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The COP9 Signalosome Converts Temporal Hormone Signaling to Spatial Restriction on Neural Competence

13.11.2014 | Yi-Chun Huang et al., PLoS Genetics, 2014

by Yi-Chun Huang, Yu-Nung Lu, June-Tai Wu, Cheng-Ting Chien, Haiwei Pi During development, neural competence is conferred and maintained by integrating spatial and temporal regulations. The Drosophila sensory bristles that detect mechanical and chemical stimulations are arranged in ...


Phylogenetically Driven Sequencing of Extremely Halophilic Archaea Reveals Strategies for Static and Dynamic Osmo-response

13.11.2014 | Erin A. Becker et al., PLoS Genetics, 2014

by Erin A. Becker, Phillip M. Seitzer, Andrew Tritt, David Larsen, Megan Krusor, Andrew I. Yao, Dongying Wu, Dominique Madern, Jonathan A. Eisen, Aaron E. Darling, Marc T. Facciotti Organisms across the tree of life use a variety of mechanisms to respond to stress-inducing fluctuations in ...


RNA Processing Factors Swd2.2 and Sen1 Antagonize RNA Pol III-Dependent Transcription and the Localization of Condensin at Pol III Genes

13.11.2014 | Pénélope Legros et al., PLoS Genetics, 2014

by Pénélope Legros, Amélie Malapert, Sho Niinuma, Pascal Bernard, Vincent Vanoosthuyse Condensin-mediated chromosome condensation is essential for genome stability upon cell division. Genetic studies have indicated that the association of condensin with chromatin is intimately linked to gene ...


24-Hour Rhythms of DNA Methylation and Their Relation with Rhythms of RNA Expression in the Human Dorsolateral Prefrontal Cortex

06.11.2014 | Andrew S. P. Lim et al., PLoS Genetics, 2014

by Andrew S. P. Lim, Gyan P. Srivastava, Lei Yu, Lori B. Chibnik, Jishu Xu, Aron S. Buchman, Julie A. Schneider, Amanda J. Myers, David A. Bennett, Philip L. De Jager Circadian rhythms modulate the biology of many human tissues, including brain tissues, and are driven by a near 24-hour ...


Genome-Wide Associations between Genetic and Epigenetic Variation Influence mRNA Expression and Insulin Secretion in Human Pancreatic Islets

06.11.2014 | Anders H. Olsson et al., PLoS Genetics, 2014

by Anders H. Olsson, Petr Volkov, Karl Bacos, Tasnim Dayeh, Elin Hall, Emma A. Nilsson, Claes Ladenvall, Tina Rönn, Charlotte Ling Genetic and epigenetic mechanisms may interact and together affect biological processes and disease development. However, most previous studies have investigated ...


A Functional Portrait of Med7 and the Mediator Complex in Candida albicans

06.11.2014 | Faiza Tebbji et al., PLoS Genetics, 2014

by Faiza Tebbji, Yaolin Chen, Julien Richard Albert, Kearney T. W. Gunsalus, Carol A. Kumamoto, André Nantel, Adnane Sellam, Malcolm Whiteway Mediator is a multi-subunit protein complex that regulates gene expression in eukaryotes by integrating physiological and developmental signals and ...


COE Loss-of-Function Analysis Reveals a Genetic Program Underlying Maintenance and Regeneration of the Nervous System in Planarians

30.10.2014 | Martis W. Cowles et al., PLoS Genetics, 2014

by Martis W. Cowles, Kerilyn C. Omuro, Brianna N. Stanley, Carlo G. Quintanilla, Ricardo M. Zayas Members of the COE family of transcription factors are required for central nervous system (CNS) development. However, the function of COE in the post-embryonic CNS remains largely unknown. An ...


A Role for Taiman in Insect Metamorphosis

30.10.2014 | Jesus Lozano et al., PLoS Genetics, 2014

by Jesus Lozano, Takumi Kayukawa, Tetsuro Shinoda, Xavier Belles Recent studies in vitro have reported that the Methoprene-tolerant (Met) and Taiman (Tai) complex is the functional receptor of juvenile hormone (JH). Experiments in vivo of Met depletion have confirmed this factor's role in JH ...


Foxf Genes Integrate Tbx5 and Hedgehog Pathways in the Second Heart Field for Cardiac Septation

30.10.2014 | Andrew D. Hoffmann et al., PLoS Genetics, 2014

by Andrew D. Hoffmann, Xinan Holly Yang, Ozanna Burnicka-Turek, Joshua D. Bosman, Xiaomeng Ren, Jeffrey D. Steimle, Steven A. Vokes, Andrew P. McMahon, Vladimir V. Kalinichenko, Ivan P. Moskowitz The Second Heart Field (SHF) has been implicated in several forms of congenital heart disease ...


Integrating Functional Data to Prioritize Causal Variants in Statistical Fine-Mapping Studies

30.10.2014 | Gleb Kichaev et al., PLoS Genetics, 2014

by Gleb Kichaev, Wen-Yun Yang, Sara Lindstrom, Farhad Hormozdiari, Eleazar Eskin, Alkes L. Price, Peter Kraft, Bogdan Pasaniuc Standard statistical approaches for prioritization of variants for functional testing in fine-mapping studies either use marginal association statistics or estimate ...


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