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Host genetic variants influencing the clinical course of hepatitis C virus infection

26.07.2015 | Kentaro Matsuura, Yasuhito Tanaka, Journal of Medical Virology, 2015

The clinical course of hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection greatly differs in individuals. Various viral, host, and environmental factors influence the natural history of HCV infection. Recent genome‐wide association studies identified several host genetic factors influencing treatment efficacy ...


Potent immunotherapy against well‐established thymoma using adoptively transferred transgene IL‐6‐engineered dendritic cell‐stimulated CD8+ T‐cells with prolonged survival and enhanced cytotoxicity

24.07.2015 | Kalpana Kalyanasundaram Bhanumathy, Bei Zhang, Yufeng Xie, Aizhang Xu, Xin Tan, Jim Xiang, The Journal of Gene Medicine, 2015

Abstract Background Adoptive transfer of CD8+ T‐cells specific for tumor‐antigens is an attractive strategy for anti‐tumor therapy. In this study, the subsets TA and TB were used to represent the population of CD8+ T cells generated by culturing the respective cells with irradiated dendritic ...


Intersex in fishes and amphibians: population implications, prevalence, mechanisms and molecular biomarkers

24.07.2015 | Ahmed Abdel‐moneim, David P. Coulter, Cecon T. Mahapatra, Maria S. Sepúlveda, Journal of Applied Toxicology, 2015

Abstract Intersex is defined as the abnormal presence of both testicular and ovarian cells in gonads of gonochoristic animals. Its occurrence is widespread and reports on its presence in the gonads of vertebrates continues to increase. In this review, we use standardized terminology to ...


Chloral Hydrate Preconditioning Protects Against Ischemic Stroke via Upregulating Annexin A1

24.07.2015 | Jiu‐Hong Liu, Dan Feng, Yu‐Fen Zhang, You Shang, Yan Wu, Xiao‐Feng Li, Lei Pei, CNS Neuroscience & Therapeutics, 2015

Summary Aims Preconditioning is promising for treating cerebral ischemic stroke. Annexin A1 (ANXA1) is a homeostatic antiinflammatory mediator that participates in countering against ischemic injuries. We investigated whether chloral hydrate preconditioning (CH) exerts neuroprotection via ...


Antimicrobial agent triclosan is a proton ionophore uncoupler of mitochondria in living rat and human mast cells and in primary human keratinocytes

24.07.2015 | Lisa M. Weatherly, Juyoung Shim, Hina N. Hashmi, Rachel H. Kennedy, Samuel T. Hess, Julie A. Gosse, Journal of Applied Toxicology, 2015

Abstract Triclosan (TCS) is an antimicrobial used widely in hospitals and personal care products, at ~10 mm. Human skin efficiently absorbs TCS. Mast cells are ubiquitous key players both in physiological processes and in disease, including asthma, cancer and autism. We previously showed that ...


Psychophysical Curves for Tasting Based on A Dissociation Model

23.07.2015 | Teresa L. Martín‐Guerrero, Juan M. Rosas, Concepción Paredes‐Olay, Manuel M. Ramos‐Álvarez, Journal of Sensory Studies, 2015

Abstract An experiment on taste sensory analysis of an artificially arranged compound of salty and sour flavors was conducted with the goal of evaluating sensory performance to a mixture of flavors akin to natural food, but that allows for keeping a higher experimental control than natural ...


Compassionate use of experimental therapies: who should decide?

22.07.2015 | Patricia J Zettler, EMBO Molecular Medicine, 2015

In addition to being an example of unsubstantiated hype about regenerative medicine, the controversy around the Italy‐based Stamina Foundation's unproven stem cell therapy represents another chapter in a continuing debate about how to balance patients' requests for early access to experimental ...


Structural and mechanical characterization of bioresorbable, elastomeric nanocomposites from poly(glycerol sebacate)/nanohydroxyapatite for tissue transport applications

22.07.2015 | Tabitha N. Rosenbalm, Maria Teruel, Cynthia S. Day, George L. Donati, Michael Morykwas, Louis Argenta, Narayanan Kut ..., Journal of Biomedical Materials Research Part B: Applied Biomaterials, 2015

Abstract Poly(glycerol sebacate) (PGS)/nanohydroxyapatite (nHA) composites were assessed to develop new materials for closure via tissue transport for nonhealing defects (e.g., cleft palate and large skin wounds). The elastic shape memory polymer, PGS, was reinforced with nHA at 3 and 5% ...


Virulence of Group A Streptococci Is Enhanced by Human Complement Inhibitors

22.07.2015 | David Ermert et al., PLoS Pathogens, 2015

by David Ermert, Jutamas Shaughnessy, Thorsten Joeris, Jakub Kaplan, Catherine J. Pang, Evelyn A. Kurt-Jones, Peter A. Rice, Sanjay Ram, Anna M. Blom Streptococcus pyogenes, also known as Group A Streptococcus (GAS), is an important human bacterial pathogen that can cause invasive infections. ...


The NMDA receptor's neglected subunit: GluN1 matters under normal and hyperbaric conditions

21.07.2015 | Alice Bliznyuk, Ben Aviner, Hava Golan, Michael Hollmann, Yoram Grossman, European Journal of Neuroscience, 2015

Abstract Professional deep‐water divers exposed to hyperbaric pressure (HP) above 1.1MPa develop High Pressure Neurological Syndrome (HPNS), which is associated with CNS hyperexcitability. It was previously reported that HP augments N‐methyl‐D‐aspartate receptor (NMDAR) synaptic responses, ...


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