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Using circulating tumor cells to guide therapy in breast cancer: could this replace biopsies?

07.05.2015 | Shaheenah Dawood; Massimo Cristofanilli, Pharmacogenomics, 2015

Pharmacogenomics Ahead of Print, Pages 1-4.


Subjective response as a consideration in the pharmacogenetics of alcoholism treatment

07.05.2015 | Daniel JO Roche; Lara A Ray, Pharmacogenomics, 2015

Currently available pharmacological treatments for alcoholism have modest efficacy and high individual variability in treatment outcomes, both of which have been partially attributed to genetic factors. One path to reducing the variability and improving the efficacy associated with these ...


Eradication of T315I mutation in chronic myeloid leukemia without third-generation tyrosine kinase inhibitor: a case report

07.05.2015 | Geoffroy Venton; Julien Colle; Cedric Mercier; Raphaelle Fanciullino; Joseph Ciccolini; Vadim Ivanov; Pierre Suchon; ..., Pharmacogenomics, 2015

We report the case of a patient bearing a T315I-mutant chronic myeloid leukemia resistant to nilotinib, successfully treated with omacetaxine and then with dasatinib. After 9 months of nilotinib, the patient achieved a major molecular response but relapsed 3 months later due to the T315I ...


Effect of the rs1051730–rs16969968 variant and smoking cessation treatment: a meta-analysis

07.05.2015 | Tiffany Leung; Andrew Bergen; Marcus Robert Munafò; Kim De Ruyck; Peter Selby; Vincenzo De Luca, Pharmacogenomics, 2015

Objective: To assess if the allelic variations of rs16969968/rs1051730 in the CHRNA5–CHRNA3–CHRNB4 gene cluster are associated with smoking cessation after nicotine replacement therapy (NRT). Methods: We searched for NRT studies published from 2000–2013 that reported counts for allelic variation ...


CHL1, ITGB3 and SLC6A4 gene expression and antidepressant drug response: results from the Munich Antidepressant Response Signature (MARS) study

06.05.2015 | Kristina Probst-Schendzielorz; Catharina Scholl; Olga Efimkina; Eva Ersfeld; Roberto Viviani; Alessandro Serretti; C ..., Pharmacogenomics, 2015

Aim: The identification of antidepressant drugs (ADs) response biomarkers in depression is of high clinical importance. We explored CHL1 and ITGB3 expression as tentative response biomarkers. Materials & methods: In vitro sensitivity to ADs, as well as gene expression and genetic variants of the ...


Interethnic relationships of CYP2D6 variants in native and Mestizo populations sharing the same ecosystem

05.05.2015 | Yadira Xitlalli Perez-Paramo; Francisco Hernandez-Cabrera; Pedro Dorado; Adrian Llerena; Sergio Muñoz-Jimenez; Rocio ..., Pharmacogenomics, 2015

Aim: To analyze the distribution of CYP2D6 variants in two ethnically-related Mexican Native and Mestizo populations cohabitating the same econiche and their relationships with a distant Mestizo community. Materials & methods: 314 volunteers were genotyped for CYP2D6 gene variants (*2, *3, *4, ...


Pharmacometabonomics in humans: a new tool for personalized medicine

01.05.2015 | Jeremy R Everett, Pharmacogenomics, 2015

Pharmacogenomics is now over 50 years old and has had some impact in clinical practice, through its use to select patient subgroups who will enjoy efficacy without side effects when treated with certain drugs. However, pharmacogenomics, has had less impact than initially predicted. One reason for ...


GenoChip CYP2D6 macroarray as a method to genotype for CYP2D6 variants: results of a validation study in a Caucasian population

01.05.2015 | Paul CD Bank; Jesse J Swen; Henk-Jan Guchelaar; Tahar van der Straaten, Pharmacogenomics, 2015

Aim: The aim of this study was to investigate the concordance between the novel GenoChip CYP2D6 macroarray and the AmpliChip, which is considered the gold standard in CYP2D6 genotyping. Materials & methods: Germline DNA of 200 patients was genotyped with both the AmpliChip and the GenoChip CYP2D6 ...


Population pharmacogenetics of Ibero-Latinoamerican populations (MESTIFAR 2014)

01.05.2015 | Martha Sosa-Macias; Graciela E Moya; Adrián LLerena; Ronald Ramírez; Enrique Terán; Eva M Peñas-LLedó; Eduardo Taraz ..., Pharmacogenomics, 2015

MESTIFAR 2014 28–30 November 2014, Panama City, Panama The CEIBA consortium was created within the Ibero-American network of Pharmacogenetics (RIBEF) to study population pharmacogenetics. The current status of these initiatives and results of the MESTIFAR project were analyzed in Panama, 28–30 ...


Genetics and pharmacogenetics of aminergic transmitter pathways in functional gastrointestinal disorders

28.04.2015 | Irene Martinucci; Corrado Blandizzi; Nicola de Bortoli; Massimo Bellini; Luca Antonioli; Marco Tuccori; Matteo Forna ..., Pharmacogenomics, 2015

Functional gastrointestinal disorders (FGIDs) are highly prevalent syndromes, without evident underlying organic causes. Their pathogenesis is multifactorial in nature, with a combination of environmental and genetic factors contributing to their clinical manifestations, for which most of current ...


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