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Cooperative Wnt-Nodal Signals Regulate the Patterning of Anterior Neuroectoderm

21.04.2016 | Junko Yaguchi; Noriyo Takeda; Kazuo Inaba; Shunsuke Yaguchi, PLoS Genetics, 2016

by Junko Yaguchi, Noriyo Takeda, Kazuo Inaba, Shunsuke Yaguchi When early canonical Wnt is experimentally inhibited, sea urchin embryos embody the concept of a Default Model in vivo because most of the ectodermal cell fates are specified as anterior neuroectoderm. Using this model, we describe ...


ZmMADS47 Regulates Zein Gene Transcription through Interaction with Opaque2

14.04.2016 | Zhenyi Qiao; Weiwei Qi; Qian Wang; Ya’nan Feng; Qing Yang; Nan Zhang; Shanshan Wang; Yuanping Tang; Rentao Song, PLoS Genetics, 2016

by Zhenyi Qiao, Weiwei Qi, Qian Wang, Ya’nan Feng, Qing Yang, Nan Zhang, Shanshan Wang, Yuanping Tang, Rentao Song Zeins, the predominent storage proteins in maize endosperm, are encoded by multiple genes and gene families. However, only a few transcriptional factors for zein gene regulation ...


Deactivation of the GATA Transcription Factor ELT-2 Is a Major Driver of Normal Aging in C. elegans

12.04.2016 | Frederick G. Mann; Eric L. Van Nostrand; Ari E. Friedland; Xiao Liu; Stuart K. Kim, PLoS Genetics, 2016

by Frederick G. Mann, Eric L. Van Nostrand, Ari E. Friedland, Xiao Liu, Stuart K. Kim To understand the molecular processes underlying aging, we screened modENCODE ChIP-seq data to identify transcription factors that bind to age-regulated genes in C. elegans. The most significant hit was the ...


Competition between Jagged-Notch and Endothelin1 Signaling Selectively Restricts Cartilage Formation in the Zebrafish Upper Face

08.04.2016 | Lindsey Barske; Amjad Askary; Elizabeth Zuniga; Bartosz Balczerski; Paul Bump; James T. Nichols; J. Gage Crump, PLoS Genetics, 2016

by Lindsey Barske, Amjad Askary, Elizabeth Zuniga, Bartosz Balczerski, Paul Bump, James T. Nichols, J. Gage Crump The intricate shaping of the facial skeleton is essential for function of the vertebrate jaw and middle ear. While much has been learned about the signaling pathways and ...


A Hox Transcription Factor Collective Binds a Highly Conserved Distal-less cis-Regulatory Module to Generate Robust Transcriptional Outcomes

08.04.2016 | Juli D. Uhl; Arya Zandvakili; Brian Gebelein, PLoS Genetics, 2016

by Juli D. Uhl, Arya Zandvakili, Brian Gebelein cis-regulatory modules (CRMs) generate precise expression patterns by integrating numerous transcription factors (TFs). Surprisingly, CRMs that control essential gene patterns can differ greatly in conservation, suggesting distinct constraints on ...


Genetic Dissection of Dual Roles for the Transcription Factor six7 in Photoreceptor Development and Patterning in Zebrafish

08.04.2016 | Mailin Sotolongo-Lopez; Karen Alvarez-Delfin; Carole J. Saade; Daniel L. Vera; James M. Fadool, PLoS Genetics, 2016

by Mailin Sotolongo-Lopez, Karen Alvarez-Delfin, Carole J. Saade, Daniel L. Vera, James M. Fadool The visual system of a particular species is highly adapted to convey detailed ecological and behavioral information essential for survival. The consequences of structural mutations of opsins upon ...


Gifsy-1 Prophage IsrK with Dual Function as Small and Messenger RNA Modulates Vital Bacterial Machineries

08.04.2016 | Tal Hershko-Shalev; Ahuva Odenheimer-Bergman; Maya Elgrably-Weiss; Tamar Ben-Zvi; Sutharsan Govindarajan; Hemda Seri ..., PLoS Genetics, 2016

by Tal Hershko-Shalev, Ahuva Odenheimer-Bergman, Maya Elgrably-Weiss, Tamar Ben-Zvi, Sutharsan Govindarajan, Hemda Seri, Kai Papenfort, Jörg Vogel, Shoshy Altuvia While an increasing number of conserved small regulatory RNAs (sRNAs) are known to function in general bacterial physiology, the ...


Genome-Wide Mapping Targets of the Metazoan Chromatin Remodeling Factor NURF Reveals Nucleosome Remodeling at Enhancers, Core Promoters and Gene Insulators

05.04.2016 | So Yeon Kwon; Valentina Grisan; Boyun Jang; John Herbert; Paul Badenhorst, PLoS Genetics, 2016

by So Yeon Kwon, Valentina Grisan, Boyun Jang, John Herbert, Paul Badenhorst NURF is a conserved higher eukaryotic ISWI-containing chromatin remodeling complex that catalyzes ATP-dependent nucleosome sliding. By sliding nucleosomes, NURF is able to alter chromatin dynamics to control ...


Excess of Yra1 RNA-Binding Factor Causes Transcription-Dependent Genome Instability, Replication Impairment and Telomere Shortening

01.04.2016 | Sandra Gavaldá; José M. Santos-Pereira; María L. García-Rubio; Rosa Luna; Andrés Aguilera, PLoS Genetics, 2016

by Sandra Gavaldá, José M. Santos-Pereira, María L. García-Rubio, Rosa Luna, Andrés Aguilera Yra1 is an essential nuclear factor of the evolutionarily conserved family of hnRNP-like export factors that when overexpressed impairs mRNA export and cell growth. To investigate further the relevance ...


The Promyelocytic Leukemia Zinc Finger Transcription Factor Is Critical for Human Endometrial Stromal Cell Decidualization

01.04.2016 | Ramakrishna Kommagani; Maria M. Szwarc; Yasmin M. Vasquez; Mary C. Peavey; Erik C. Mazur; William E. Gibbons; Rainer ..., PLoS Genetics, 2016

by Ramakrishna Kommagani, Maria M. Szwarc, Yasmin M. Vasquez, Mary C. Peavey, Erik C. Mazur, William E. Gibbons, Rainer B. Lanz, Francesco J. DeMayo, John P. Lydon Progesterone, via the progesterone receptor (PGR), is essential for endometrial stromal cell decidualization, a cellular ...


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