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Prevalence of Lactobacillus plantarum and Oenococcus oeni during spontaneous malolactic fermentation in Patagonian red wines revealed by polymerase chain reaction‐denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis with two targeted genes

13.11.2014 | D. Valdés La Hens, B.M. Bravo‐Ferrada, L. Delfederico, A.C. Caballero, L.C. Semorile, Australian Journal of Grape and Wine Research, 2014

Abstract Background and Aims Information regarding the composition and dynamics of microbial communities throughout winemaking is always valuable to control the process and contributes to improving the quality of wine. The aims of this work were to analyse the diversity of lactic acid ...


Effects of Emulsifiers, Precooking and Washing Treatments on the Quality of Retorted Ginseng Chicken Soup

13.11.2014 | Endy Triyannanto, Keun T. Lee, Journal of Food Processing and Preservation, 2014

Abstract To improve the quality of retorted ginseng chicken soup (samgyetang), the effects of three different treatments, including emulsifier addition (T1), emulsifier addition/precooking (T2) and emulsifier addition/precooking/washing (T3), were investigated. T2 and T3 treatments showed a ...


Effect of Rooibos (Aspalathus Linearis) on Growth Control of Clostridium Perfringens and Lipid Oxidation of Ready‐to‐Eat Jokbal (Pig's Trotters)

12.11.2014 | Hee Jin Park, Keun‐Cheol Park, Ki Sun Yoon, Journal of Food Science, 2014

Abstract This study investigated the antimicrobial effects of rooibos (tea extract), potassium lactate (PL) and sodium diacetate (SDA) mixture alone or in combinations on the growth of Clostridium perfringens vegetative cell and spore in ready‐to‐eat (RTE) Jokbal (pig's trotters). Addition of ...


Antioxidant and Antimicrobial Activities of Rosemary Extract, Mint Extract and a Mixture of Tocopherols in Beef Sausage during Storage at 4C

12.11.2014 | Maryam Azizkhani, Fahimeh Tooryan, Journal of Food Safety, 2014

Abstract The effects of extracts of Rosmarinus officinalis (RE), Mentha longifolia (L.) Hudson (ME) and a mixture of tocopherols (Toc) on microbiological parameters and lipid oxidation were investigated in beef sausages stored for 25 days at 4C. The addition of RE resulted in significant ...


Effect of d‐Psicose Used as Sucrose Replacer on the Characteristics of Meringue

11.11.2014 | Siwaporn O'Charoen, Shigeru Hayakawa, Yoshiki Matsumoto, Masahiro Ogawa, Journal of Food Science, 2014

Abstract Excessive intake of sugar‐rich foods leads to metabolic syndrome. d‐Psicose (Psi) not commonly found in nature, is noncalorie sweetener with a suppressive effect on the blood glucose level. Thus, Psi has the potential to be utilized as a sucrose (Suc) replacer in sugar‐rich foods, ...


Rosmarinic acid exerts an anti‐osteoporotic effect in the RANKL‐induced mouse model of bone loss by promotion of osteoblastic differentiation and inhibition of osteoclastic differentiation

07.11.2014 | Ji‐Won Lee, Midori Asai, Sang‐Kyung Jeon, Tadahiro Iimura, Takayuki Yonezawa, Byung‐Yoon Cha, Je‐Tae Woo, Akira Yama ..., Molecular Nutrition & Food Research, 2014

Scope : Bone homeostasis is ensured by the balance between bone formation and resorption. Thus, control of the recruitment, proliferation, and differentiation of bone cells is essential to maintain bone mass. The aim of this study was to elucidate the effects of rosmarinic acid as a potential ...


Detection and Enumeration of Lactic Acid Bacteria, Acetic Acid Bacteria and Yeast in Kefir Grain and Milk Using Quantitative Real‐Time PCR

07.11.2014 | Dong‐Hyeon Kim, Jung‐Whan Chon, Hyunsook Kim, Hong‐Seok Kim, Dasom Choi, Dae‐Geun Hwang, Kun‐Ho Seo, Journal of Food Safety, 2014

Abstract Kefir is a unique fermented dairy product that is produced by a mixture of lactic acid bacteria, acetic acid bacteria and yeast. In this study, a culture‐independent quantitative real‐time polymerase chain reaction (PCR) technique was used to enumerate lactic acid bacteria, acetic ...


Natural Control of Corn Postharvest Fungi Aspergillus flavus and Penicillium sp. Using Essential Oils from Plants Grown in Argentina

06.11.2014 | Boris X. Camiletti, Claudia M. Asensio, María de la Paz Giménez Pecci, Enrique I. Lucini, Journal of Food Science, 2014

Abstract The objective in this study was to evaluate the antifungal activity of essential oils from native and commercial aromatic plants grown in Argentina against corn postharvest fungi and to link the essential oil bioactivity with lipid oxidation and morphological changes in fungus cell ...


The Potential for Utilizing the Seed Crop Amaranth (Amaranthus spp.) in East Africa as an Alternative Crop to Support Food Security and Climate Change Mitigation

05.11.2014 | F. Reta Alemayehu, M. A. Bendevis, S.‐E. Jacobsen, Journal of Agronomy and Crop Science, 2014

Abstract The projected growth in global food demand has resulted in increased attention towards underutilized crops with the potential to improve global food security and ability to mitigate adverse effects of climate changes. Changing consumer demands in favour of more nutritiously balanced ...


Effect of proteins on the formation of starch–lipid complexes during extrusion cooking of wheat flour with the addition of oleic acid

05.11.2014 | Teresa De Pilli, Jack Legrand, Antonio Derossi, Carla Severini, International Journal of Food Science & Technology, 2014

Summary The formation of starch–lipid complexes plays an important role in extruded products. The effect of gluten proteins on thermal conditions at which the starch–lipid complexes formed during extrusion cooking of wheat flour with the addition of oleic acid was evaluated, considering wheat ...


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