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Public attitudes toward genetic risk testing and its role in healthcare

07.10.2014 | Holly Etchegary, Personalized Medicine, 2014

Developments in genomics continue to increase the number of disorders for which genetic testing is available, whether in the primary healthcare system, through direct-to-consumer testing, or as part of expanded newborn screening panels. This paper reviews a robust literature on public attitudes ...


Gene pathway analyses for multiple sclerosis point to cellular adhesion molecules as susceptibility factors

22.09.2014 | Kathrin Bruch; Jörg T Epplen; Sabine Hoffjan, Future Neurology, 2014

Evaluation of:  Damotte V, Guillot-Noel L, Patsopoulos NA et al. A gene pathway analysis highlights the role of cellular adhesion molecules in multiple sclerosis susceptibility. Genes Immun. 15(2), 126–132 (2014). This study represents a gene pathway analysis focusing on the role of cellular ...


Transplantation of mesenchymal stem cells: a future therapy for Parkinson’s disease?

22.09.2014 | Sergey V Anisimov; Gesine Paul, Future Neurology, 2014

ABSTRACT:  Parkinson’s disease (PD) is a common, progressive neurodegenerative disorder associated with a loss of dopaminergic cells in the substantia nigra pars compacta and a lack of dopamine in the striatum. To halt or reverse this disease, neurorestorative approaches or neuroprotective ...


Bulletin Board

22.09.2014 | Future Neurology, 2014

Future Neurology July 2014, Vol. 9, No. 4, Pages 393-395.


Identification of toxic neuropathies: cardinal tenets

22.09.2014 | Alan R Berger; Michael Pulley, Future Neurology, 2014

ABSTRACT:  Human toxic peripheral neuropathies (TxPN) due to occupational chemical exposure are relatively rare compared with medically related peripheral neuropathies. They are however difficult to diagnose due to their clinical and electrophysiologic similarity to nontoxic peripheral ...


Studying axonal degeneration and regeneration using in vitro and in vivo models: the translational potential

22.09.2014 | Katelyn Donaldson; Ahmet Höke, Future Neurology, 2014

ABSTRACT:  Since the initial studies by Cajal, multiple models of peripheral nerve degeneration and regeneration have been developed to address the ever-increasing complexity of the mechanisms involved in regeneration. In vitro models offer the principal benefit of a system that can be readily ...


Interaction between SNPs in folate pathway genes and environment increase neural tube defects risk

22.09.2014 | Yunping Lei; Rachel K Tittle; Richard H Finnell, Future Neurology, 2014

Evaluation of:  Liu J, Qi J, Yu X et al. Investigations of single nucleotide polymorphisms in folate pathway genes in Chinese families with neural tube defects. J. Neurol. Sci. 337, 61–66 (2014). This study investigated the interactions between SNPs in folate metabolism pathway genes and ...


Unlocking truths of γ-secretase in Alzheimer's disease: what is the translational potential?

22.09.2014 | Michael S Wolfe, Future Neurology, 2014

ABSTRACT:  Considerable evidence, particularly from genetics, points to the aggregation-prone amyloid β-peptide as a pathogenic entity in Alzheimer's disease. Hence, the proteases that produce this peptide from its precursor protein have been prime targets for the development of potential ...


Neuroimaging of epilepsy: a review of MRI findings in uncommon etiologies and atypical presentations of seizures

22.09.2014 | Andrew J Degnan; Rajeev Samtani; Kalyan Paudel; Lucien M Levy, Future Neurology, 2014

ABSTRACT:  Imaging patients with seizures presents a challenge to both clinician and radiologist, especially when symptoms or EEG features are atypical, not conforming to established epilepsy syndromes or EEG patterns. Appropriate, directed use of MRI enhances the detection of underlying ...


Evidence-to-practice gaps in post-stroke management: a focus on care in a stroke unit and anticoagulation to prevent death, disability and recurrent stroke

22.09.2014 | Nadine E Andrew; Graeme J Hankey; Dominique A Cadilhac, Future Neurology, 2014

ABSTRACT:  The global burden of stroke is large. Over the last 15 years significant advances have been made to improve acute stroke care and prevention management providing the ability to mitigate much of this burden. In this article, we describe the importance of two main elements of stroke ...


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