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[Report] Mutation rate and genotype variation of Ebola virus from Mali case sequences

03.04.2015 | T. Hoenen; D. Safronetz; A. Groseth; K. R. Wollenberg; O. A. Koita; B. Diarra; I. S. Fall; F. C. Haidara; F. Diallo; ..., Science , 2015

The occurrence of Ebola virus (EBOV) in West Africa during 2013–2015 is unprecedented. Early reports suggested that in this outbreak EBOV is mutating twice as fast as previously observed, which indicates the potential for changes in transmissibility and virulence and could render current ...


[Special Issue Review] Adoptive cell transfer as personalized immunotherapy for human cancer

03.04.2015 | Steven A. Rosenberg; Nicholas P. Restifo, Science , 2015

Adoptive cell therapy (ACT) is a highly personalized cancer therapy that involves administration to the cancer-bearing host of immune cells with direct anticancer activity. ACT using naturally occurring tumor-reactive lymphocytes has mediated durable, complete regressions in patients with ...


[In Depth] ‘Fixed’ nitrogen found in martian soil

27.03.2015 | Eric Hand, Science , 2015

In addition to organic molecules, the Curiosity rover has found another key chemical lurking in the martian soil: nitrates—the NO3-bearing compounds that are crucial ingredients for life on Earth and a chief component in fertilizer. The nitrogen is thought to come from the martian atmosphere, ...


[Report] Single-protein spin resonance spectroscopy under ambient conditions

06.03.2015 | Fazhan Shi; Qi Zhang; Pengfei Wang; Hongbin Sun; Jiarong Wang; Xing Rong; Ming Chen; Chenyong Ju; Friedemann Reinhar ..., Science , 2015

Magnetic resonance is essential in revealing the structure and dynamics of biomolecules. However, measuring the magnetic resonance spectrum of single biomolecules has remained an elusive goal. We demonstrate the detection of the electron spin resonance signal from a single spin-labeled protein ...


[Report] An arboreal docodont from the Jurassic and mammaliaform ecological diversification

13.02.2015 | Qing-Jin Meng; Qiang Ji; Yu-Guang Zhang; Di Liu; David M. Grossnickle; Zhe-Xi Luo, Science , 2015

A new docodontan mammaliaform from the Middle Jurassic of China has skeletal features for climbing and dental characters indicative of an omnivorous diet that included plant sap. This fossil expands the range of known locomotor adaptations in docodontans to include climbing, in addition to ...


[Report] Direct observation and kinetics of a hydroperoxyalkyl radical (QOOH)

06.02.2015 | John D. Savee; Ewa Papajak; Brandon Rotavera; Haifeng Huang; Arkke J. Eskola; Oliver Welz; Leonid Sheps; Craig A. Ta ..., Science , 2015

Oxidation of organic compounds in combustion and in Earth’s troposphere is mediated by reactive species formed by the addition of molecular oxygen (O2) to organic radicals. Among the most crucial and elusive of these intermediates are hydroperoxyalkyl radicals, often denoted “QOOH.” These species ...


[Report] Origin of dramatic oxygen solute strengthening effect in titanium

06.02.2015 | Qian Yu; Liang Qi; Tomohito Tsuru; Rachel Traylor; David Rugg; J. W. Morris Jr.; Mark Asta; D. C. Chrzan; Andrew M. ..., Science , 2015

Structural alloys are often strengthened through the addition of solute atoms. However, given that solute atoms interact weakly with the elastic fields of screw dislocations, it has long been accepted that solution hardening is only marginally effective in materials with mobile screw ...


[Perspective] Taking temperature at the nanoscale

06.02.2015 | Christian Colliex, Science , 2015

Measuring temperature has become commonplace since Fahrenheit, Celsius, and others introduced thermometers and temperature scales in the 18th century. However, the definition of temperature is not at all obvious, as it is now described as a statistical quantity given by the rate of change of ...


[In Depth] Seafloor grooves record the beat of the ice ages

06.02.2015 | Eric Hand, Science , 2015

In addition to carving up the continents, the ice ages also tattoo the sea floor with rhythmic patterns, according to two studies published this week. At seafloor spreading centers, plates of ocean crust diverge and magma erupts in the gap, building new crust onto the plates' trailing edges. ...


[Report] Composition-matched molecular “solders” for semiconductors

23.01.2015 | Dmitriy S. Dolzhnikov; Hao Zhang; Jaeyoung Jang; Jae Sung Son; Matthew G. Panthani; Tomohiro Shibata; Soma Chattopad ..., Science , 2015

We propose a general strategy to synthesize largely unexplored soluble chalcogenidometallates of cadmium, lead, and bismuth. These compounds can be used as “solders” for semiconductors widely used in photovoltaics and thermoelectrics. The addition of solder helped to bond crystal surfaces and ...


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