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Identification of Endocannabinoid System-Modulating N-Alkylamides from Heliopsis helianthoides var. scabra and Lepidium meyenii

27.06.2014 | Zsanett Hajdu; Simon Nicolussi; Mark Rau; László Lorántfy; Peter Forgo; Judit Hohmann; Dezső Csupor; Jürg Gertsch, Journal of Natural Products, 2014

The discovery of the interaction of plant-derived N-alkylamides (NAAs) and the mammalian endocannabinoid system (ECS) and the existence of a plant endogenous N-acylethanolamine signaling system have led to the re-evaluation of this group of compounds. Herein, the isolation of seven NAAs and the ...


Dammarane Triterpenes as Potential SIRT1 Activators from the Leaves of Panax ginseng

27.06.2014 | Jun-Li Yang; Thi-Kim-Quy Ha; Basanta Dhodary; Kuk-Hwa Kim; Junsoo Park; Chul-Ho Lee; Young-Choong Kim; Won-Keun Oh, Journal of Natural Products, 2014

During a search for SIRT1 activators originating in nature, three new dammarane triterpenes, 6α,20(S)-dihydroxydammar-3,12-dione-24-ene (1), 6α,20(S),24(S)-trihydroxydammar-3,12-dione-25-ene (2), and 6α,20(S),25-trihydroxydammar-3,12-dione-23-ene (3), as well as two known triterpenes, ...


Eleganketal A, a Highly Oxygenated Dibenzospiroketal from the Marine-Derived Fungus Spicaria elegans KLA03

26.06.2014 | Yepeng Luan; Hongjuan Wei; Zhenpei Zhang; Qian Che; Yankai Liu; Tianjiao Zhu; Attila Mándi; Tibor Kurtán; Qianqun Gu ..., Journal of Natural Products, 2014

Journal of Natural Products DOI: 10.1021/np500458a


Discovery of the Aggregation Pheromone of the Brown Marmorated Stink Bug (Halyomorpha halys) through the Creation of Stereoisomeric Libraries of 1-Bisabolen-3-ols

25.06.2014 | Ashot Khrimian; Aijun Zhang; Donald C. Weber; Hsiao-Yung Ho; Jeffrey R. Aldrich; Karl E. Vermillion; Maxime A. Siegl ..., Journal of Natural Products, 2014

We describe a novel and straightforward route to all stereoisomers of 1,10-bisaboladien-3-ol and 10,11-epoxy-1-bisabolen-3-ol via the rhodium-catalyzed asymmetric addition of trimethylaluminum to diastereomeric mixtures of cyclohex-2-enones 1 and 2. The detailed stereoisomeric structures of many ...


NRPS Substrate Promiscuity Leads to More Potent Antitubercular Sansanmycin Analogues

25.06.2014 | Yunying Xie; Qiang Cai; Hao Ren; Lifei Wang; Hongzhang Xu; Bin Hong; Linzhuan Wu; Ruxian Chen, Journal of Natural Products, 2014

Sansanmycins, members of the uridyl peptide antibiotics, are assembled by nonribosomal peptide synthetases (NRPSs), the substrate promiscuity of which results in the diversity of products. Further exploration of the NRPSs’ substrate promiscuity by reinvestigating sansanmycin producer strain led ...


Neural Cell Activation by Phenolic Compounds from the Siberian Larch (Larix sibirica)

25.06.2014 | Gabriele Loers; Dmitry V. Yashunsky; Nikolay E. Nifantiev; Melitta Schachner, Journal of Natural Products, 2014

Small organic phenolic compounds from natural sources have attracted increasing attention due to their potential to ameliorate the serious consequences of acute and chronic traumata of the mammalian nervous system. In this contribution, it is reported that phenols from the knot zones of Siberian ...


2-Phenoxychromones and Prenylflavonoids from Epimedium koreanum and Their Inhibitory Effects on LPS-Induced Nitric Oxide and Interleukin-1β Production

25.06.2014 | Qinghao Jin; Chul Lee; Jin Woo Lee; Eung Tae Yeon; Dongho Lee; Sang Bae Han; Jin Tae Hong; Youngsoo Kim; Mi Kyeong L ..., Journal of Natural Products, 2014

Journal of Natural Products DOI: 10.1021/np400831p


Structure Elucidation of phase I Metabolites of the Microtubule Perturbagens: Ceratamines A and B

25.06.2014 | Sara E. Smith; Matthew C. Dello Buono; Daniel J. Carper; Robert S. Coleman; Billy W. Day, Journal of Natural Products, 2014

The heterocyclic alkaloids, ceratamines A and B, are isolates from a marine Pseudoceratina sp. sponge. They behave as antimitotic agents, with IC50 values in the low micromolar range. The mechanism of this activity involves the disruption of microtubule dynamics; therefore, the ceratamines are of ...


Nitrogen-Containing Dihydro-β-agarofuran Derivatives from Tripterygium wilfordii

25.06.2014 | Yinggang Luo; Xiang Pu; Guoyong Luo; Min Zhou; Qi Ye; Yan Liu; Jian Gu; Huayi Qi; Guoyou Li; Guolin Zhang, Journal of Natural Products, 2014

Thunder god vine, the dried roots of Tripterygium wilfordii, is a widely used traditional Chinese medicine. More than 200 bioactive complex natural products have been isolated from this herb. Inspired by the diversity of chemical structures and bioactivities of the components of this herb, the ...


Cytotoxic and Anti-Inflammatory Prenylated Benzoylphloroglucinols and Xanthones from the Twigs of Garcinia esculenta

24.06.2014 | Hong Zhang; Dan-Dan Zhang; Yuan-Zhi Lao; Wen-Wei Fu; Shuang Liang; Qing-Hong Yuan; Ling Yang; Hong-Xi Xu, Journal of Natural Products, 2014

Five new prenylated benzoylphloroglucinol derivatives, garciesculentones A–E (1–5), a new xanthone, garciesculenxanthone A (6), and 15 known compounds were isolated from the petroleum ether extract and the EtOAc-soluble fraction of a 80% (v/v) EtOH extract of Garcinia esculenta. The structures of ...


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