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Genetic variation in the GCG and in the GLP1R genes and antipsychotic-induced weight gain

13.03.2014 | Eva J Brandl; Arun K Tiwari; Nabilah I Chowdhury; Clement C Zai; Jeffrey A Lieberman; Herbert Y Meltzer; ..., Pharmacogenomics, 2014

Aim: GLP-1 plays a key role in glucose metabolism and influences antipsychotic-induced weight gain (AIWG). Our study is the first to investigate the encoding gene, GCG, and the GLP-1 receptor gene, GLP1R, and association with AIWG. Materials & methods: In 216 schizophrenic patients treated with ...


An update on the pharmacogenomics of metformin: progress, problems and potential

13.03.2014 | Jennifer N Todd; Jose C Florez, Pharmacogenomics, 2014

The increasing prevalence of Type 2 diabetes has emphasized the need to optimize treatment regimens. Metformin, the most widely used oral agent, is recommended as first-line drug therapy by multiple professional organizations. Response to metformin varies significantly at the individual level; ...


ABCC2 rs2273697 and rs3740066 polymorphisms and resistance to antiepileptic drugs in Asia Pacific epilepsy cohorts

13.03.2014 | Hidayati Mohd Sha‘ari; Batoul Sadat Haerian; Larry Baum; Junji Saruwatari; Hui Jan Tan; Mohd Hanip Rafia ..., Pharmacogenomics, 2014

Aim: To examine the relevance of ABCC2 polymorphisms to drug responsiveness in epilepsy cohorts from the Asia Pacific region. Materials & methods: The rs2273697 and rs3740066 polymorphisms were genotyped in 2056 Malaysian (55%), Hong Kong (32%) and Japanese (13%) epilepsy patients. Results: ...


Pharmacogenomics of episodic migraine: time has come for a step forward

13.03.2014 | Michele Viana; Salvatore Terrazzino; Armando A Genazzani; Gaetano S Grieco; Sarah Cargnin; Filippo M San ..., Pharmacogenomics, 2014

Migraine is characterized by heterogeneous behavior in response to drugs. Many resources have been invested in attempting to unravel the genetic basis of migraine, while the role of genetics in responses to currently available drugs has received less attention. We performed a systematic ...


Antipsychotic-induced weight gain: can the energy balance gene variants help us tip the scales?

13.03.2014 | James T McCracken, Pharmacogenomics, 2014

Pharmacogenomics , March 2014, Vol. 15, No. 4, Pages 403-406.


Pharmacogenetics and pharmacogenomics for rheumatoid arthritis responsiveness to methotrexate treatment: the 2013 update

13.03.2014 | Hong Zhu; Fei-Yan Deng; Xing-Bo Mo; Ying-Hua Qiu; Shu-Feng Lei, Pharmacogenomics, 2014

Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is a complex, systemic autoimmune disease characterized by chronic inflammation of multiple peripheral joints, which leads to serious destruction of cartilage and bone, progressive deformity and severe disability. Methotrexate (MTX) is one of the first-line drugs ...


Association of FTO, LEPR and MTHFR gene polymorphisms with metabolic syndrome in schizophrenia patients receiving antipsychotics

13.03.2014 | Siti Norsyuhada Roffeei; Zahurin Mohamed; Gavin P Reynolds; Mas Ayu Said; Ahmad Hatim; Elsa Haniffah Mejia ..., Pharmacogenomics, 2014

Aim:The occurrence of metabolic syndrome (MS) in schizophrenia patients receiving long-term antipsychotics (APs) contributes to their high mortality rate. We aimed to determine whether genetic polymorphisms of identified candidate genes are associated with MS in our study population. Materials & ...


Thiopurine pharmacogenomics: association of SNPs with clinical response and functional validation of candidate genes

13.03.2014 | Alice Matimba; Fang Li; Alina Livshits; Cher S Cartwright; Stephen Scully; Brooke L Fridley; Gregory J ..., Pharmacogenomics, 2014

Aim: We investigated candidate genes associated with thiopurine metabolism and clinical response in childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Materials & methods: We performed genome-wide SNP association studies of 6-thioguanine and 6-mercaptopurine cytotoxicity using lymphoblastoid cell lines. We ...


Interview: Perspective on the use of genomic biomarkers in the clinical setting

13.03.2014 | José AG Agúndez, Pharmacogenomics, 2014

José AG Agúndez speak to Emma Sinclair, Assistant Commissioning Editor José AG Agúndez is a Doctor of Medicine and Professor in the Department of Pharmacology at the University of Extremadura (Extremadura, Spain) He is involved in pharmacogenomics research and he has taught pharmacology and ...


CYP2D6 and pharmacogenomics: where does future research need to focus? Part 1: technical aspects

13.03.2014 | Andrea Gaedigk; J Steven Leeder, Pharmacogenomics, 2014

Pharmacogenomics , March 2014, Vol. 15, No. 4, Pages 407-410.


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