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Contemporary infectious exanthems: an update

14.11.2016 | Francesco Drago; Giulia Ciccarese; Giulia Gasparini; Ludovica Cogorno; Sanja Javor; Antonio Toniolo; Francesco Broccolo, Future Microbiology, 2016

An exanthem is a skin rash that may be associated with mucous membrane eruption, fever or other symptoms. It may develop as manifestation of an infectious disease or as adverse reaction to drugs. Beside the ‘classical exanthems’ commonly occurring in childhood, other exanthems, defined as ...


The potential benefits of a new poliovirus vaccine for long-term poliovirus risk management

10.11.2016 | Radboud J Duintjer Tebbens; Kimberly M Thompson, Future Microbiology, 2016

Aim: To estimate the incremental net benefits (INBs) of a hypothetical ideal vaccine with all of the advantages and no disadvantages of existing oral and inactivated poliovirus vaccines compared with current vaccines available for future outbreak response. Methods: INB estimates based on expected ...


CRISPR–cas loci profiling of Cronobacter sakazakii pathovars

10.11.2016 | Pauline Ogrodzki; Stephen James Forsythe, Future Microbiology, 2016

Aim:Cronobacter sakazakii sequence types 1, 4, 8 and 12 are associated with outbreaks of neonatal meningitis and necrotizing enterocolitis infections. However clonality results in strains which are indistinguishable using conventional methods. This study investigated the use of clustered ...


Zika control through the bacterium Wolbachia pipientis

10.11.2016 | Eric P Caragata; Heverton LC Dutra; Scott L O’Neill; Luciano A Moreira, Future Microbiology, 2016

Future Microbiology Ahead of Print.


Biofilms in ventilator-associated pneumonia

10.11.2016 | Laia Fernández-Barat; Antoni Torres, Future Microbiology, 2016

Biofilms develop rapidly following endotracheal intubation and represent a persistent source of unnecessary pathogens in the critically ill patient. Overall, the imbalance in the lung microbiome caused by an endotracheal tube and its role in biofilm formation and in ventilator-associated ...


Mechanisms of mycobacterial transmission: how does Mycobacterium tuberculosis enter and escape from the human host

10.11.2016 | Michael U Shiloh, Future Microbiology, 2016

Future Microbiology Ahead of Print.


Lipidated β-lactamases: from bench to bedside

10.11.2016 | Lisandro J González; Guillermo Bahr; Alejandro J Vila, Future Microbiology, 2016

Future Microbiology Ahead of Print.


Elevated expression of thyroid hormone receptor-interacting protein 13 drives tumorigenesis and affects clinical outcome

09.11.2016 | Wang Dazhi; Zhang Mengxi; Chen Fufeng; Yan Meixing, Biomarkers in Medicine, 2016

Aim: To investigate the expression of TRIP13 in multiple tumors and to evaluate the relationship between TRIP13 and survival of cancer patients. Materials & methods: Sample expression profiles were downloaded from the gene expression omnibus database. Correlation between TRIP13 expression and ...


Pharmacogenomics of heart failure: a systematic review

04.11.2016 | Fannie Mottet; Orly Vardeny; Simon de Denus, Pharmacogenomics, 2016

Background: Heart failure (HF) and multiple HF-related phenotypes are heritable. Genes implicated in the HF pathophysiology would be expected to influence the response to treatment. Methods: We conducted a series of systematic literature searches on the pharmacogenetics of HF therapy to assess ...


Rationale and design of the SLCO1B1 genotype guided statin therapy trial

03.11.2016 | Kavisha Singh; Bruce Peyser; Gloria Trujillo; Nicholas Milazzo; Dillon Savard; Susanne B Haga; Michael Musty; Deepak ..., Pharmacogenomics, 2016

Pharmacogenomics Ahead of Print.


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