a high binding affinity for a wide range of drugs. The determination of the melanin binding capacity and its binding affinity are important, e.g., in the determination of the ocular drug distribution, the prediction of drug effects in the eye, and the trans-scleral drug delivery. The ...


Viruses, Vol. 8, Pages 44: A KDEL Retrieval System for ER-Golgi Transport of Japanese Encephalitis Viral Particles

05.02.2016 | Wang, Robert YL; Wu, Yu-Jen ; Chen, Han-Shan ; Chen, Chih-Jung, Viruses, 2016

Evidence has emerged that RNA viruses utilize the host secretory pathway for processing and trafficking mature viral particles and for exiting the infected cells. Upon completing the complex assembly process, the viral particles take advantage of the cellular secretory trafficking machinery for ...


Marine Drugs, Vol. 14, Pages 35: Potential Anti-Atherosclerotic Properties of Astaxanthin

05.02.2016 | Kishimoto, Yoshimi ; Yoshida, Hiroshi ; Kondo, Kazuo, Marine Drugs, 2016

Astaxanthin is a naturally occurring red carotenoid pigment classified as a xanthophyll, found in microalgae and seafood such as salmon, trout, and shrimp. This review focuses on astaxanthin as a bioactive compound and outlines the evidence associated with its potential role in the prevention of ...


Sirtuins 1 and 2 Are Universal Histone Deacetylases

05.02.2016 | Willie W. Hsu; Bo Wu; Wenshe R. Liu, ACS Chemical Biology, 2016

Lysine acetylation serves as an epigenetic marker for myriad cellular processes, such as signaling, differentiation, DNA repair, angiogenesis, and the like. Sirtuin 1 (SIRT1) and sirtuin 2 (SIRT2) are NAD+-dependent histone deacetylases that operate as post-translational regulators for the ...


Ginger augmented chemotherapy: A novel multitarget non‐toxic approach for cancer management

04.02.2016 | Roopali Saxena, Padmashree C. G. Rida, Omer Kucuk, Ritu Aneja, Molecular Nutrition & Food Research, 2016

Cancer, referred to as the ‘disease of civilization’, continues to haunt humanity due to its dreadful manifestations and limited success of therapeutic interventions such as chemotherapy in curing the disease. Although effective, chemotherapy has repeatedly demonstrated inadequacy in disease ...


Antenatal prediction of neonatal death in single ventricle congenital heart disease

04.02.2016 | Seung Mi Lee, Jeong Eun Kwon, Sang Hoon Song, Gi Beom Kim, Jung Yeon Park, Byoung Jae Kim, Joon Ho Lee, Chan‐Wook Pa ..., Prenatal Diagnosis, 2016

Abstract Objective The objective of this study was to determine whether antenatal ultrasound findings and cord blood N‐terminal pro‐B‐type natriuretic peptide(NT pro‐BNP) and cardiac troponin T(cTnT) can predict neonatal mortality in single ventricle congenital heart ...


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