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Impact of sulfation pattern on the conformation and dynamics of sulfated fucan oligosaccharides as revealed by NMR and MD

01.05.2015 | Ismael NL Queiroz; Xiaocong Wang; John N Glushka; Gustavo RC Santos; Ana P Valente; James H Prestegard; Robert J Woo ..., Glycobiology , 2015

Sulfated fucans from sea urchin egg jelly express well-defined chemical structures that vary with species. This species specificity regulates the sperm acrosome reaction, a critical step to assure intra-specific fertilization. In addition, these polysaccharides are involved in other biological ...


Intrahippocampal glutamine administration inhibits mTORC1 signaling and impairs long-term memory [RESEARCH]

01.05.2015 | Natalia S. Rozas; John B. Redell; Juan D. Pita-Almenar; James Mckenna III; Anthony N. Moore; Michael J. Gambello; Pr ..., Learning & Memory, 2015

The mechanistic Target of Rapamycin Complex 1 (mTORC1), a key regulator of protein synthesis and cellular growth, is also required for long-term memory formation. Stimulation of mTORC1 signaling is known to be dependent on the availability of energy and growth factors, as well as the presence of ...


Origin and Evolution of Water Oxidation before the Last Common Ancestor of the Cyanobacteria

01.05.2015 | Tanai Cardona; James W. Murray; A. William Rutherford, Molecular Biology and Evolution, 2015

Photosystem II, the water oxidizing enzyme, altered the course of evolution by filling the atmosphere with oxygen. Here, we reconstruct the origin and evolution of water oxidation at an unprecedented level of detail by studying the phylogeny of all D1 subunits, the main protein coordinating the ...


Phosphorylation of the cell division protein GpsB regulates PrkC kinase activity through a negative feedback loop in Bacillus subtilis

25.04.2015 | Frédérique Pompeo, Elodie Foulquier, Bastien Serrano, Christophe Grangeasse, Anne Galinier, Molecular Microbiology, 2015

Summary Although many membrane Ser/Thr‐kinases with PASTA motifs have been shown to control bacterial cell division and morphogenesis, inactivation of the Ser/Thr‐kinase PrkC does not impact Bacillus subtilis cell division. In this study, we show that PrkC localizes at the division septum. In ...


SOBIR1 requires the GxxxG dimerization motif in its transmembrane domain to form constitutive complexes with receptor‐like proteins

16.04.2015 | Guozhi Bi, Thomas W. H. Liebrand, Ruby R. Bye, Jelle Postma, Aranka M. Burgh, Silke Robatzek, Xiangyang Xu, Matthieu ..., Molecular Plant Pathology, 2015

Summary Receptor‐like proteins (RLPs), forming an important group of transmembrane receptors in plants, play roles in development and immunity. RLPs contain extracellular leucine‐rich repeats (LRRs) and, in contrast to receptor‐like kinases (RLKs), lack a cytoplasmic kinase required for ...


Promotion of Pro‐Apoptotic Signals by Lysosomal Photodamage

15.04.2015 | David Kessel, John J. Reiners, Photochemistry and Photobiology, 2015

Abstract We previously reported that low level lysosomal photodamage enhanced the efficacy of subsequent mitochondrial photodamage, resulting in a substantial promotion of apoptotic cell death. We now extend our analysis of the sequential PDT protocol to include two additional ...


Identifying cancer-related microRNAs based on gene expression data

15.04.2015 | Xing-Ming Zhao; Ke-Qin Liu; Guanghui Zhu; Feng He; Béatrice Duval; Jean-Michel Richer; De-Shuang Huang; Chang-Jun Ji ..., Bioinformatics, 2015

Motivation: MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are short non-coding RNAs that play important roles in post-transcriptional regulations as well as other important biological processes. Recently, accumulating evidences indicate that miRNAs are extensively involved in cancer. However, it is a big challenge to ...


SMARTS: reconstructing disease response networks from multiple individuals using time series gene expression data

15.04.2015 | Aaron Wise; Ziv Bar-Joseph, Bioinformatics, 2015

Motivation: Current methods for reconstructing dynamic regulatory networks are focused on modeling a single response network using model organisms or cell lines. Unlike these models or cell lines, humans differ in their background expression profiles due to age, genetics and life factors. In ...


In vitro and in vivo Bone‐Forming Activity of Saururus chinensis Extract

14.04.2015 | Seong‐Hee Moon, Sik‐Won Choi, Sang‐Joon Park, Shi‐Yong Ryu, Kyu‐Seok Hwang, Cheol‐Hee Kim, Seong Hwan Kim, Phytotherapy Research, 2015

Bone is maintained by osteoclast‐mediated resorption and osteoblast‐mediated formation. Recently, anti‐osteoporotic activity of Saururus chinensis extract (SCE) and anti‐osteoclastogenic activity of its components have been reported, but the effect of SCE on bone formation has not been studied ...


Stationary phase induction of vvpS expression by three transcription factors: Repression by LeuO and activation by SmcR and CRP

13.04.2015 | Jeong‐A Kim, Jin Hwan Park, Mi‐Ae Lee, Hyun‐Jung Lee, Soon‐Jung Park, Kun‐Soo Kim, Sang‐Ho Choi, Kyu‐Ho Lee, Molecular Microbiology, 2015

Summary An exoprotease of Vibrio vulnificus, VvpS, exhibits an autolytic function during the stationary phase. To understand how vvpS expression is controlled, the regulators involved in vvpS transcription and their regulatory mechanisms were investigated. LeuO was isolated in a ligand‐fishing ...


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