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Cytotoxic Plakortides from the Brazilian Marine Sponge Plakortis angulospiculatus

16.04.2015 | Evelyne A. Santos; Amanda L. Quintela; Elthon G. Ferreira; Thiciana S. Sousa; Francisco das Chagas L. Pinto; Eduardo ..., Journal of Natural Products, 2015

Three new plakortides, 7,8-dihydroplakortide E (1), 2, and 10, along with known natural products 3, 4, spongosoritin A (5), 6–8, and plakortide P (9), were isolated from Brazilian specimens of Plakortis angulospiculatus. Compounds 2, 3, 5, and 7–9 displayed cytotoxic activities with IC50 values ...


Bioactive Maleic Anhydrides and Related Diacids from the Aquatic Hyphomycete Tricladium castaneicola

15.04.2015 | Chunguang Han; Hiroyuki Furukawa; Tomohiko Tomura; Ryosuke Fudou; Kenichi Kaida; Bong-Keun Choi; Genji Imokawa; Mako ..., Journal of Natural Products, 2015

Four maleic anhydride derivatives, tricladolides A–D (1–4), and three alkylidene succinic acid derivatives, tricladic acids A–C (5–7), were isolated from the aquatic hyphomycete Tricladium castaneicola. The structures of these compounds were determined by spectroscopic analysis, and all were ...


Deconins A–E: Cuparenic and Mevalonic or Propionic Acid Conjugates from the Basidiomycete Deconica sp. 471

14.04.2015 | Frank Surup; Benjarong Thongbai; Eric Kuhnert; Enge Sudarman; Kevin D. Hyde; Marc Stadler, Journal of Natural Products, 2015

Bioassay-guided fractionation of antibacterial extracts from cultures of a basidiomycete from Northern Thailand, which represents a new species of the genus Deconica, yielded the terpenoid deconin A (1), whose structure was elucidated by spectral methods (NMR, HRMS) as a cuparenic/mevalonic acid ...


Hikiamides A–C, Cyclic Pentadepsipeptides from Fusarium sp. TAMA 456

14.04.2015 | Takao Fukuda; Yuri Sudoh; Yuki Tsuchiya; Toru Okuda; Nobuyasu Matsuura; Atsuko Motojima; Tsutomu Oikawa; Yasuhiro Ig ..., Journal of Natural Products, 2015

Three new cyclic pentadepsipeptides, hikiamides A–C (1–3), were isolated from the culture extract of Fusarium sp. TAMA 456. The structures were determined by spectroscopic analysis using NMR and MS, and the absolute configurations were established by using Marfey’s method and chiral HPLC ...


Steroidal Alkaloids from Veratrum nigrum Enhance Glucose Uptake in Skeletal Muscle Cells

02.04.2015 | ChuHyun Kang; Joo-Hui Han; Joonseok Oh; Roshan Kulkarni; Wei Zhou; Daneel Ferreira; Tae Su Jang; Chang-Seon Myung; M ..., Journal of Natural Products, 2015

Veratrum nigrum is recognized as a medicinal plant used for the treatment of hypertension, stroke, and excessive phlegm. Chemical investigation of the roots and rhizomes led to the isolation of five new steroidal alkaloids, jervine-3-yl formate (1), veramarine-3-yl formate (2), ...


Allotides: Proline-Rich Cystine Knot α-Amylase Inhibitors from Allamanda cathartica

02.04.2015 | Phuong Q. T. Nguyen; Thuy T. Luu; Yang Bai; Giang K. T. Nguyen; Konstantin Pervushin; James P. Tam, Journal of Natural Products, 2015

Cystine knot α-amylase inhibitors belong to a knottin family of peptidyl inhibitors of 30–32 residues and contain two to four prolines. Thus far, only four members of the group of cystine knot α-amylase inhibitors have been characterized. Herein, the discovery and characterization of five cystine ...


NMR Spectroscopic Method for the Assignment of 3,5-Dioxygenated Aromatic Rings in Natural Products

31.03.2015 | Ya-Nan Yang; Hui Zhu; Zhong Chen; Fu Liu; Ya-Wen An; Zi-Ming Feng; Jian-Shuang Jiang; Pei-Cheng Zhang, Journal of Natural Products, 2015

In recent years, certain “new” naturally occurring compounds (1–28) with 3,5-dioxygenated aromatic rings have been reported. A comparison of the NMR data of these compounds with the data of four model compounds (A–D) indicated that the structures of these “new” compounds were erroneous. The ...


Biotransformation of Curcumenol by Mucor polymorphosporus

30.03.2015 | Li-Xia Chen; Qian Zhao; Meng Zhang; Yan-Yan Liang; Jiang-Hao Ma; Xue Zhang; Li-Qin Ding; Feng Zhao; Feng Qiu, Journal of Natural Products, 2015

Biocatalysis of curcumenol (1) was performed by Mucor polymorphosporus AS 3.3443. Six metabolites including five new compounds were obtained, and their structures were elucidated as 10β-hydroxy-9,10-dihydrocurcumenol (2), 2β-hydroxycurcumenol (3), 15-hydroxycurcumenol (4), 12-hydroxycurcumenol ...


Neristatin 1 Provides Critical Insight into Bryostatin 1 Structure–Function Relationships

26.03.2015 | Noemi Kedei; Matthew B. Kraft; Gary E. Keck; Cherry L. Herald; Noeleen Melody; George R. Pettit; Peter M. Blumberg, Journal of Natural Products, 2015

Bryostatin 1, a complex macrocyclic lactone isolated from Bugula neritina, has been the subject of multiple clinical trials for cancer. Although it functions as an activator of protein kinase C (PKC) in vitro, bryostatin 1 paradoxically antagonizes most responses to the prototypical PKC ...


Antiproliferative Constituents of the Roots of Ethiopian Podocarpus falcatus and Structure Revision of 2α-Hydroxynagilactone F and Nagilactone I

25.03.2015 | Ermias Mekuria Addo; Hee-Byung Chai; Ariaya Hymete; Mariamawit Yonathan Yeshak; Carla Slebodnick; David G. I. Kingst ..., Journal of Natural Products, 2015

Bioassay-guided fractionation using the human colorectal adenocarcinoma (HT-29) cell line of the methanol extract of dried roots of Podocarpus falcatus led to the isolation of two new type C nagilactones, 16-hydroxynagilactone F (1) and 2β,16-dihydroxynagilactone F (2), and the new totarane-type ...


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