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Pasta Fortified with Potato Juice: Structure, Quality, and Consumer Acceptance

16.05.2015 | Przemysław Kowalczewski, Grażyna Lewandowicz, Agnieszka Makowska, Ismena Knoll, Wioletta Błaszczak, Wojciech Białas, ..., Journal of Food Science, 2015

Abstract The potential of potato juice in relieving gastrointestinal disorders has already been proven. Work continues on implementation of this active component into products that are widely consumed. In this article, results of an attempt to fortify pasta with potato juice are presented and ...


Studies on the Stability of Fermented Milk Beverage by the Addition of Whey Protein Concentrate

14.05.2015 | Yan Hua Li, Shan Shan He, Yue Cheng Meng, Jie Chen, Wei Jun Wang, Journal of Food Process Engineering, 2015

Abstract Whey protein concentrate (WPC) was widely used in fermented milk beverage (FMB). The effects of different contents and addition time of WPC on particle size, ζ‐potential, surface hydrophobicity, microstructure and rheological properties of FMB were investigated. When WPC was added ...


Inhibition of Gallic Acid on the Growth and Biofilm Formation of Escherichia coli and Streptococcus mutans

13.05.2015 | Dongyan Shao, Jing Li, Ji Li, Ruihua Tang, Liu Liu, Junling Shi, Qingsheng Huang, Hui Yang, Journal of Food Science, 2015

Abstract New strategies for biofilm inhibition are becoming highly necessary because of the concerns to synthetic additives. As gallic acid (GA) is a hydrolysated natural product of tannin in Chinese gall, this research studied the effects of GA on the growth and biofilm formation of bacteria ...


Drying Characteristics and Processing Parameters for Microwave‐Vacuum Drying of Kiwifruit (Actinidia Deliciosa) Slices

12.05.2015 | Yuting Tian, Shuzheng Wu, Yingting Zhao, Qiannan Zhang, Jiamei Huang, Baodong Zheng, Journal of Food Processing and Preservation, 2015

Abstract This study experimented on microwave‐vacuum (MWV) drying of kiwifruit (Actinidia deliciosa) slices as a way to improve drying productivity and the quality of dried fruit. The effects of microwave power density, sample thickness and vacuum degree on the drying characteristics of ...


The Evaluation of Antioxidant Interactions among 4 Common Vegetables using Isobolographic Analysis

12.05.2015 | Hai‐wei Jiang, Hong‐yan Li*, Cheng‐wei Yu, Ting‐ting Yang, Jiang‐ning Hu, Rong Liu, Ze‐Yuan Deng*, Journal of Food Science, 2015

Abstract Isobolographic analysis was used to assess the antioxidant interactions (synergism, addition, and antagonism) of 4 common vegetables (tomato [T], carrot [C], eggplant [E], and purple potato [P]). The lipophilic (L) extracts of T and C (main carotenoids), the hydrophilic (H) extracts ...


Assessment of chemically characterised Rosmarinus officinalis L. essential oil and its major compounds as plant‐based preservative in food system based on their efficacy against food‐borne moulds and aflatoxin secretion and as antioxidant

09.05.2015 | Bhanu Prakash, Akash Kedia, Prashant K. Mishra, Abhishek K. Dwivedy, Nawal K. Dubey, International Journal of Food Science & Technology, 2015

Summary The study explores antifungal, anti‐aflatoxigenic and antioxidant efficacy of Rosmarinus officinalis essential oil (ROEO) and its major compounds. In addition, the mode of action of ROEO and its practical efficacy as preservative have been assessed. GC‐MS analysis of ROEO identified 16 ...


Quantification of oxytocin residues in dairy milk from Sindh, Pakistan

09.05.2015 | Sana Jawaid, Farah N. Talpur, Shafique M. Nizamani, Nusrat Naeem Memon, Abid A. Khaskheli, International Journal of Food Science & Technology, 2015

Summary In this study, a total of 84 milk samples (60 nonbranded and 24 branded) were analysed for occurrence of oxytocin (OT) residues by ELISA. OT level was detected in the range of 39.29–456.55pgmL−1 with mean value of 138.53ngL−1. In branded milk samples, OT residues were minimal as ...


Optimisation of probiotic yoghurt production enriched with phytosterols

08.05.2015 | Parinaz Parsa, Mohammad Alizadeh, Mahmoud Rezazad Bari, Ali Akbarian Moghar, International Journal of Dairy Technology, 2015

To optimise the formulation of phytosterol‐enriched probiotic yoghurt, the effect of different concentrations of phytosterols, fat and the probiotic inoculation rate on the survival of Lactobacillus acidophilus LA‐5, Bifidobacterium lactis BB‐12 and physicochemical indices over 14days of ...


Optimizing Functional Properties of Bambara Bean Protein Concentrate by Enzymatic Hydrolysis Using Pancreatin

06.05.2015 | Martin Alain Mune Mune, Journal of Food Processing and Preservation, 2015

Abstract Enzymatic hydrolysis of Bambara bean protein concentrate was investigated with the view to produce hydrolysates with desirable functional properties. A Box–Behnken design was used for experiments and models capable of predicting functional properties depending on hydrolysis ...


Antimicrobial Effectiveness of Gelatin–Alginate Film Containing Oregano Essential Oil for Fish Preservation

06.05.2015 | Seyede Marzieh Kazemi, Masoud Rezaei, Journal of Food Safety, 2015

Abstract This study aimed to evaluate the effect of gelatin–alginate film containing 1.5% oregano essential oil (OEO) on the shelf life of rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) slices during refrigerated storage over a period of 15 days. The blend film was prepared at 75% fish gelatin to 25% ...


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