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Chronic bilateral renal denervation reduces cardiac hypertrophic remodelling but not β‐adrenergic responsiveness in hypertensive type 1 diabetic rats

16.04.2015 | H. P. Aye Thaung, Yimin Yao, Carol T Bussey, Gillian Hughes, Peter P Jones, Andrew Bahn, Ivan A. Sammut, Regis R. La ..., Experimental Physiology, 2015

Bilateral renal denervation (BRD) has been shown to normalise blood pressure in clinical and experimental studies of hypertension by reducing systemic sympathetic output. This study determined the effect of BRD on cardiac β‐adrenoceptor (AR) responsiveness in a diabetic model with underlying ...


Adipose afferent reflex response to insulin is mediated by melanocortin 4 type receptors in the paraventricular nucleus in insulin resistance rats

06.04.2015 | Lei Ding, Ning Tong, Xue‐Mei Feng, Dan Chen, Hui‐Shan Wang, Yuan Wang, Yang Li, Guo‐Qing Zhu, Ye‐Bo Zhou, Acta Physiologica, 2015

Abstract Background Adipose afferent reflex (AAR) contributes to sympathetic activation and hypertension. Paraventricular nucleus (PVN) plays an important role in AAR and sympathetic outflow. The aim of the present study was to determine whether PVN mediates AAR response to insulin in a rat ...


Capillary growth, ultrastructure remodeling and exercise training in skeletal muscle of essential hypertensive patients

04.04.2015 | Lasse Gliemann, Rahel Buess, Michael Nyberg, Hans Hoppeler, Adolfo Odriozola, Pia Thaning, Ylva Hellsten, Oliver Bau ..., Acta Physiologica, 2015

Abstract Aim The aim was to elucidate whether essential hypertension is associated with altered capillary morphology and density and to what extend exercise training can normalize these parameters. Methods To investigate angiogenesis and capillary morphology in essential hypertension, ...


Obesity depresses baroreflex control of renal sympathetic nerve activity and heart rate in Sprague‐Dawley rats: role of the renal innervation

03.04.2015 | Safia Akhtar Khan, Munavvar Zubaid Abdul Sattar, Nor Azizan Abdullah, Hassaan Anwer Rathore, Mohammed Hadi Abdulla, ..., Acta Physiologica, 2015

Abstract Aim This study investigated the role of the renal innervation in arterial and cardiopulmonary baroreflex regulation of renal sympathetic nerve activity (RSNA) and heart rate (HR) in rats fed a high‐fat diet to induce obesity. Methods Rats received either a normal (12%Kcal) or ...


AF News

02.04.2015 | Tze‐Fan Chao, Li‐Wei Lo, Shih‐Ann Chen, Journal of Cardiovascular Electrophysiology, 2015

Although the CHA2DS2‐VASc score is recommended by both American and European guidelines for stroke risk stratification in atrial fibrillation (AF), the treatment recommendations for a CHA2DS2‐VASc score of 1 are less clear. The authors used the “Taiwan National Health Insurance Research ...


Iatrogenic atrial septal defect after cryoballoon pulmonary vein isolation

01.04.2015 | Shinsuke Miyazaki, Jin Iwasawa, Akio Kuroi, Yoshito Iesaka, Journal of Cardiovascular Electrophysiology, 2015

A 73‐year‐old man with paroxysmal atrial fibrillation (AF) was referred to our center for catheter ablation using cryoballoon. He had hypertension, no structural heart disease, and normal anatomy on pre‐procedural cardiac computed tomography (CT). A single transseptal puncture was performed ...


Orotic Acid Induces Hypertension Associated with Impaired Endothelial Nitric Oxide Synthesis

01.04.2015 | You-Jin Choi; Yujin Yoon; Kang-Yo Lee; Yun-Pyo Kang; Dong Kyu Lim; Sung Won Kwon; Keon-Wook Kang; Seung-Mi Lee; Byun ..., Toxicological Sciences, 2015

Orotic acid (OA) is an intermediate of pyrimidine nucleotide biosynthesis. Hereditary deficiencies in some enzymes associated with pyrimidine synthesis or the urea cycle induce OA accumulation, resulting in orotic aciduria. A link between patients with orotic aciduria and hypertension has been ...


Development and Validation of a Risk Score for Chronic Kidney Disease in HIV Infection Using Prospective Cohort Data from the D:A:D Study

31.03.2015 | Amanda Mocroft et al., PLoS Medicine, 2015

by Amanda Mocroft, Jens D. Lundgren, Michael Ross, Matthew Law, Peter Reiss, Ole Kirk, Colette Smith, Deborah Wentworth, Jacqueline Neuhaus, Christoph A. Fux, Olivier Moranne, Phillipe Morlat, Margaret A. Johnson, Lene Ryom, D:A:D study group, the Royal Free Hospital Clinic Cohort, and the ...


Severity of obesity and management of hypertension, hypercholesterolaemia and smoking in primary care: population-based cohort study

26.03.2015 | H P Booth; A T Prevost; M C Gulliford, Journal of Human Hypertension, 2015

Severity of obesity and management of hypertension, hypercholesterolaemia and smoking in primary care: population-based cohort study Journal of Human Hypertension advance online publication, March 26 2015. doi:10.1038/jhh.2015.23 Authors: H P Booth, A T Prevost & M C Gulliford


Involvement of endothelins in DOCA‐salt hypertension through the modulation of noradrenergic transmission in the rat posterior hypothalamus

25.03.2015 | Tamara Abramoff, María J. Guil, Vanina P. Morales, Sandra I. Hope, Christian Höcht, Liliana G. Bianciotti, Marcelo S ..., Experimental Physiology, 2015

Brain catecholamines participate in diverse biological functions regulated by the hypothalamus. We have previously reported that endothelin‐1 and ‐3 (ET‐1 and ET‐3) modulate catecholaminergic activity in the anterior and posterior hypothalamus of normotensive rats. The aim of the present study ...


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