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[Report] Oxygen isotopic evidence for vigorous mixing during the Moon-forming giant impact

29.01.2016 | Edward D. Young; Issaku E. Kohl; Paul H. Warren; David C. Rubie; Seth A. Jacobson; Alessandro Morbidelli, Science , 2016

Earth and the Moon are shown here to have indistinguishable oxygen isotope ratios, with a difference in Δ′17O of −1 ± 5 parts per million (2 standard error). On the basis of these data and our new planet formation simulations that include a realistic model for primordial oxygen isotopic ...


[Perspective] Interlacing molecular threads

22.01.2016 | Enrique Gutierrez-Puebla, Science , 2016

The synthesis of organic materials has typically involved linking one or more types of discrete molecular building blocks to produce structures that are extended in three dimensions. For example, repeated addition of monomers results in the formation of organic polymers that have randomly packed ...


[Report] Archean upper crust transition from mafic to felsic marks the onset of plate tectonics

22.01.2016 | Ming Tang; Kang Chen; Roberta L. Rudnick, Science , 2016

The Archean Eon witnessed the production of early continental crust, the emergence of life, and fundamental changes to the atmosphere. The nature of the first continental crust, which was the interface between the surface and deep Earth, has been obscured by the weathering, erosion, and tectonism ...


[Business Office Feature] Automated sample preparation

15.01.2016 | Mike May, Science , 2016

Devices to prepare cells, nucleic acids, proteins, and other samples for analysis are becoming increasingly sophisticated, running faster and more accurately than ever before. In addition, their ease of use is making it possible to quickly train almost anyone to run automated sample ...


[In Depth] DATA CHECK: For female scientists, mixed funding results at U.S. agencies

08.01.2016 | Jeffrey Mervis, Science , 2016

A new study by a congressional watchdog agency finds that female scientists are less likely than men to receive research grants from the U.S. government. But the analysis by the Government Accountability Office (GAO) comes with several caveats. Some agencies don't collect the data needed to ...


[Report] Polysialylation controls dendritic cell trafficking by regulating chemokine recognition

08.01.2016 | Eva Kiermaier; Christine Moussion; Christopher T. Veldkamp; Rita Gerardy-Schahn; Ingrid de Vries; Larry G. Williams; ..., Science , 2016

The addition of polysialic acid to N- and/or O-linked glycans, referred to as polysialylation, is a rare posttranslational modification that is mainly known to control the developmental plasticity of the nervous system. Here we show that CCR7, the central chemokine receptor controlling immune ...


[Book Review] Winning the war

01.01.2016 | Adrian Woolfson, Science , 2016

In this engaging, provocative, and deeply personal book, Vincent DeVita and Elizabeth DeVita- Raeburn provide a compelling insider's guide into the personalities, organizations, and key protagonists that provided the backdrop and impetus for the unprecedented campaign known as the war on cancer. ...


[Report] Sieving hydrogen isotopes through two-dimensional crystals

01.01.2016 | M. Lozada-Hidalgo; S. Hu; O. Marshall; A. Mishchenko; A. N. Grigorenko; R. A. W. Dryfe; B. Radha; I. V. Grigorieva; ..., Science , 2016

One-atom-thick crystals are impermeable to atoms and molecules, but hydrogen ions (thermal protons) penetrate through them. We show that monolayers of graphene and boron nitride can be used to separate hydrogen ion isotopes. Using electrical measurements and mass spectrometry, we found that ...


[Report] An orthopoxvirus-based vaccine reduces virus excretion after MERS-CoV infection in dromedary camels

01.01.2016 | Bart L. Haagmans; Judith M. A. van den Brand; V. Stalin Raj; Asisa Volz; Peter Wohlsein; Saskia L. Smits; Debby Schi ..., Science , 2016

Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV) infections have led to an ongoing outbreak in humans, which was fueled by multiple zoonotic MERS-CoV introductions from dromedary camels. In addition to the implementation of hygiene measures to limit further camel-to-human and ...


[In Depth] Campaign against TB steps up its ambitions

18.12.2015 | Jon Cohen, Science , 2015

An international tuberculosis conference in Cape Town, South Africa, last week had the flavor of an HIV/AIDS gathering. In addition to street protests demanding cheaper drugs and impassioned pleas from people living with the disease, the meeting spotlighted a new drive to "end TB" that shares ...


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