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Poly-Electrophilic Sesquiterpene Lactones from Vernonia amygdalina: New Members and Differences in Their Mechanism of Thiol Trapping and in Bioactivity

26.06.2015 | Annamaria Sinisi; Estrella Millán; Solomon M. Abay; Annette Habluetzel; Giovanni Appendino; Eduardo Muñoz; Orazio Ta ..., Journal of Natural Products, 2015

In addition to known compounds, the leaves of Vernonia amygdalina afforded the new sesquiterpene lactones 14-O-methylvernolide (2), 3′-deoxyvernodalol (6), and vernomygdalin (8). These and related compounds were evaluated for modulation of a series of thiol trapping-sensitive transcription ...


Antiviral Limonoids Including Khayanolides from the Trang Mangrove Plant Xylocarpus moluccensis

26.06.2015 | Wanshan Li; Zhongping Jiang; Li Shen; Patchara Pedpradab; Torsten Bruhn; Jun Wu; Gerhard Bringmann, Journal of Natural Products, 2015

Eight new khayanolides, named thaixylomolins G–N (1–8), two new phragmalins (9 and 10), and two new mexicanolides (11 and 12) were obtained from the seeds of the Trang mangrove plant Xylocarpus moluccensis. The absolute configurations of these limonoids, except for the stereocenter at C-6 of 11 ...


Bioactive Sesquiterpenes and Lignans from the Fruits of Xanthium sibiricum

25.06.2015 | Yu-Sheng Shi; Yun-Bao Liu; Shuang-Gang Ma; Yong Li; Jing Qu; Li Li; Shao-Peng Yuan; Qi Hou; Yu-Huan Li; Jian-Dong Ji ..., Journal of Natural Products, 2015

Seven new sesquiterpenes (1, 3–8), a new sesquiterpene natural product (2), and two new lignans (9 and 10), together with 15 known compounds, were isolated from the fruits of Xanthium sibiricum. The structures of the new compounds were established by NMR spectroscopic analysis, ECD calculations, ...


Bioactive Diterpenoids from the Leaves of Callicarpa macrophylla

25.06.2015 | Jing Xu; Yihang Sun; Meicheng Wang; Quanhui Ren; Shen Li; Hao Wang; Xiaocong Sun; Da-Qing Jin; Hongwei Sun; Yasushi ..., Journal of Natural Products, 2015

A phytochemical investigation of the leaves of Callicarpa macrophylla led to the isolation of five new diterpenoids (1–5), macrophypenes A–E, and nine known analogues (6–14). The structures of 1–5 were established on the basis of extensive analysis of NMR spectroscopic data, X-ray diffraction ...


Computation-Assisted Structural Elucidation of Epoxyroussoeone and Epoxyroussoedione Isolated from Roussoella japanensis KT1651

25.06.2015 | Yuna Honmura; Hiroto Takekawa; Kazuaki Tanaka; Hayato Maeda; Tatsuo Nehira; Warren Hehre; Masaru Hashimoto, Journal of Natural Products, 2015

The structures of epoxyroussoenone (1) and epoxyroussoedione (3) isolated from a culture broth of Roussoella japanensis KT1651 were determined. Although NMR spectra provided insufficient structural information, computation of the theoretical chemical shifts with DFT EDF2/6-31G* enabled us to ...


Characterization and Biological Activities of Ocellatin Peptides from the Skin Secretion of the Frog Leptodactylus pustulatus

24.06.2015 | Mariela Mirta Marani; Flávio Santos Dourado; Patrick Veras Quelemes; Alyne Rodrigues de Araujo; Márcia Luana Gomes P ..., Journal of Natural Products, 2015

Eight new peptides were isolated from the skin secretion of the frog Leptodactylus pustulatus and their amino acid sequences determined by de novo sequencing and by cDNA cloning. Structural similarities between them and other antimicrobial peptides from the skin secretion of Leptodactylus genus ...


3,5-Diarylpyrazole Derivatives Obtained by Ammonolysis of the Total Flavonoids from Chrysanthemum indicum Extract Show Potential for the Treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease

23.06.2015 | Taizong Wu; Cheng Jiang; Ling Wang; Susan L. Morris-Natschke; Hui Miao; Lianquan Gu; Jun Xu; Kuo-Hsiung Lee; Qiong Gu, Journal of Natural Products, 2015

Four new 3,5-diarylpyrazole analogues (1–4) were isolated from an extract of the flowers of Chrysanthemun indicum using a combination of ammonolysis of the total flavonoid extract and an Aβ aggregation inhibitory activity guided purification procedure. All four compounds (1–4) showed moderate to ...


Koumine, Humantenine, and Yohimbane Alkaloids from Gelsemium elegans

23.06.2015 | You-Kai Xu; Lin Yang; Shang-Gao Liao; Pei Cao; Bin Wu; Hua-Bin Hu; Juan Guo; Ping Zhang, Journal of Natural Products, 2015

Journal of Natural Products DOI: 10.1021/np5009619


Exploiting the Complementarity between Dereplication and Computer-Assisted Structure Elucidation for the Chemical Profiling of Natural Cosmetic Ingredients: Tephrosia purpurea as a Case Study

23.06.2015 | Jane Hubert; Sébastien Chollet; Sylvain Purson; Romain Reynaud; Dominique Harakat; Agathe Martinez; Jean-Marc Nuzill ..., Journal of Natural Products, 2015

The aqueous-ethanolic extract of Tephrosia purpurea seeds is currently exploited in the cosmetic industry as a natural ingredient of skin lotions. The aim of this study was to chemically characterize this ingredient by combining centrifugal partition extraction (CPE) as a fractionation tool with ...


hERG Channel Inhibitory Daphnane Diterpenoid Orthoesters and Polycephalones A and B with Unprecedented Skeletons from Gnidia polycephala

19.06.2015 | Maria De Mieri; Kun Du; Markus Neuburger; Priyanka Saxena; Pieter C. Zietsman; Steffen Hering; Jan H. van der Westhu ..., Journal of Natural Products, 2015

The hERG channel is an important antitarget in safety pharmacology. Several drugs have been withdrawn from the market or received severe usage restrictions because of hERG-related cardiotoxicity. In a screening of medicinal plants for hERG channel inhibition using a two-microelectrode voltage ...


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