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Ginger augmented chemotherapy: A novel multitarget non‐toxic approach for cancer management

04.02.2016 | Roopali Saxena, Padmashree C. G. Rida, Omer Kucuk, Ritu Aneja, Molecular Nutrition & Food Research, 2016

Cancer, referred to as the ‘disease of civilization’, continues to haunt humanity due to its dreadful manifestations and limited success of therapeutic interventions such as chemotherapy in curing the disease. Although effective, chemotherapy has repeatedly demonstrated inadequacy in disease ...


Effect of Salinity on Growth Parameters, Soil Water Potential and Ion Composition in Cucumis melo cv. Huanghemi in North‐Western China

01.02.2016 | A. Tedeschi, L. Zong, C. H. Huang, L. Vitale, M. G. Volpe, X. Xue, Journal of Agronomy and Crop Science, 2016

Abstract A field trial conducted on the melon cultivar Huanghemi irrigated with saline water was carried out in Minqin County in the 2‐year period, 2007 and 2008. In three irrigation treatments, different saline water concentrations were applied, that is 0.8gl−1 (Control C), 2gl−1 ...


Enhanced Bioaccessibility of Curcuminoids in Buttermilk Yogurt in Comparison to Curcuminoids in Aqueous Dispersions

30.01.2016 | Shishan Fu, Mary Ann Augustin, Luz Sanguansri, Zhiping Shen, Ken Ng, Said Ajlouni, Journal of Food Science, 2016

Abstract Curcuminoids have low bioavailability due to low aqueous solubility. We compared the bioaccessibility of curcuminoids delivered in buttermilk yogurt to that of curcuminoid powder in an aqueous dispersion. Buttermilk containing added curcuminoids (300 mg/100 g, 0.3% w/w) was used for ...


Consumption of Bifidobacterium animalis subsp. lactis BB‐12 impacts upper respiratory tract infection and the function of NK and T cells in healthy adults

28.01.2016 | Huicui Meng, Yujin Lee, Zhaoyong Ba, Jiayu Peng, Junli Lin, Alexander S. Boyer, Jennifer A. Fleming, Emily J. Furumo ..., Molecular Nutrition & Food Research, 2016

Scope Probiotics can modulate immunity and reduce upper respiratory tract infections (URTI) in humans; however few studies have examined both outcomes in the same trial. The goal of the current study was to investigate the effect of Bifidobacterium animalis subsp. lactis BB‐12, on natural ...


Ultraviolet‐B alleviates the uncoupling effect of elevated CO2 and increased temperature on grape berry (Vitis vinifera cv. Tempranillo) anthocyanin and sugar accumulation

27.01.2016 | J. Martínez‐Lüscher, M. Sánchez‐Díaz, S. Delrot, J. Aguirreolea, I. Pascual, E. Gomès, Australian Journal of Grape and Wine Research, 2016

Abstract Background and Aims Atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) levels and temperature are expected to increase in the next decades. In addition, changes in climate as well as the stratospheric ozone concentration may affect the exposure of viticultural regions to UV‐B. The aim of the present ...


Engineering Digestion: Multiscale Processes of Food Digestion

23.01.2016 | Gail M. Bornhorst, Ourania Gouseti, Martin S.J. Wickham, Serafim Bakalis, Journal of Food Science, 2016

Abstract Food digestion is a complex, multiscale process that has recently become of interest to the food industry due to the developing links between food and health or disease. Food digestion can be studied by using either in vitro or in vivo models, each having certain advantages or ...


Coalho Cheese Made with Protease from Thermomucor indicae‐seudaticae N31: Technological Potential of the New Coagulant for the Production of High‐Cooked Cheese

23.01.2016 | Carolina Merheb‐Dini, Karina S. Chaves, Eleni Gomes, Roberto da Silva, Mirna L. Gigante, Journal of Food Science, 2016

Abstract The aim of this study was to explore the use of a new coagulant from Thermomucor indicae‐seudaticae N31 for the manufacture of a high‐cooked starter‐free cheese variety, by evaluating its physicochemical and functional characteristics in comparison to cheeses made with a traditional ...


Analysis of Browning of Broiled Foods by Noncontact Techniques: A Case Study for Japanese Eggplant (Solanum Melongena)

22.01.2016 | Yvan Llave, Kenji Takemori, Mika Fukuoka, Toshikazu Takemori, Haruo Tomita, Noboru Sakai, Journal of Food Process Engineering, 2016

Abstract This study aimed to develop and validate a novel method to analyze the browning behavior of foods during the broiling process by using the combined method of infrared thermography (IRT) and a kinetic browning model. Results were validated with estimated color by using computer vision ...


Quality Characteristics and Antioxidant Properties of Muffins Enriched with Date Fruit (Phoenix Dactylifera L.) Fiber Concentrates

22.01.2016 | Abdessalem Mrabet, Guillermo Rodríguez‐Gutiérrez, Rocío Rodríguez‐Arcos, Rafael Guillén‐Bejarano, Ali Ferchichi, Mar ..., Journal of Food Quality, 2016

Abstract Secondary varieties of date from Tunisia are underutilized due to their low commercial quality. Fiber concentrates (DFC) can be obtained from these fruits after a steam pretreatment. DFCs were evaluated as a source of antioxidant dietary fiber for bakery products. Muffins were ...


Shelf Life of Organic Roast Pork Enriched with Acid Whey‐Plant Extracts Combination

22.01.2016 | Karolina M. Wójciak, Zbigniew J. Dolatowski, Journal of Food Quality, 2016

Abstract The effect of acid whey with plant extracts combination on the shelf‐life of organic roasts during storage was evaluated. The experiment involved pork roasts divided into six groups: two controls (with and without nitrite) and four organics: one with sea salt and whey; and three with ...


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