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[In Depth] Many psychology papers fail replication test

28.08.2015 | John Bohannon, Science , 2015

The largest effort yet to replicate psychology studies has yielded both good and bad news. On the down side, of the 100 prominent papers analyzed, only 39% could be replicated unambiguously, as a group of 270 researchers describes on page 943. On the up side, despite the sobering results, the ...


[Report] Irrationality in mate choice revealed by túngara frogs

28.08.2015 | Amanda M. Lea; Michael J. Ryan, Science , 2015

Mate choice models derive from traditional microeconomic decision theory and assume that individuals maximize their Darwinian fitness by making economically rational decisions. Rational choices exhibit regularity, whereby the relative strength of preferences between options remains stable when ...


[Perspective] As simple as [2+2]

28.08.2015 | Myles W. Smith; Phil S. Baran, Science , 2015

Olefin cycloadditions, pericyclic reactions in which the relatively weak π bonds of these unsaturated species are swapped out for stronger σ bonds, are among the most widely exploited transformations in organic synthesis (1). Indeed, the Diels-Alder reaction—a [4π+2π] cycloaddition (a [4+2] ...


[Report] Iron-catalyzed intermolecular [2+2] cycloadditions of unactivated alkenes

28.08.2015 | Jordan M. Hoyt; Valerie A. Schmidt; Aaron M. Tondreau; Paul J. Chirik, Science , 2015

Cycloadditions, such as the [4+2] Diels-Alder reaction to form six-membered rings, are among the most powerful and widely used methods in synthetic chemistry. The analogous [2+2] alkene cycloaddition to synthesize cyclobutanes is kinetically accessible by photochemical methods, but the substrate ...


[Research Article] Extended-resolution structured illumination imaging of endocytic and cytoskeletal dynamics

28.08.2015 | Dong Li; Lin Shao; Bi-Chang Chen; Xi Zhang; Mingshu Zhang; Brian Moses; Daniel E. Milkie; Jordan R. Beach; John A. H ..., Science , 2015

Super-resolution fluorescence microscopy is distinct among nanoscale imaging tools in its ability to image protein dynamics in living cells. Structured illumination microscopy (SIM) stands out in this regard because of its high speed and low illumination intensities, but typically offers only a ...


[In Depth] Monarchs pose a puzzle

07.08.2015 | Emily DeMarco, Science , 2015

Eastern North American monarch butterflies have seen a dramatic decline on their major wintering grounds in central Mexico's highland forests. But few studies have systematically examined monarch population trends in other areas and at other points in the insects' life history. Now, a collection ...


[Review] Crystallization by particle attachment in synthetic, biogenic, and geologic environments

31.07.2015 | James J. De Yoreo; Pupa U. P. A. Gilbert; Nico A. J. M. Sommerdijk; R. Lee Penn; Stephen Whitelam; Derk Joester; Hen ..., Science , 2015

Field and laboratory observations show that crystals commonly form by the addition and attachment of particles that range from multi-ion complexes to fully formed nanoparticles. The particles involved in these nonclassical pathways to crystallization are diverse, in contrast to classical models ...


[In Depth] Web billionaire bankrolls search for alien signals

24.07.2015 | Daniel Clery, Science , 2015

Are we alone in the universe? Russian internet entrepreneur Yuri Milner wants to know—and he's willing to pay for an answer. Milner has donated $100 million for a 10-year effort to detect signals from other civilizations in the universe, an effort that has drawn high-profile support from ...


[Report] Exceptionally low daily energy expenditure in the bamboo-eating giant panda

10.07.2015 | Yonggang Nie; John R. Speakman; Qi Wu; Chenglin Zhang; Yibo Hu; Maohua Xia; Li Yan; Catherine Hambly; Lu Wang; Wei W ..., Science , 2015

The carnivoran giant panda has a specialized bamboo diet, to which its alimentary tract is poorly adapted. Measurements of daily energy expenditure across five captive and three wild pandas averaged 5.2 megajoules (MJ)/day, only 37.7% of the predicted value (13.8 MJ/day). For the wild pandas, the ...


[Report] Gas phase observation and microwave spectroscopic characterization of formic sulfuric anhydride

03.07.2015 | Rebecca B. Mackenzie; Christopher T. Dewberry; Kenneth R. Leopold, Science , 2015

We report the observation of a covalently bound species, formic sulfuric anhydride (FSA), that is produced from formic acid and sulfur trioxide under supersonic jet conditions. FSA has been structurally characterized by means of microwave spectroscopy and further investigated by using density ...


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