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Caspase Inhibition in Select Olfactory Neurons Restores Innate Attraction Behavior in Aged Drosophila

26.06.2014 | Takahiro Chihara et al., PLoS Genetics, 2014

by Takahiro Chihara, Aki Kitabayashi, Michie Morimoto, Ken-ichi Takeuchi, Kaoru Masuyama, Ayako Tonoki, Ronald L. Davis, Jing W. Wang, Masayuki Miura Sensory and cognitive performance decline with age. Neural dysfunction caused by nerve death in senile dementia and neurodegenerative disease has ...


Regulation of Gene Expression in Autoimmune Disease Loci and the Genetic Basis of Proliferation in CD4+ Effector Memory T Cells

26.06.2014 | Xinli Hu et al., PLoS Genetics, 2014

by Xinli Hu, Hyun Kim, Towfique Raj, Patrick J. Brennan, Gosia Trynka, Nikola Teslovich, Kamil Slowikowski, Wei-Min Chen, Suna Onengut, Clare Baecher-Allan, Philip L. De Jager, Stephen S. Rich, Barbara E. Stranger, Michael B. Brenner, Soumya Raychaudhuri Genome-wide association studies (GWAS) ...


Rasa3 Controls Megakaryocyte Rap1 Activation, Integrin Signaling and Differentiation into Proplatelet

26.06.2014 | Patricia Molina-Ortiz et al., PLoS Genetics, 2014

by Patricia Molina-Ortiz, Séléna Polizzi, Eve Ramery, Stéphanie Gayral, Céline Delierneux, Cécile Oury, Shintaro Iwashita, Stéphane Schurmans Rasa3 is a GTPase activating protein of the GAP1 family which targets Ras and Rap1. Ubiquitous Rasa3 catalytic inactivation in mouse results in early ...


Aberrant Autolysosomal Regulation Is Linked to The Induction of Embryonic Senescence: Differential Roles of Beclin 1 and p53 in Vertebrate Spns1 Deficiency

26.06.2014 | Tomoyuki Sasaki et al., PLoS Genetics, 2014

by Tomoyuki Sasaki, Shanshan Lian, Jie Qi, Peter E. Bayliss, Christopher E. Carr, Jennifer L. Johnson, Sujay Guha, Patrick Kobler, Sergio D. Catz, Matthew Gill, Kailiang Jia, Daniel J. Klionsky, Shuji Kishi Spinster (Spin) in Drosophila or Spinster homolog 1 (Spns1) in vertebrates is a putative ...


Speciation and Introgression between Mimulus nasutus and Mimulus guttatus

26.06.2014 | Yaniv Brandvain et al., PLoS Genetics, 2014

by Yaniv Brandvain, Amanda M. Kenney, Lex Flagel, Graham Coop, Andrea L. Sweigart Mimulus guttatus and M. nasutus are an evolutionary and ecological model sister species pair differentiated by ecology, mating system, and partial reproductive isolation. Despite extensive research on this system, ...


Abnormal Type I Collagen Post-translational Modification and Crosslinking in a Cyclophilin B KO Mouse Model of Recessive Osteogenesis Imperfecta

26.06.2014 | Wayne A. Cabral et al., PLoS Genetics, 2014

by Wayne A. Cabral, Irina Perdivara, MaryAnn Weis, Masahiko Terajima, Angela R. Blissett, Weizhong Chang, Joseph E. Perosky, Elena N. Makareeva, Edward L. Mertz, Sergey Leikin, Kenneth B. Tomer, Kenneth M. Kozloff, David R. Eyre, Mitsuo Yamauchi, Joan C. Marini Cyclophilin B (CyPB), encoded by ...


Accurate, Model-Based Tuning of Synthetic Gene Expression Using Introns in S. cerevisiae

26.06.2014 | Ido Yofe et al., PLoS Genetics, 2014

by Ido Yofe, Zohar Zafrir, Rachel Blau, Maya Schuldiner, Tamir Tuller, Ehud Shapiro, Tuval Ben-Yehezkel Introns are key regulators of eukaryotic gene expression and present a potentially powerful tool for the design of synthetic eukaryotic gene expression systems. However, intronic control over ...


Reviving the Dead: History and Reactivation of an Extinct L1

26.06.2014 | Lei Yang et al., PLoS Genetics, 2014

by Lei Yang, John Brunsfeld, LuAnn Scott, Holly Wichman Although L1 sequences are present in the genomes of all placental mammals and marsupials examined to date, their activity was lost in the megabat family, Pteropodidae, ∼24 million years ago. To examine the characteristics of L1s prior to ...


ATRA-Induced Cellular Differentiation and CD38 Expression Inhibits Acquisition of BCR-ABL Mutations for CML Acquired Resistance

26.06.2014 | Zhiqiang Wang et al., PLoS Genetics, 2014

by Zhiqiang Wang, Zheng Liu, Xiwei Wu, Su Chu, Jinhui Wang, Hongfeng Yuan, Mendel Roth, Yate-Ching Yuan, Ravi Bhatia, WenYong Chen Acquired resistance through genetic mutations is a major obstacle in targeted cancer therapy, but the underlying mechanisms are poorly understood. Here we studied ...


N-WASP Is Required for Structural Integrity of the Blood-Testis Barrier

26.06.2014 | Xiang Xiao et al., PLoS Genetics, 2014

by Xiang Xiao, Dolores D. Mruk, Elizabeth I. Tang, R'ada Massarwa, Ka Wai Mok, Nan Li, Chris K. C. Wong, Will M. Lee, Scott B. Snapper, Ben-Zion Shilo, Eyal D. Schejter, C. Yan Cheng During spermatogenesis, the blood-testis barrier (BTB) segregates the adluminal (apical) and basal compartments ...


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