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Optimization of Ultrasound‐Assisted Stabilization and Formulation of Almond Milk

20.11.2015 | Yahya Maghsoudlou, Mehran Alami, Mana Mashkour, Masoud Hashemi Shahraki, Journal of Food Processing and Preservation, 2015

Abstract Almond extract has unique nutritional properties and it can be used as a nutritive beverage. One of the most important problems in the formulation of almond milk is the physical stability of the final product. In this study, the response surface methodology was used to optimize ...


Influence of Acerola (Malpighia ssp.) and Flaxseed (Linum usitatissimum L.) Addition on the Content of Bioactive Compounds, Proximate and Sensory Composition of Whey Beverages

20.11.2015 | Bibiana da Silva, Gabrielle Lázara Ribeiro Rodrigues de Barros Vinhal, Milene Teixeira Barcia, Paula Becker Pertuzatti, Journal of Food Processing and Preservation, 2015

Abstract The whey beverages are products based on whey but are subject to the inclusion of other components in the formulation, such as flaxseed, a rich source of dietary fiber. The use of acerola pulp is an interesting option, considering the significant production of this fruit in Brazil ...


Effect of Protein Addition on the Physicochemical and Sensory Properties of Fruit Bars

20.11.2015 | Masooma Munir, Muhammad Nadeem, Tahir Mahmood Qureshi, Saqib Jabbar, Farhan Ahmad Atif, Xiaoxiong Zeng, Journal of Food Processing and Preservation, 2015

Abstract In the present study, fruit bars were prepared using eggs, skim milk, whey powder, legumes and char magaz (pumpkin seed, cucumber seed, muskmelon seed and watermelon seed). The effects of these protein sources on firmness, fractureability, water activity, proximate composition and ...


Properties of Salted Shrimp Paste (Kapi) from Acetes Vulgaris as Affected by Postmortem Storage Prior to Salting

20.11.2015 | Jaksuma Pongsetkul, Soottawat Benjakul, Punnanee Sumpavapol, Kazufumi Osako, Nandhsha Faithong, Journal of Food Processing and Preservation, 2015

Abstract The impact of postmortem storage time of shrimp (Acetes vulgaris) on the quality of shrimp and the resulting Kapi, or salted shrimp paste, was investigated. When shrimp were stored at room temperature (28–30C) for up to 15 h, total volatile base, trimethylamine contents, ...


The Use of Multiplex PCR to Determine the Prevalence of Enterotoxigenic Staphylococcus aureus Isolated from Raw Milk, Feta Cheese, and Hand Swabs

20.11.2015 | Mohamed M.A. Zeinhom, Gihan K. Abdel‐Latef, Kieran Jordan, Journal of Food Science, 2015

Abstract Staphylococcus aureus (S. aureus) can cause mastitis in cattle and, therefore, can be present in milk. This study was undertaken to determine the prevalence of coagulase positive S. aureus and its enterotoxin genes sea, seb, and sec in isolates recovered from raw milk, feta cheese, ...


Suitability for Ready‐to‐Eat Processing and Preservation of Six Green and Red Baby Leaves Cultivars and Evaluation of Their Antioxidant Value during Storage and after the Expiration Date

20.11.2015 | Angela Fadda, Bernardo Pace, Alberto Angioni, Antonio Barberis, Maria Cefola, Journal of Food Processing and Preservation, 2015

Abstract The physiological and chemical traits of three red (MS151, Copacabana and Excellent) and three green (Ortis 398, Summerbell and Babybell) baby leaf lettuce cultivars were evaluated during postharvest cold storage. In addition, their potential use as a source of antioxidants, after ...


Self‐Degradation of Sea Cucumber Body Wall Under 4C Storage Condition

20.11.2015 | Tiejun Chen, Zhe Peng, Jiaohan Lu, Bafang Li, Hu Hou, Journal of Food Processing and Preservation, 2015

Abstract Sea cucumbers treated by high pressure steam (HPSC) could degrade during storage at 4C. Texture profile analysis was explored, and it showed that after 160 days the hardness and chewiness decreased dramatically from 295.85 to 15.67 gf and from 227.08 to 9.18 gf2 s, respectively. The ...


Quality Characterization of Processed Cheese Inoculated by Bacillus coagulans during Cold Storage: Compositional and Sensorial Attributes and Probiotic Microorganism Viability

20.11.2015 | Sheida Ehsannia, Mohammad Reza Sanjabi, Journal of Food Processing and Preservation, 2015

Abstract The effect of the addition of probiotic spores (107 and 108 colony‐forming unit [cfu]/g) of Bacillus coagulans ATCC 7050 on the critical quality attributes of an Iranian processed cheese including chemical composition, pH, titratable acidity (TA), survival rate and sensory features ...


Stability of Betacyanin Pigments and Antioxidants in Ayrampo (Opuntia soehrensii Britton and Rose) Seed Extracts and as a Yogurt Natural Colorant

20.11.2015 | Juan P. Caldas‐Cueva, Paola Morales, Fanny Ludeña, Indira Betalleluz‐Pallardel, Rosana Chirinos, Giuliana Noratto, D ..., Journal of Food Processing and Preservation, 2015

Abstract Ayrampo (Opuntia soehrensii) seed extracts (AE), traditionally used in the Andean region as source of pigments, were investigated for betacyanins (BC), total phenolic compounds (TPC) and antioxidant capacity (AC). BC stability at 80C up to 90 min at pH 3, 4 and 5, during storage at 4 ...


Magnetic‐Field‐Assisted Extraction of Astaxanthin from Haematococcus pluvialis

20.11.2015 | Xiaoyan Zhao, Lidan Fu, Di Liu, Haitao Zhu, Xingjun Wang, Yuping Bi, Journal of Food Processing and Preservation, 2015

Abstract Magnetic‐field‐assisted extraction (MFAE) technique was employed to extract astaxanthin from Haematococcus pluvialis. The process for extraction of astaxanthin was optimized using response surface methodology, employing a three‐level, three‐variable Box–Behnken experimental design. ...


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