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Genetic risk signatures of opioid-induced respiratory depression following pediatric tonsillectomy

10.12.2014 | Jacek Biesiada; Vidya Chidambaran; Michael Wagner; Xue Zhang; Lisa J Martin; Jaroslaw Meller; Senthilkumar Sadhasivam, Pharmacogenomics, 2014

Background: Respiratory depression is a clinically and economically important but preventable complication of opioids. Genetic factors can help identify patients with high risk for respiratory depression. Methods: In this prospective genotype blinded clinical study, we evaluated the effect of a ...


Pharmacogenetics of cardiac inotropy

10.12.2014 | Anastasios Lymperopoulos; Dilayda Garcia; Karlee Walklett, Pharmacogenomics, 2014

The ability to stimulate cardiac contractility is known as positive inotropy. Endogenous hormones, such as adrenaline and several natural or synthetic compounds possess this biological property, which is invaluable in the modern cardiovascular therapy setting, especially in acute heart failure or ...


Genetic variation in the UGT1A locus is associated with simvastatin efficacy in a clinical practice setting

10.12.2014 | Otito F Iwuchukwu; QiPing Feng; Wei-Qi Wei; Lan Jiang; Min Jiang; Hua Xu; Joshua C Denny; Russell A Wilke; Ronald M ..., Pharmacogenomics, 2014

Aim: Simvastatin is a lactone prodrug that exists in equilibrium with its active hydroxyacid through a process mediated by UGT1A enzymes. The UGT1A locus has been associated with simvastatin response and disposition in humans. Therefore, we fine-mapped the UGT1A locus to identify genetic ...


Personalized sequencing and the future of medicine: discovery, diagnosis and defeat of disease

10.12.2014 | Edward D Esplin; Ling Oei; Michael P Snyder, Pharmacogenomics, 2014

The potential for personalized sequencing to individually optimize medical treatment in diseases such as cancer and for pharmacogenomic application is just beginning to be realized, and the utility of sequencing healthy individuals for managing health is also being explored. The data produced ...


Pilot study: incorporation of pharmacogenetic testing in medication therapy management services

10.12.2014 | Susanne B Haga; Nancy M Allen LaPointe; Jivan Moaddeb; Rachel Mills; Mahesh Patel; William E Kraus, Pharmacogenomics, 2014

Aim: To describe the rationale and design of a pilot study evaluating the integration of pharmacogenetic (PGx) testing into pharmacist-delivered medication therapy management (MTM). Study rationale: Clinical delivery approaches of PGx testing involving pharmacists may overcome barriers of limited ...


PDE3A-SLCO1C1 locus is associated with response to anti-tumor necrosis factor therapy in psoriatic arthritis

10.12.2014 | Antonio Julià; Jesús Rodríguez; José Luis Fernández-Sueiro; Jordi Gratacós; Rubén Queiró; Carlos Montilla; Juan Carl ..., Pharmacogenomics, 2014

Aim: Variation at PDE3A-SLCO1C1 locus has been recently associated with the response to anti-TNF therapy in rheumatoid arthritis. We undertook the present study to determine whether PDE3A-SLCO1C1 is also associated with the response to anti-TNF therapy in psoriatic arthritis. Patients & methods: ...


Pharmacogenetics of SULT1A1

10.12.2014 | Jaclyn Daniels; Susan Kadlubar, Pharmacogenomics, 2014

Cytosolic SULT1A1 participates in the bioconversion of a plethora of endogenous and xenobiotic substances. Genetic variation in this important enzyme such as SNPs can vary by ethnicity and have functional consequences on its activity. Most SULT1A1 genetic variability studies have been centered on ...


What do the changes in the aging genome mean for pharmacogenomics?

10.12.2014 | Harold R Garner; Michael B Waitzkin; Jasmin H Bavarva, Pharmacogenomics, 2014

Pharmacogenomics November 2014, Vol. 15, No. 14, Pages 1725-1728.


Genetic determinants of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor related sexual dysfunction

10.12.2014 | James M Stevenson; Jeffrey R Bishop, Pharmacogenomics, 2014

Sexual dysfunction is a troubling obstacle for individuals being treated for depression and can be caused by both depressive symptoms as well as antidepressant drugs. Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) represent a class of antidepressants commonly associated with sexual dysfunction, ...


Personalizing care for nonalcoholic fatty liver disease patients: what are the research priorities?

01.12.2014 | Silvia Sookoian; Carlos J Pirola, Personalized Medicine, 2014

Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) is a common chronic liver disease whose prevalence has reached global epidemic proportions, not only in adults but also in children. From a clinical point of view, NAFLD stems a myriad of challenges to physicians, researchers and patients. In this study, ...


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